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The Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation (HSCRF)
is a non-profit, 501(c)3 whose primary purpose is to share knowledge, promote research, and further the understanding of Holistic Science, or the science of consciousness as it relates to matter. HSCRF intends to combine all available knowledge from a variety of areas such as science, technology, medicine, and spirituality, in order to develop new approaches to age-old problems that affect the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of our lives. Ultimately, the goal of the research at HSCRF is to be a conduit for revealing, promoting, upholding, and sustaining worldwide peace, harmony and progress through integral living.

HSCRF was founded by His Holiness Shri Kanudadaji, and is headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Radha Krishnan.

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His Holiness Shri Kanudadaji

What is Holistic Science?

Holistic science deals with the entire human being and includes the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects. While, the physical, mental, and intellectual aspects may be understood by the physical or material sciences, the spiritual realm can only be understood by personal experience. Holistic Science integrates the physical and mental aspects with the spiritual aspects of daily life.

A holistic approach to life is not based on religion, race, sex, or any other forms of inter-individual differences. It transcends all these and teaches one to first seek peace and harmony within oneself through understanding, acceptance, knowledge and self-awareness, and then to share the same with others.


Dear seekers of inner permanent happiness,

We had a very successful completion of seven seminars during the summer months across USA where more than 700 members participated.

We had distinguished qualified speakers who presented their viewpoints and research in specific topics. The seminars also facilitated the audience with a question-and-answer period in each session as well as at the end of the sessions to clarify the subject matter. We had very good participation from the audience and feedback for the future events.

We would like to hear from you on a continuous basis. We are planning for some public talks, interaction with the universities and preparing for next year’s seminars.

We hope for your continuous support and please do tell your family members and friends about us so all of us together understand Holistic Science and reach the ultimate goal of permanent inner happiness.

Dr. Radhe Krishnan
Vice President, HSCRF

Dr. Radhe Krishnan