• Dates: 15 – 16 Jun, 2013
  • Location: Laguna Woods, CA, USA
  • Address: 24263 Punta Alta
  • Contact: Vijay Patel
  • Phone: 949-837-7901

Seminar Topics:

Holistic Inner Science and Puzzles of Present Day Living

In today’s world despite abundance of luxuries we have issues likestress, clashes, disadjustments, loneliness and so on. After all whatis the purpose of life? What is in my realm and what is not? What are
natural rules affecting life and secrets of karmic charge-discharge?
What is true nature of my ‘Real self’? What can be the holistic approach
to get best out of life?
Most often religion and spirituality are used interchangeably. Religion is
usually doing good and leaving bad. It is based on dos and don’ts, ought
to be –ought not to be and usually involves activities, rituals, traditions
or even boundaries. Ultimate is to achieve our own nature by reducing
anger, pride, attachments and greed. Spirituality is approaching our
pure self and mainly focuses on knowledge or pure science of self and
non self. Understanding itself gives results. Basically science means
an experiment which is conducted by an experimenter who observes
the results. Holistic science says that life is an experiment. This session
will discuss more on Religion, Spirituality and Holistic Inner Science in
our daily life and how it can help us understanding what is real and
what is relative, and how to achieve our own nature.

Holistic Way of Living

In this electronic age of computers, iPhone’s and social media, our
lives have become mechanical in many ways due to this dependence
on technology and modern day luxuries. We are, after all, humans that
yearn for peace, harmony, joy and bliss in our lives. In this session
we will discuss the puzzling questions of the world to help us better
understand our place in this universe. Who has created the world?
How is the universe governed? Who am I, as well as who am I not?
What is the root cause of inner weaknesses and enemies like anger,
pride, illusion and greed? How should we measure life and what is our
own score? We will uncover and discover how we can live holistically
(externally and internally) to maximize this gift of human life experience
we have been given.

Interactive Sessions and Practical Session:

Interactive sessions will consist of Q&A on a variety of topics such
as diet, communication, money and work. Practical session will
demonstrate how we can use Holistic Science to get rid of inner
weaknesses and obstacles.


presentations and interactive sessions led by:
Dr. Shailesh Mehta-MD, Eye Surgeon, India, Experienced
in Holistic Inner Science.
Deepak Mistry- Electrical Engineer, a Celibate with Jai Sachchidanand
Sangh, India, Experienced in Holistic Inner Science.
Behram Deboo - Retired Chief Microbiologist; Zoroastrian viewpoint
Shobhana Vora - Gita’s perspective

Advance Registration for the event is required: at

Each participant needs to register individually and upon registration
the participant will receive an email confirmation which will reserve
his/her seat at the seminar. No registration fee for the seminar •
Lunch and tea will be served • Sign in begins @ 9:00 am at theLaguna Woods Village-Clubhouse Five (Gated Community) 24262 Punta Alta, Laguna Woods, CA, 92654

For further information please contact:
Vijay Patel (949) 837-7901
• Punita Desai (714) 925-1753 • Shaila Mulji (714) 654-9917
India Club of Laguna Woods Village and Holistic Science Research Foundation Proud to Present a Seminar

Saturday, June 15th, 2013 / 9:00 am – 2 :00 pm • Laguna Woods, CA
La g u na W o o d s V i l l a g e ( C l u b h o u s e F i v e) 2 4 262 P u nta A lta , L a g u na W o o d s, C A , 9 26 5 4