• Dates: 08 – 08 Jun, 2013
  • Location: Bartlett, IL
  • Contact: Manish Shah
  • Phone: (630) 306-5928

Harnessing Inner Self for a balanced and meaningful life

  • How can we effectively manage ourselves in different facets of our life—personal, familial, social, professional and spiritual?
  • What is drive? What are the drivers of our life?
  • What is in our realm of control and what is not?

How will you measure your life?

The ultimate measure of a successful life is happiness.

  • How can we find true happiness?
  • How can we gain freedom from inner weaknesses like anger, greed, pride, deceit, opinions and prejudice?
  • What is our life’s purpose? How can we achieve it?
  • What are some simple ways for rich inner living?

Vitrag vignan - Holistic Inner science of today 

  • What is Dhyan (meditation) in its true sense?
  • How can we avoid Aarta Dhyan and Raudra Dhyan?
  • How are karmas charged and discharged?
  • How does the perpetual soul come into the bondage of the body?
  • What is true religion (Atma Dharma)?
  • Who am I? Who am I not?
  • How can I attain permanent bliss?
  • Who is the father and mother of the mind?
  • Who is the creator of this world?
  • How is the universe governed?
  • How do the six eternal elements—time (kaal), space (akash), Pure Soul (chetan), matter (Pudgal), motion (gati-sahayak), and inertia (sthiti-sahayak) function?
  • What is the root cause of Kashayas (anger, pride, deceit, and greed)? 

Health is Inner Peace

  • Learn practices to take “inspired action” and design each moment to harness peace and love.
  • Learn to choose to make Inner Peace your predominant way of being in the world.    

Symposium–Diet & Communication, Personal and Professional Aspects of Life


The seminar will feature presentations and interactive sessions led by:

Dr. Hema Pokharna, Ph.D., Director, Journeys of Life

Dr. Shailesh Mehta, MD, Eye Surgeon, India, Experienced in Holistic Inner Science.

Manish Shah, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Management at Lake Forest Graduate School