Holistic Science Personal Experience - Freedom from Worries

Oct 21, 2013

Before I gained understanding of Holistic Science, I ran a small Printing and Publishing company. When I bought this company, I felt the intense burden of sustaining the firm’s success. On top of that I had to deal with an endless list of operational issues every single day -- employee morale, employee retention, customer complaints, and so on.

I owned and operated the company for almost six years and all along I obsessively worried about one thing or the other. My belief was that all outcomes related to my employees, customers and vendors were under my control. With this egotistical view, I tried to intervene in every situation that confronted the company. Since I did not have an effective tool to deal with the stresses of owning and operating a company, I found myself overwhelmed. Because I was high-strung, I was exhausted when I got home. I had no energy to play with my daughters, who were little at the time, or to engage in a meaningful conversation with my wife. While the company prospered, my family life suffered.

In 2010, I was exposed to the principles of Holistic Science. Holistic Science helped me dispel numerous wrong beliefs, doubts and ignorance that cause human suffering.

One of the key understandings I gained from Holistic Science is that I am not the doer. I came across a simple but profound example that solidified this understanding. Making tea is a simple task. In order for me to prepare tea, several circumstances need to come together. I need tea leaves, utensils, stove, sugar, milk, water, spices and the list goes on. Just my mere presence does not get this task done. So it is egotistical for me to think that I made tea when I was one of many circumstances that came together to accomplish the task.

If I am not the doer as proven in the above example, I am not in control of anything that is happening to me or around me. If I am not in control, why should I worry about anything?  This understanding that I am not the doer helped me transform from an obsessive worrier to a calm observer.

Further, Holistic Science made me realize that worries always transported me either in the past or in the future. So my present moment suffered. When I was worrying about a customer complaint while balancing my books, I was not focusing on the task at hand. So I was making errors in balancing my books. Not only did I not solve the customer issue by worrying about it, I created more problems by incorrectly balancing the books. It was a lose-lose situation.

Holistic science has given me a powerful tool to effectively deal with situations that worry me. Whenever a worry is nagging me, I ask the worry to visit me at a set time, say eight o’clock in the evening, when I am free. Lo and behold, the worry pops up again at the appointed time. Since I am not pre-occupied, I can deal with the worry and put it to rest.

Dealing effectively with worries is one of the many benefits I have received from Holistic Science. The transformation from being a hopeless doer to a detached knower and seer has been nothing short of miraculous. It would not have happened without the profound teachings of Holistic Science.

- Manish Shah, Chicago