Holistic Science Personal Experience-Results from my Experiements with Holistic Inner Science

Oct 21, 2013
Life these days is very fast paced. There is little scope and time to experience peace and tranquility, as there is an over-abundance of stress, anxiety, and worries about  the future. There is little or no time to contemplate on the goals of life. From the time one wakes up, there is a laundry-list of things to do and the entire day has been pre-programmed with external activities. At night, one goes to bed thinking about what did not get done and what is in order for the next day. We have minimal interactions with our family members except to address each other’s needs. Due to our fast-paced life, many of us engage in worship both at home and in temple in a mechanical way. There is no internal reflection if we are doing the worship correctly or to what purpose.

This is how I was living my life. But I felt that I was doing the right thing like everyone else and was taking care of my family. I felt my resolutions were perfect and so life went on. There was no internal soul-searching to evaluate how I dealt with others and if I was I hurting their egos?

After reading many scriptures and listening to countless lectures by Swamis, there was still a void in my life. After reading The Bhagavad Gita and listening to many lectures pertaining to it and reflecting back on my life I found that I did not learn Veda’s message, which is “THIS IS NOT IT, THIS IS NOT IT, THIS IS NOT IT SO GO TO A GYANI”.

Reflecting back on my life before 1994, I was essentially the doer of everything, with an assumption that body and soul were one. When everything was going well and praises were being showered upon me, the ego mushroomed to the top. But when there were issues I got dejected and did not any recourse or remedy. The one important thing I did not know was that this life is meant to achieve the process of Liberation (Moksha). I performed many hours of volunteer work in the community thinking I was on the correct path. In fact, I was completing this work with a total ignorance of what was required to attain Moksha. I was not able to see my own mistakes (hurting other’s ego, doubting others’ religions, contempt for others, talking behind others’ back, etc.). Assuming that I was right, I was always in the mode of correcting others and therefore giving free advice in abundance.

However, there was no decrease in anger, pride, attachments and greed. I was ignorant about how I could nullify past karmas and how I could stop new karmas from forming. Therefore, I was continuously generating new karmas. So the cycle of death and birth continued in ignorance with a false belief that I was on my way to Moksha.

As I got introduced to ‘Vitrag Vignan’ and its Gyan (which is the science of the mind, body and speech), it drastically changed the understanding of my own life. This was the beginning of understanding of nature, how the world works, and what is needed to be on the path of Moksha. I realized that the most important thing was to know the answer to “who am I?” Realization occurred that ‘I’ and ‘my’ are separate. That is to say, I am ‘pure soul-self’ and separate from mind, speech, body, name, name-belonging attachments and even karmic bonds. Without knowing this one cannot be on the path of Moksha. Also, I, as pure self, is not the doer but Rajni, or relative self, is the doer, driven by natural regulatory mechanisms. It threw light on all aspects of life, living and natural laws pertaining to them.

After initiation in Vitrag Science, the very first thing that happened was that of feeling of inner peace which I can describe as being like a feeling of an  ice-chest within. I can only describe this as the bliss that I had never felt in my life.

My experience has been that when Rajni bows to the pure souls of the people present in a meeting, the biases and opinions about others vanish and the interactions proceed smoothly. This process sends positive vibrations. In many tough situations, this has proven to produce a favorable outcome without any hurt feelings. Since I have stopped judging other people, I am open and  receptive to others’ ideas and to hear their points of view. This has resulted in a happy harmonious feeling within me which then are transferred to others.

Vitrag Science is a systematic reflection on daily occurrences with the aim of profiting from them for the betterment of inner living. Let us say that someone calls me incompetent. Now I take this judgment from another person as an echo from the past over which I have no control. The person who said derogatory things about me is a messenger; why shoot the messenger? With this understanding I do not to respond or retaliate to such comments and so I wash away my past karma and create no new karma. Thus avoiding clashes becomes a part of life resulting in happiness and harmony. 

All past beliefs that are bothersome to the mind are being seen as one’s own mistakes and these mistakes are now being corrected with a change in the beliefs. This creates happiness within. I have learned that sufferer is at fault so when I am about to suffer, I find myself looking internally to discover my mistake. I do not blame others and I adjust everywhere. The ego automatically and naturally disappears and tranquility prevails.

As a part of my profession as a Project Manager, I handled multi-million dollar projects which included manufacturing and construction.  I was confronted with issues that could result in delays in the completion of the projects, and I would have had to pay a hefty penalty for the delays. My understanding was that this not something anyone wanted or planned for but it happened. During such situations I learned to be calm, remain in the present, instead of blaming others, perform a lessons-learned process and move on with a recovery plan. This technique was a profound positive influence on the whole team and we always obtained positive results. I involved everyone in the team and used their strengths instead of dwelling on their weaknesses to accomplish the tasks. Holistic Science has taught me that a family is like a garden where there are different fruits and flowers. This understanding creates harmony and creates circumstances for a positive environment and results.

With this understanding, patience has become an integral part of my life.  On the other hand, anger, pride, attachments and greed have started diminishing which has resulted in increased internal joy.

-Rajnikant Patel, Pennsylvania