Holistic Science Personal Experience-Transforming my Vision of the World

Oct 21, 2013
It is my great opportunity to share with you how the Holistic Inner Science has transformed my vision of the world, and thus my life. Before I was exposed to this vision, I would go to a place of worship and get temporary peace but no answers to my burning questions in life.Nothing seeped into my daily interactions; no measurable outcomes or progress in becoming less argumentative with my family or less judgmental of others.  Philosophy appealed to me, but it did not change my outlook, behavior, or mannerisms.  As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values. Understand and embrace your values, for they will become your destiny.” This quote empowered me but I was confused as to how to control the very thoughts that came through my head! Every time I tried to suppress a bad thought, it just kept coming back to me with greater force. And if I could not even control my thoughts, then how was I to control my actions and habits? How was the rest of this puzzle ever going to be solved?

I was exposed to the Holistic Inner Science back in 1998, and was immediately able to apply it to my daily life. For me, Holistic Science came as five principles to apply to every interaction and event in my life.  The first two principles allow me to distinguish between two visions- that which is temporary- the ego and that which is permanent- the soul.  The next two principles remindme to wholeheartedly accept all circumstances as self-invited and to resolve them amicably.  And finally the last principle reminds me to spend time and energy in the permanent Soul-state of being rather than dwelling into the relative materialistic temporary world. With this science, I discovered that the cliche "ignorance is bliss" was a terrible illusion! Overcoming ignorance was actually bliss. Why? Because when I distinguished my ego from my soul, I started listening to the voice within my heart.  That voice directed me to point no fingers, to accept, understand, forgive, and wholeheartedly love everyone, even my enemy.  I still remember what a beautiful feeling it was when I was able to always emit  only positive vibrations for a person in my life who spoke ill of me.  And how truly amazing it was to witness that person’s attitudes evolve as I resolved to treat them the same as I would those of a dear friend.

Before this science, I used to think that my volunteering at soup kitchens, nursing homes, Habitat for Humanity, etc., was the true meaning of service.  Then I had the opportunity to digest this quote: “Charity begins at HOME!” I realized  that the greatest gift I could potentially offer in this world was cleansing myself from negativity and remaining within the soul’s natural tendencies of positivity.  Realizing my mistakes rather than blaming others, adjusting to people and circumstances rather than complaining, living simply rather than lavishly. All of these things were small contributions I could make towards improving the lives of anyone I encountered by doing the charity work internally.  Innately, I used to always see flaws in those around me.  When my mother yelled at me, my inner voice would be quick to blame her for not parenting correctly or controlling her anger and I would continuously feel sorry for myself.  But as I slowly began to digest the Holistic Vision, instead of looking at her anger, I focused on my own.  By turning the the camera lens within, I soon realized there was an abundance of flaws that I needed to correct prior to expecting perfect and ideal behavior from other beings.  And it soon became clear that the behavior and mannerisms I encountered from my mother were actually a test to ensure that I was applying the divine vision.  This vision allowed me to see her as completely innocent and experience oneness with her even in  challenging situations.  In that same situation, rather than blaming my mother and forming opinions against her, I soon began to feel calm and collected internally. 

Through living with internal focus, every favorable & unfavorable circumstance became a lesson in life to me. I am no longer shaken by the unforeseen and unexpected negative circumstances.  At the same time, when something amazing happens to me, rather than gloat over my success, I start to distinguish between the transient and the permanent happiness because I have tasted the inner permanent happiness through the holistic inner science.  I live my life within the bounds of normality- Before this science I used to take pride in being different, creative, and unique.  Whenever I would come up with a brilliant idea, I sought credit, fame, and ownership.  But I realized that that same pride turned into anger when someone else had or used what I falsely considered to be mine.  That pride was my ego. The false ownership of ideas, possessions, and relations breeds animosity, and this science helped me extricate myself from the claiming powers of the ego.  On one occasion, I had blogged philosophical thoughts I experienced from a particular situation in my life.  Within a couple of weeks, I noticed the same exact words from my thoughts copied into another’s blog.  I was infuriated at first at the writer who copied my words.  When the light of the Holistic Vision shone within me, I realized that the false sense of ownership of my thoughts produced the anger within.  This anger came not from the writer but from the ego that claimed the words as mine.  Within moments, my anger dissolved and compassion and love filled my heart.  

Newton’s third Law of motion dictates - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.My individual world became a mirror. I have come to realize through this science that what I project comes right back to me- all the good, all the bad, and all the ugly. In fact to take Newton one step further, before the reaction of my action affects another being, it actually affects me first.  For example, when I yelled at my sister for misconstruing my intention, I feel the subtle negative energy within affecting me before being released as speech.  It is at the level of the internal thoughts that I can apply the Holistic Science vision and mitigate my negative reactions within before they are released as a reaction of anger to the outside world- in this case to my sister. This naturally drew me to conclude I was my worst enemy and I was my best friend. No outside person could be my enemy or my friend. That pushed me to stop blaming anyone for what they thought, said, or did to me and treat all people with the same love and respect regardless of how they treated me. Because at the end of the day, every person in my life simply acts in accordance to what I project in the world. I have begun to stop seeking or expecting happiness in others because I realized true permanent happiness was all within.  Being able to discover this inner science radiated genuine positivity in me. No more searching for paradise on the mountains of the Himalayas or islands of Galapagos! I feel like the abode of absolute happiness right inside of me and I wish the same for the world. 

Avani Desai