Holistic Science Personal Experience - Results from Vitrag Vignan Experiment

Jan 07, 2014

The ‘Shaila’ that met Dada  Bhagavan in 1984 and the ‘Shaila’ that exists today are two totally different human beings!  The ‘Shaila’ that met Dada Bhagavan in 1984 was a broken, confused, unsettled, uncomfortable and lost human being in search of answers! 

Before ‘Shaila’ met Dada Bhagavan, she was always looking for justice in the relative world.  She was in search of pure, unconditional love and acceptance that she instantaneously found upon meeting Dada Bhagavan.  There was a discomfort within herself with her own identity.  She knew that she could not be ‘that’ mind-speech-body that was continually causing her grief and suffering!  But, she did not know ‘what’ she was!  So, like a magnet, she instantaneously bonded with Dada Bhagavan, the eternal Dada Bhagavan, that resided within the body of A. M. Patel from Bhadran, India. 

It has been 27 years since the amazing Gyan Vidhi in Ahemdabad, India, in which Dada Bhagavan called her out from the back of the crowd in the Haveli where over 200 new Mahatmas were being initiated.  He called her to the front and onto the stage where He was sitting.  He said, ‘Sit here in front of me, close your eyes and speak very loudly every word I say.’  This was the day before His accident on the way to Khambhat, India.  It was the most compassion that any Gyani Purush could have ever shown a young Mahatma as her ‘raag’ for Him was “prashashta” and He was protecting her from that.  He did not want her to be hurt in any way.

Since that time, ‘Shaila’ has been continually in ‘testing’ on all levels of relative life.  ‘Shaila’ realized becoming a ‘Dharmapatni’, ‘Mata’ to three young men, ‘daughter-in-law’ and so-on.  All these experiences have culminated in her coming to the ‘exact’ experience of Shuddhatma,  as Vitrag Vignan spontaneously operates within her and has done-so continually with His divine grace and compassion.

Some of the areas she has improved markedly in includes making assumptions in the relative life about people in her life, forming opinions, holding onto opinions, making judgments as to right and wrong, and being critical of her own self as well beyond what is normal and natural in relative life.  When an opinion pops up in her mind, she immediately gets alerted by the ‘pragna-shakti’ within that this is not the way to eternal freedom.  That person is an innocent instrument dancing to the tunes of his/her own karmas and it is not beneficial to her to form opinions either way about that person. 

Through her experiences in relative life, she has “fit” into her understanding that “avoiding clashes” and “adjusting everywhere” is the easiest and most practical way to pass through all the myriad challenges, obstructions and resistance that life presents in this Kaliyug.   She does not “do” it but rather incessantly prays to the “Dada” within for the infinite strength to do so.  This way, nature can help her to remain clash-free and adjust everywhere spontaneously.

‘Shaila’ has realized through experience of relative life and relative relational living that it is more important to “be” than to “do”.  The only way to “be” is as an observer from within of ‘Shaila’ from a relative viewpoint and a real viewpoint, only two viewpoints.  Those are the two viewpoint given by the Gyani Purush in all His divine grace in such simple and straightforward language. 

The ‘Shaila’ that would immediately try to draw conclusions with her intellect about cause-and-effect in the relative world no longer takes this approach.  She, instead, applies the five divine principles that Dada Bhagavan had given through all His grace to help Mahatmas to rise above relative sufferings and experience bliss in its exactness and gradually increase their degrees of divine knowledge through the wisdom of experience on an individual level. 

Before ‘Shaila’ would compare and contrast how others were treated by her relative relations and try to find rhyme and reason to the apparent incongruences and injustices.  Now, she has found infinite bliss, contentment, and joy within, so no longer feels that need to engage in the futile exercise of the intellect!  What actually happens to us is our own result and we have the choice to accept it as such or perpetuate the vicious cycle of birth-and-death.  ‘She’ has found no valid reason to perpetuate this cycle!  There is infinite bliss and contentment within.  That put a full stop to that pointless quest for relative justice.

 ‘Shaila’ has learned to “un-load” her discharging anger, pride, illusion and greed in a healthy manner without hurting herself or others.  Instead, the ‘pragna-shakti’ within her will immediately help her to see her own faults from within when anger, pride, illusion and greed arise within her helping to extinguish the anger, pride, illusion and greed.

She utilizes, through grace, all the tools that Dada Bhagavan, in all His grace, gave his Mahatmas to keep and use to the fullest in the treasure chest of their hearts.  The ‘pragna-shakti’ within her will automatically start the process of purification by guiding her in inner ‘bhakti’ of ‘Dada’ either through divine hymns, kirtan bhakti, nischay vyavahar charan vidhi, naav kalamo, alochana, pratikraman, pratyakhan, shuddhatma prarthna.

The wrong beliefs that ‘Shaila’ has carried for infinite lives have been burnt to ashes through the divine fire-power of Dadaji’s knowledge and grace.  The first-and-foremost is believing ‘relative’ to be ‘real’!  This blunder causes the manifestation of the nonsense that we all have to witness in Kaliyug. 

‘Shaila’ has learned from experience that giving is receiving.  She no longer holds expectations from others; the moment we hold an expectation, we set ourselves up for disappointment.  So, instead she rather lives, breathes, listens, speaks and acts from the heart.  The heart is the way to eternal bliss as the heart is where wisdom resides.  ‘Shaila’ has abandoned the ideas of the masses about what the definition of success is and rather embraced the five divine principles of Dada Bhagavan as a way of life!  Simple living and heart-centered intuitive thinking!   Keeping the inner home sparkling clean is her incessant aim and top priority.

When ‘Shaila’ has a goal now, ‘she’ takes all the necessary steps to the best of her abilities to accomplish the goal in the relative world without strife and struggle, but rather with a clear intention in her mind’s eye fully understanding that there are myriad evidences that must come together to make anything happen.  So, when the result of ‘her’ efforts in the relative goals manifests, ‘she’ does not have aversion or affinity to the outcome; but rather equanimity from within that all that occurred is per karmic accounts and is just as it has manifested.  Furthermore, in this process, she engages in hearty confession, apology and confirmation not to commit again those mistakes that have caused pain to others in any way. 

 ‘Shaila’ has learned to validate the virtues and divine within and, therefore, is able to do the same for those who are connected with her effortlessly and spontaneously with His divine grace.

‘Shaila’  is a continual work-in-progress and through the grace of Dada Bhagavan and her own conviction, we, as observer of ‘her’ have no doubt ‘she’ will reach her goal of eternal bliss with the eternal grace & unequalled compassion of Dada Bhagavan.

Gyani Purush Param Pujya Kanudadashri has been there to guide, mold and fine-tune the divine understanding of Akram Vignan which was started by Dada Bhagavan within  ‘Shaila’.   Kanudadashri has been with ‘her’ every step of the way to ensure ‘she’ does not go astray and stays vigilant on the road to eternal bliss.  His grace and compassion has been unequalled. 

Our eternal gratitude and salutations to Vatsalyamurti Sarvagna Shri Dada Bhagavan and Gyani Purush Vitrag Paramatma Swaroop Kanudadashri for their compassion, grace and divine patience.

Jai Sat Chit Anand. 

Jagat Kalyan Ho!

- Shaila Mulji, Los Angeles