Holistic Science Personal Experience - Sufferer is at Fault

Feb 03, 2014

We encounter many different forms of justice in our daily lives. We get reward for our hard work and dedication at work. If we get caught speeding down the interstate we get a ticket. In both cases, the seeds that we have sown naturally bear the appropriate fruit. Nature’s justice system is unchanging and constant, which eventually brings all instances to just equilibrium. We as guests of nature should understand a key principle of nature, “The Sufferer is at Fault.” Those who are worthy of merit are rewarded and those who need to be reprimanded are indeed punished.

Two concepts that I’m sure you’ve probably come across, are the concepts of what the world actually is. From a geological and material stance, the world is what we see around us. There are land masses, oceans and living beings of all shapes and sizes. Sub-consciously however, the world can arguably have much more of a sub-atomic existence. In his lecture at HSCRF’s seminar in Atlanta, 2012, Dr. Rice mentioned that, “The mind is much more than what’s above the neck.” We are our own world and its master.

The question then arises is that, “If we are our own master, why can’t we control everyday circumstances?” In college, we had a Senior Design “Capstone” Project. Our project was to optimize the production of a GE circuit factory in Indonesia. I served as the project manager of my team. During our interim trial phases, one of my group members fell short on his commitment and didn’t complete his simulation portion as per our timeline. The team panicked. We had one day left and we were missing a key piece. At first, we blamed the team member who did not deliver.

Natural Law is derived from the concept that human conduct and morals are a body of unchanging and constant principles and that nature perpetually works to bring things to equilibrium. Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle researched this concept in great detail to understand this concept. Throughout Western history, many have supported this thinking. There are even active political parties today across many nations which continue to support this thinking. Though it is clear that human morals should remain unchanging, this concept is yet to determine the prime law behind this concept. Holistic Science strives to spread the message that the sufferer is at fault.

The Supreme Court of nature governs this world at all times with perpetual equanimity given specific Scientific Circumstantial Evidences. It isn’t within any particular person’s control to cause anyone any harm or to give any reward. Rather, we are all brought to justice by nature. So then, the question arises, should we tolerate the events unfolding before us or find a solution? First off, tolerance is limited. By tolerating the event, one continues to have the understanding that he is a victim of the event. So tolerance is not the solution.

By applying the vision of Holistic Science, we find a permanent solution. With Holistic Science one understands that the event is but a mere discharge of their past karmic accounts and that one is now being freed from that account.

One who suffers is fully responsible for the cause of his suffering. This is the only law in the Supreme Court of nature. Blaming the ‘Instruments’ used by nature to deliver what we think is “suffering” is wrong. Instead, we should recognize that nature is constantly balanced and fair in all of its transactions in every aspect of our lives. We should accept our own fault and if necessary seek forgiveness.

Revisiting my Senior Design project, after much panic, we had no option but to resolve our issue. Who was at fault? My team member wasn’t at fault from my perspective, I was. We all were. Either way we looked at the situation, after all the complaining, we had to resolve the issue. We stayed up that night and completed the simulation.

Holistic Science has taught me that no one has any control over anyone. If you are wronged, simply ask yourself, “Who is suffering?” From that very moment, you will see a very perfect solution unfold in front of you.

Our lives are not meant to live in suffering; rather we should always remain positive. We only receive what is meant to come our way, nothing more and nothing less. From the everyday worldly perspective, the one who inflicts pain is the one to be blamed. Once again, it is the sufferer that is at fault, as it is his account that is being cleared. When the time comes, the one who inflicted the pain will be considered at fault the moment he begins to suffer. I am grateful that I have understood this principle of law of nature through the medium of Holistic Science.

Our inner enemies, ‘anger’, ‘pride’, ‘attachment’ and ‘greed’ show us fault in others. This vision of Holistic Science does not see fault in anyone. Thus we must conquer these inner enemies. Someone with no inner enemies naturally sees no fault in others, and understands that what is happening is a discharge in his past accounts.

Our biggest mistake, once again, lies in the fact that we think we are actually suffering. The belief that “I am Ram,” is the biggest mistake that I could possibly make. It is when we separate the “doer” and the “non-doer” that we can truly understand the principle, “The Sufferer is at Fault.” Ram has to settle his accounts. Once his balance is clear, he is free. It’s as simple as that. 

- Ramtirth Patel, Oak Ridge, TN