Holistic Science Personal Experience - Across the Borders

Apr 01, 2014

When we printed the first book that had compilation of experiences from USA Mahatmas, Mark did all the printing for us. When I visited the press for the first time, I had with me an English version of the Akram Vignan magazine. The magazine had a few sutras in it. Mark read them and got really interested. I asked him if he wanted to keep the magazine so that he could read it at his leisure. He said yes and so I left the magazine with him. Next time we met he asked me about Dadaji and Holistic Science and so I briefly talked about both.

Mark is the son of a pastor and from the very young age had a conflict of opinion with his father. His father’s belief was that here is only one way to salvation whereas Mark’s belief was that there are other ways to attain salvation.  

We had more conversations on Holistic science when we met during the course of printing the book. I gave him some other books--Adjust Everywhere, Who am I, Avoid Clashes and Science of Liberation.  We would meet once in a while but communicated a lot through e-mail. During our conversations, Mark would ask questions to clarify his understanding of Holistic Science.

After familiarizing himself with Holistic Science, he wanted to meet Dadaji and receive gyan.

Mark incorporated “adjust everywhere” and “avoid clashes” in his life. Once, he took his car to the mechanic and was told that it will be fixed the following day. Next day he rode his bicycle to the car shop to pick up his car. He was told that it was not fixed and they needed another day. He immediately remembered the principles of adjusting everywhere and avoiding clashes. Instead of getting irate, he contained himself.

Following is some dialogue with him:
The PDF you sent about Krishna was good. It clarified a couple of points for me. Specifically about fruits of one's efforts, that it is all right to expect to accomplish something but one must be accepting of the outcome whether favorable or unfavorable. I am reading a book now on Vedanta that describes the difficulty of knowing one is the pure soul but not yet experiencing it. The writer likened that state to a very poor person who is informed that he is an heir to great wealth, but lacks the legal fees to establish his ownership of it. This person is now more miserable than before knowing his true nature. This is where the gnani comes in, if I understand correctly. Only one who is established in a non-relative state can destroy the ignorance of the person who is seeking his self. The gnani will show you the missing glasses are propped on your head.

In Brazil we met a lady who had helped a lot of people. We named her Krupa. As we got to know her we stated talking to her about Holistic Science. She developed a really good understanding of “adjust everywhere”. She expressed her desire to meet Dadaji. Also, I hired her in our project to help translate books from English to Portuguese and vice versa.

She has translated Introduction to Holistic Science and Integral Living into Spanish and Portuguese. She sends an e-mail to Dadaji on his birthday every year. While translating the book she asked several questions, so that she could understand the true meaning of what was said and translate it with precision.

She is involved in a court case with people who have taken over her property. In these difficult circumstances, she has lived her life with patience and has not said any unwelcome things about the opposing party.  She recently mentioned that Holistic Science has helped her in her life and for that she is forever grateful.

After returning from Brazil, I had a project which involved interaction with our Spain office and particularly the project manager there. The project manager was a very smart and sharp individual but was always quick to blame others. I was aware of some design issues because the Spanish team was asked follow the design given from USA.

I started working with the project manager and by applying Holistic Science principles started solving problems that the Spanish team was facing. I started leveraging their experience in design. I solicited their opinions and established a healthy team environment. Their production went up and as a result they were able to meet their project requirements. The project manager and I developed mutual respect and friendship. I started having conversations about Holistic Science with him. After retirement I was in touch with him sporadically. Swami Shaileshanandji’s Introduction to Holistic Science and Integral living was translated into Spanish and Portuguese in Brazil. I thought that we could get this translation proofread by him.

I recently sent him the Spanish version of the book.  He reviewed the preface and the first chapter found it very interesting.

ndia - Bombay Airport
While going through the local airport security the officer who inspected me was very diligently in doing his job. Out of curiosity, I asked him which God he worshipped. He said he did not believe in God since God had done a great disservice to him. I told him not to lose faith and gave him the 9 diamonds foldout card and asked that he follow these principles. He looked at the card and was elated. Later, I met another officer who asked me what I did to the other officer that got him cheerful. I told him about the 9 diamonds card. He immediately requested a copy. I had only one copy left which I handed to him.

- Rajnikant Patel