Holistic Science Personal Experience - South Korea

May 04, 2014
I accompanied my husband to South Korea for one year on a business assignment. South Koreans are very friendly and just like Indians and are always keen to learn English. Since it was a new country with a new language, I had chosen to take with me a complete set of Apta Vani (spiritual text) and Kaviraj’s pads (spiritual hymns)  instead of my vast collections of songs and ghazals. Also, I maintained constant contact with the Apta Putras (Expert Holistic Science Practitioners). Thus, I had the opportunity to do a lot of abhyas (study) and manan (contemplation) and read all the Apta Vanis.

While travelling on a bus I met a group of Korean ladies who were eager to practice their English. So, I requested them to come to our home once a week. When they came for the first time, one of the ladies kept looking at a photo of Holistic Scientist Dada Bhagwan and asked me if he was my father. So I asked her if she really wanted to know. Then I explained her a little bit about Holistic science. As the weekly sessions continued she kept asking more questions about the science and I explained key principles such as “adjust everywhere” and “avoid clashes”. Then I explained cause and effect and the principle that one who suffers is at fault. Eventually she opened up and started talking about the problems with her mother-in-law. I requested her to practice the key Holistic Science principles and to keep telling herself that her mother-in-law is a good person.

Our weekly sessions continued for a while. Then I had to go to India USA for a few months. After about 6 months, I received a letter from her that she was getting along fine with her mother-in-law and as a result there was peace and harmony in her home.

-Tarulatta Patel