Holistic Science Personal Experience - Patience: Find your Way to Emotional Freedom

Aug 02, 2014
It sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not but it is very much possible. Let me tell you how being patient in certain situations can really benefit us and our inner happiness. One of the most important qualities a person can have if she or he wants to spiritually grow is to be patient. With patience and persistence one can overcome pretty much anything one want and have inner rich living.

But then there will be questions. Why is it hard to be patient? How can you improve your patience? And how can patience help you out practically in life by applying the principles of holistic science? Here are some thoughts that may give you some answers to such questions.

 “How can a society that exists on instant emails, frozen dinners, instant connection around the world teach patience to its young?”
The perception to people is that patience is disappearing from society, before they wait or have any effort they want results. Everything is moving fast in today’s society. Instant gratification is default setting in our lives and in our minds due to the rise in fast moving technology.

I’m not saying this to put down today’s society. I’m just saying it to give at least a partial explanation why patience is hard to understand and use to your advantage in this society.

Social programming doesn’t pay much attention to patience. It wants you to do more right now instead. And after a few years in this society, it may seem normal to get things instantly. And the thought of delaying instant gratification may seem like can’t be an option. Many people in this fast moving world do not see and practice patience on a regular basis. But we will discuss how it can benefit us in your daily life. Patience is important because we all must come to terms with the fact that many things won't happen as soon as we would like them to, but using the  key principles of holistic science we cultivate patience e.g. Adjust everywhere, avoid clashes for inner happiness, sufferer is at fault, have positive vision, one cannot be happy by hurting anyone's ego, ego is a life for everyone,  i am fully responsible for myself and what happens to me,  do not blame others, be positive even in the negativity, Insistence and adamancy lead to sufferings or sorrowful states,   Do not try to improve others but try to improve your own self.

Imagine you are a person who prefers summer and it is currently a cold December. Right now, you are very unhappy. What you have to realize is that your unhappiness is your own choice. What will being angry over the slow turning of the seasons accomplish? Eventually, it will be Summer. There is nothing that you can do to make it come faster, so why not sit back and wait it out happily? This will even lower your stress levels. Learn to accept the things you cannot change, and you will be free of emotion and much more in tune with your inner peace.

There is a second reason why patience can be important. Some things in life get better the more you wait. For instance, when I had graduated college I had a consulting job lined up. The company is large and getting staffed on projects is not necessarily easy, you have to reach out and show your skills to get staffed, and If you are not staffed for x amount of months, this could lead to termination. I observed my colleagues, whom have not acquired self realization from holistic science, and noticed a lot of them panic and show negative attitudes. After 3 months, many people were angry with the staffing team and became discouraged, many stopped trying to learn technical skills that would help them get staffed on projects, and many even said they will quit and look for a new job.

However, my perspective was very different from my colleagues because I had applied the principle of holistic science in this situation. Although it was a time where I could have panicked or could have been impatient and started looking for another job, I tried to be patient which allowed me to think more rationally. I prayed to get the strength to be patient, and I took this time to get certifications and gain the skills that could help me get staffed. I started to reach out and network with the company’s community to present my skills, and I remained persistent. I looked at this time as a period of learning, instead a period of panic and impatience. I was not angry or discouraged, and instead I was free of emotion and kept a positive attitude while waiting. As an individual with holistic science vision, I had applied the practice of patience to allow things to fall in place and certainly soon enough I landed a project.

The final way the patience can help you is that it will remove the incentive to act rashly. If you sit back and think before acting or speaking, you may realize that there is an alternative solution that would benefit your inner self. This will prevent you to do anything negative and prevent yourself from binding new karmas. The longer you wait, the more you will be able to control your emotions so that you can think rationally. I am sure we can all think of a time in our lives where we may have acted or spoken out rashly without thinking, and if we had applied the principle of patience, then the outcome would have resulted in inner peace and satisfaction.

At the end of the day, in my experiences I have truly learned how to apply the principles of holistic science in my daily life. There is not a single materialistic thing in this life to truly get aggravated over. If our lives consisted of 1000 year life spans maybe it would be worth fighting for something, but in theory our human life is too short to hang on to lingering emotions.

Patience is necessary in our short lives. Our lives are tools for liberation, we are to use them to live our destiny, and we are to remain neutral without binding new karmas. So be patient, and free yourself of emotion.

- Trupti Patel, Chicago