Profound Impact of Holistic Science in my daily life

Jan 31, 2015
Before exposure to Holistic Science my life was like an uncharted sea. I was navigating without a goal except to make money and take care of my family. There were multiple choices to choose from in running my life and they were more confusing than the question itself! Simple answers to the puzzles in life were not easily found which compounded the life with stress and tensions to do the very best. The know how was based without any purposeful goal.

After exposure to Holistic Science my life became meaningful and with purpose. Puzzles of the life were solved by correct understanding and changing beliefs. There was a constant reminder as to "who am I", a pure soul.

There is peace and harmony in my daily life. If you look at some of the lives of famous people for example of Princess Diana (beauty, fame, prestige, and wealth) and actor Joey Pants (Loving wife, great kids, Emmy award, money, fame, power),yet happiness eluded them and they were depressed. Here we are not talking about physical clashes but our focuses on inner clashes. How to you know if you are experiencing a clash?

Intellect goes and shows you all of the negative interactions/experiences that you have had with this person/situation in order to justify your positioning. We form or change opinion about a person. We get angry, upset etc. at something we do not like or expect. In simple terms – “These are the things that take away your inner peace”. Intellect collects all negativity that you have accumulated for that situation/person without really looking at what our beliefs are and if need to be changed for our own inner happiness.

Holistic Inner Science has provided solutions for inner happiness: 
  1. An observer/witness rather than a "doer"..................."a screen saver".
  2. Better results due to more favorable scientific circumstantial evidences.
  3. Fearless, not anxiety prone.
  4. Untouched like a lotus in muddy water.....detached but happy and unaffected by surroundings in life.
  5. Body, mind and speech separate from self.....foreign dept. versus  home dept.
  6. Your ego is hurt and so you are trying to justify your ego.
  7. When your ego loses internally you are not happy.
  8. When I am yelling at someone, I have already lost my inner peace Avoiding clashes.
  9. Reminder: reaping what was invested in the past. What I got is echo form my past so adjust and I am happy.

Advantages of Holistic Inner Science 

  1. Easy and practical in day to day life.
  2. It is the "science for liberation"......a fast track/elevator
  3. Not a religion but a "way of life"....can continue practicing one's own religion.
  4. Helps to stay and focus in the present.
  5. Don't worry about the past or surrender to the anxiety of the future.
  6. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses.
  7. Teaches universal, unconditional love and thereby culminating in inner peace, happiness and harmony.
  8. "Happiness is an inside job".  
  9. It is because you understand with your intellect that you might injure yourself, or even be killed if you violate the traffic laws. You can directly experience the outcome with your senses. The intellect however, fails to make you realize the fatal consequences from engaging in conflict with people because it is beyond your sense perception. This is very subtle matter and the damage it causes is subtle.
  10. Mind builds evidence to support your ego. Someone cuts you off in traffic or honks at you. This provokes significant rage and you would like to cut him off. Now intellect takes the back sit and your EGO takes over. I have a nice car and how dare he cut me off.

-Dr. Mehul Shah, M.D. (PA, USA)