Holistic Science and Monetary aspects of life

May 01, 2015

I had a  lots of priorities: getting a degree, sending money to my family in India,  buying a car, owning a home, paying for my kid’s education, saving for retirement and donating to charity. So I made making money my number one priority.

I was in a rat race. I worked late hours and whatever little time I had was spent looking for discounts and good deals. I overinvested in work and underinvested in my family.

After getting exposed to Holistic Science my perspective on money changed. The first thing I learned was that “Wealth is not bad, but to hanker after it is bad indeed”. In addition, I realized that the real purpose of life was not money but inner happiness.

These are additional things I learned.

I need to spend time with my family and inner self.

 I need to put a limit to how much I want to earn because I have a finite life span.

Earning money to sustain myself and my family is not bad. But I need to make normal efforts to earn money and not overextend myself.

—Competition and comparison with others will not bring happiness.

—Greed makes the inflow and outflow of money impure.

—  Dharma must exist in Business but business must never exist in dharma  (In this context dharma does not mean religion but a moral code of conduct).

As I started applying Holistic Science I saw the following changes gradually occur in my life.

—  I worked decent hours and devoted my time off for family (e.g. I  only worked occasional weekends).

—  I am enjoying how I earn but still working on how I spend (e.g. I still need to work on my obsession with black Friday deals).

—  I have less worries and I do not compare my financial situation with my peers.

Mahen Gosar, Chicago