Nov 03, 2013

 The complexities of today’s life requires an immediate attention to have correct solutions to daily problems for common men of the society.  The presence of ignorance and egotistic life since time immemorial has resulted in innumerable wrong beliefs, which are no answers to the increasingly formidable situations in to day’s life. Dada Bhagavan emphasized the need for basic understanding of how this world functions in order to cease the ever-expanding spiral of bondage and suffering. Dada said that whether you want Self-Realization or not, as a human being you must be a part of the solution and not the problem.  One must strive to be happy but not at the cost of the happiness of others.

 Dada formulated simple principles of life in the form of aphorisms and  that are very effective in dealing positively in day-to-day worldly life, which fundamentally covered principles of THE ABSOLUTE SCIENCE. They are as follows.     

1. God is in every creature whether visible or invisible, but not in manmade creation: Like it or not, God resides in every living being. When manifested fully The Soul itself is the God, So whom would you hurt? In other words, do not hurt any living being as you are dealing with a living God within.  So, Dada mandated not to hurt any living being by mind, speech, or body. Living a life with such utmost humility, one shall definitely live a very blissful life.

2. Introspection - Shoot(INSIDE) FAULT on Sight: Knowingly or unknowingly, if you have hurt someone, accept your mistakes, remember the God you believe in and ask for forgiveness there and then, and finally, decide not to repeat such a mistake again.

3. The world is your own projection and YOU ARE WHOLLY AND SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF: What you see, feel, hear, or receive is the Echo of your own doings.  Hence, You GET what you have GIVEN previously!  With this simple principle in mind, there shall not be any complaints against anybody. The world is in the form of circumstances and you will be able to accept every happening as correct and just. The Human courts may appear doing injustice, but the Nature is always correct and just.

4. ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE: Today, by regretting over what one does not have, one is unable to enjoy what one has.

5. OBLIGE EVERYONE: Oblige every one with Mind, Speech, and Body by cultivating obliging nature in heart to one’s best ability with limitless energy from within. If this life is lived for obliging others, you would lose nothing and encounter no obstacle or hindrance. 

6. The Sufferer is at fault: One who suffers is totally responsible for the cause of suffering. This is an unalterable Law of Nature. Do not blame or punish the instruments used by Nature for deliverance of justice. Recognize without a doubt that the nature is very balanced and just in its dealings with all, in every aspect of life.  So, you will not be punished if it is not your fault.  Conversely, if you are suffering, then it must be your fault  on the basis of cause-effect theory despite the circumstantial evidences that suggest otherwise.  Accept your own fault, ask for forgiveness with repentance with heart, do not crave for revenge and instead resolve not to repeat the fault.

So long as the world appears to be at fault, one have to wander. Only when the world appears innocent, one will be Liberated.

7. Adjust Everywhere: Whatever is the situation or circumstances, if you will adjust, you will Avoid Clashes. This is the sure way to be happy in the present times. If one has got the key of adjusting himself, one has definitely marked his/her first step towards peace and happiness in this disturbed times.

8. THE Result of Stealing is Hard Work: If you do not steal through your mind, speech or actions, you will earn your living easily without much effort.

9. Dishonesty is the best foolishness: Those who are dishonest to their Boss, to their spouse, to their children, to their parents, to their job or to their friends are committing the best foolishness of their life. Honesty is required to take one at the top of morality, sincerity and loyalty. Utmost humility leads to Liberation. And in relative life also you will be very happy. What is the utmost humility? If no one is hurt by us, that is utmost humility. 

10. If you want others to listen to you: Do not speak harsh language; speak in few words. Speak only that is beneficial to others and do not speak lies. The speech (word) is such if it is properly used, all Mahavratas can be achieved. 

11. All circumstances are nothing but passing events of our life: Hence, if one is too much attached to any event or individual, he will feel hurt when it passes away. However, a dramatic display of attachment is necessary for a normal worldly interaction. The world is like a museum. It will not affect an observer who has neither indulgence nor involvement in it. The only simple way of life is to live as per the dictates of Nature without involvement. You will get all that you deserve. 

12. Don”t see laws; Please settle: To free yourself from any situation, it is wise to resolve issues without sticking onto your perceived laws as correct.

13. WHATEVER REACTIVE ACTION WAS PROJECTED IN THE PAST ITS ACTIVE REACTION COMES BACK: Whatever comes ones way is nothing but what was projected in previous births. Hence from now on  do unto others as one would like others to do to you. The meeting of all individuals takes place on account of past deeds and on settlement they depart. Without past accounts nothing happens. All projections are the action(causes) and all consequent resulting echoes are reactions(effects).

14. NATURE IS NEVER UNJUST: Human courts of Justice may appear doing injustice, but nature is always just and correct. Whatever happens in the Cosmos, is in accordance with the Supreme Law of Nature, viz. NO-LAW LAW that is, SCIENTIFIC CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCES. So, in life whatever happens, just happens! But one tries TO BE COME in these happenings by BECOMING in it and hence the sufferings

There is no injustice in Nature. Do not search for justice anywhere else. What has happened    is just and proper. Accept it willingly. Nobody can make slightest interference in the life of    other beings unless there is a link of past deeds. 

15. AVOID CLASHES: A lot of energy is lost by clashes. So decide to avoid clashes and only by such decision, God inside us will show us the way how to resolve different situations without having clashes. And by avoiding clashes there will be no further loss of energy and the loss, which has already occurred, will be replenished gradually.  

     To avoid clashes doesn’t mean to endure. To endure is like pressing a spring. A pressed spring will always rebound with double force. So don’t learn to endure, but learn to resolve with patience. To live life free of clashes is the Real Religion.

    Traffic laws have rules and regulations. If you do not follow them, then you may get involved in a Clash and get hurt or die. In the same way Clash with people will cause others as oneself to get hurt. If you want happiness, make others happy. 

16. NEVER SEEK REVENGE: All the world happenings are on the basis of Revenge. When there are conflicts or clashes, one seeks vengeance and even the smallest creature will keep a note of it. Once it has suffered it will take revenge and will not let you free yourself. In the present times, in the very seed of revenge, i.e. hate, lies the tree of Love attractions and in all subsequent Love attractions, lies hidden hate relationship seed. This is how revengeful attitude wise hate is the root cause of all Samsar i.e. mundane worldly living. 

17. DO NOT BLAME ANYONE: We are not suffering on account of anyone else. It is due to our own previous account and the person one thinks is the cause of ones suffering is but an instrument. If our accounts are not pending, no one can make us suffer. So we should settle old accounts and not open new ones. Whatever happens is nothing but the result of our past deeds (Karmas). So don’t blame anyone.

18. RELIEVED FROM ONE KARMA: Someone harms us, insults us or picks our pocket. This is all subject to our Uday Karma. No one is at fault here. The alleged one is only an instrument (nimitta) and one should be thankful to the instrument internally by saying “You have relieved me from my one Karma”. This is Dharma Dhyan.

We are wholly and solely responsible for what we get in worldly existence. The same is the result of our previous causes. Accept the situation with equanimity and understanding. In the world of causes and effects you have an independent right of avoiding or furthering causes. You cannot avoid the effects of causes made earlier. “As you sow so you reap” is the Universal Law. Understand that you will hear the echo exactly of the same magnitude as that of your sound. Do not blame the echo which has resulted from the sound you made earlier. 

19.  REAL RELIGION: All relative religions are correct but not the same. Each one is correct in its own standard. Through relative religions material or mundane happiness is gained, whereas through ‘the Real’, Liberation and Permanent happiness and bliss is obtained.

20.  FOLLOW THE LIBERATED: Follow the liberated and one shall be free. Follow the bound and one shall be in the bondage.

21.  TWO TYPES OF KNOWLEDGE: There are two types of knowledge-Knowledge and Absolute Knowledge. Knowledge shows what is correct and incorrect in the worldly life. Absolute Knowledge leads to the path of Liberation.

22.   LIVE THE PRESENT: By thinking of Past and worrying of the Future, one is unable to enjoy the Present state. The past has gone for ever so Live in the Present and make the best use of the Present time, the Future will take care of itself. The future is in the hands of the Universal Power.

23.  SEEK DELIGHT EVEN IN DISCOMFORT: There always exists comfort even in a situation uncomfortable and disagreeable and so cultivate seeking comfort in such situations.

24.  RIGHT VISION: To know the “Pure Soul” one need the right vision, nothing else to do. When your vision is free from mistakes, one will be Liberated. There is eternal happiness in the “Self” but never in externals. Such natural happiness is that of the “True Self” only. Once it is realized that there is endless happiness within, the quest for happiness from externals will cease.

Ego and “True Self’ cannot coexist. A man with ego will never get liberated. Egoless abstinence is the real austerity. Mere fasts and rituals are called abstinence with ego. No Liberation is ever achieved under ego of indulgence and abstinence.

25.  NATURE SUPPLIES : One is a guest of the Nature. One has brought everything with oneself and Nature will provide what is in one’s account. Live your life as a guest of Nature. Your necessities will be provided for by Nature.

26.  ULTIMATE GOAL OF LIFE: Human life is to get eternal freedom from all bondage for ever to be experienced in the very present life.