Transformation and Experiences Through Akram Vignan: My Journey

Nov 03, 2013

The Aim of this paper is to discuss- "How Akram Vignan transforms our life".

In Indian religious thought, there are several approaches, belief structures and practices which explain the context of our universe, the phenomenon itself in depth as well as the science of liberation and how it works. We also have as our religious & spiritual heritage, many concepts & philosophies, unique explanations of Karma theory, Antahkaran (inner being) and other extraordinary insights, not found anywhere else. But the question I have for all of us is: Finally what does all this knowledge and reading mean for me, what do these books and practices do for me, how do I derive benefit? This Akram Vignan being all the revelations by His Holiness Dada Bhagwan, following the experience in Surat in 1958 brings in depth explanations to all scriptures, explains all questions that may arise in any seeker and that in a simple and easy to follow language. It offers every religion additional insights into their own body of philosophical & spiritual thoughts & practices and helps every seeker from all faiths steady progress through dialogue & explanations. Detailed explanations about how karma actually works, who or what is behind this operative universe and what are the laws & principles which govern this entire cosmos.

These answers many multitude of questions including the two questions asked earlier here today. The first inquires, “I have a mind that I am carrying forward from my last birth. Now what do I do with it? I want to progress, how do I go forward?” & the second question raised is, “What is Abhed Bhaav ?” (feeling of oneness and we will deal with this a little later).

Dada explains that what we have today is the result of what we have built earlier, and what we have today is also simultaneously building our tomorrow. The link to create the blue print of our next birth is through the Bhaav in our inner being, that accompanies whatever is happening outside today, every day and every moment.

Abhed Bhaav carries different connotations in different contexts, in different philosophical approaches and in different religious thought. Dada Bhagwan has woven together the different approaches to make it a simple „understanding‟ for achieving happiness. Dada Bhagwan‟s purpose in life was to make all of us happy. He shared this knowledge of what is going on with all those who are interested in this knowledge. But what was His basic intention behind this sharing? What was His Bhaav? It was to let each one of us experience happiness here and now, effortlessly. For those who are intellectually oriented they can follow the intellectual path, while others can choose the path which best appeals to them like bhakti, karma (action with the right understanding) etc.. This science does not exclude or negate any of the existing paths, religions & approaches.

This path emphasizes on the „right understanding‟ which gives you whatever is required in your life, in your hand here and now through the grace of a Gnani Purush.

 The Gnani Purush is an actual living example of a being who is leading a stabilized life in the state of being separated; a permanent state of being separated between 'I' and 'My'. He can see the whole world as it is. So, transformation is most effectively achieved if you follow the path initially with the help of reading and studying texts which appeal to you while keeping in touch with outstanding Aaptapurush and Aaptputras who are there to resolve your doubts. But the ultimate resolution of doubts and progress towards the ultimate goal has to happen with the coming into direct contact with the Gnani Purush.

We will be able to explain to you everything that we have experienced. You will be able to appreciate what we have experienced but if you want to experience it, then please do what we have done and that is, meet the Gnani Purush and let Him lay the foundation by His divine grace, then you will also actually experience the same transformation that we have experienced. The same transformation can be yours too.

Today we have Param Pujya Shree Kanudadaji as a pratyaksh Gnani Purush. If you find time, opportunity and inclination then that is the marg on which you can go and the ease of the transformation will help you realize the importance of this Amurt-Murt, the importance of the living „soul incarnate‟. That is the living proof and benefit of somebody in whom, 'I' and 'My' is actually stabilized in His living Avatar. Therefore in that state He is able to appreciate and make you experience the same experience that He has, for which there is no substitute in this world. All of us are mere peripheral functionaries to draw your attention to this possibility that exists for your progress by highlighting with the kind of personal experience & several examples that I have been asked to present to you. So, friends let me start this journey for you & take you to further explore this wonderful insightful science.

There are many difficult situations in life; they have been aptly classified as Adhi, Vyadhi and Upadhi. While going through any one of these experiences, it becomes almost impossible to be free of unhappiness, free of worries, an essential aspect to go towards liberation. Take for example, if you are born handicapped or you are born challenged, what are the recurrent thoughts that come to you? The thoughts that haunt you often are, „Why me? „Is God partial, is there justice or no? What I have done to deserve this kind of handicap, right from birth? The kind of world view that this affected intellect shapes for you on how to view your life and the life of others is so fundamentally different from the world view of a person who is not challenged and of a person who is normal in all his being. We all learn from our own experiences which constitutes our very own „Book of Life‟. Look at another situation if you are born in poverty or if you are born an orphan and if you are condemned to the streets without any support, what will your world view be? What will be your approach to God, to life and to religion to Dharma? Difficult childhood, harsh parents, friends, harsh teachers, problems of no money, continuous living in denial will affect your outlook of life. If you experience difficulties in marriage and where the differences are so severe that you would like to escape from that relationship (but for the Hindu tradition of not thinking of divorce as an option), keeps you going on and… on and… on… in daily suffering. What kind of world views will you have? Similarly childless couples struggling to get children explore all avenues from all type of medicines to prayers, rituals of blind faith & appeasement of Godmen. They are desperate for children, they have tried everything but somehow this blessing evades them. There are many of us who have passed a stage, when we helplessly see our own children suffering and cannot do anything about it. Again the question comes to our mind- „why this suffering for my child‟? Man seeks for his answers and he doesn’t get them. So, he keeps on wondering… and wondering… and wondering… and such was my story also. So to cut a long story short…..

What I want to tell you is that, this is a science that gives you answers to all the unanswered questions. In it somewhere you will find an anchor in life. Otherwise I was like a piece of wood floating listlessly in the turbulent waters of my life. Every time there was a wave, the log of wood would rise and fall and it was like 'I' was just a free-flowing log of wood. After having got the anchor which Dada Bhagwan put inside me there was certain stability in life. Under many difficult kinds of circumstances now, I am able to remain far beyond the level of Sthith Pragna stage. You can understand this final difference when you yourself will evolve and experience that Sthith Pragna is the beginning stage and then you as you evolve over the years you yourself will find a certain amount of peace which is beyond the intellect. What Prof. Bhatt refers to it is a state when you have transcended your intellect and you are in the experiential field of stability for which you may not have answers or explanations. But the fact is Dada‟s Mahatmas actually experience this state of being. So, whether you understand this science or not, just leave that aside, but experience it - go into the field and surrender your being to a Gnani Purush- who ever you regard as a serious Gnani Purush. Your salvation, both in this life and in your life beyond lies at the feet of an experienced, Self Enlightened, Amurt-Murt in this very life time.

Akram Path gives each one a new way of looking at both external life and at ourselves afresh and far more objectively. It explains the role of circumstances in the events that happen everywhere in life in detail, it explains for the very first time that Ego is nothing but the state of usurping doership responsibility. Leading a life with the five Agnas helps lead a simple and pure life, a life of inner joy and a more relaxed quiet & tranquil phase.

 Friends, I want to pose a question to you.

 Are we human beings going through a spiritual experience or are we spiritual beings undergoing a human experience? What do you think? Think about it. What do you believe? Are we human beings who are experiencing this spiritual thing or are we spiritual beings experiencing human experiences? I am sure, once you will think deeply about this you will find a lot of questions and answers but I thought this question is very important to begin this journey of self realization.

For me in particular, since I have been asked to share my own experiences of transformation after receiving Gnan and understanding the vision of Dada Bhagwan, let me share what I have gone through since. I had read about Bhed Gnan and Atma Bodh many times in Bhagwat Gita, in Shankracharya‟s treatises, in Vedanta. My father was a Vedantist and all through my eleven years of school the usual birthday present that I have got from him were books on Vedanta. Other children used to get bicycles, guitars, all kinds of games but my father was a very committed Vedantist and a follower of the Ram-Krishna Math. He was very clear that salvation lies in understanding these two aspects viz. Bhed Gnan & Atma Bodh. I found that in Dada‟s science not only did I get a clear understanding of what is Bhed Gnan but he actually made us experience this inner dividing line of demarcation and that made all the difference between the knowledge of the books that I had read and the certainty of this personal experience. Now, I am enjoying the benefits of this right understanding today - this is the uniqueness of this science.

The other aspect of this path is that it identifies and guides us through Vyavahar Vignan. There is a scientific and correct method for everything you need to do in your daily life- in relationships with your family, your work, your nation, with human beings at large and even to the eternal cosmos. There is a certain binding that he has created, a certain relationship that he has now defined which were never perceived by me of a fundamental unity of being and therefore an interconnectedness ever before. This gnan opened this up for me. The second aspect that attracted me tremendously was his fundamental explanation of the relation of the 'doership'. There is a famous author, I think her first name is Rhonda Byrne, who talks about the wonderful experience she has had. How she had only to conceive something in her mind and hold it steady over a period of time, and then how it actually happened in her life! This book has become a best seller. Now she has sold millions of copies. That is just one element that Dada Bhagwan has explained in detail in his science. But her ability to explain and narrate with live experiences has been able to touch the lives of so many people today.

This science of doership has been laid bare for the first time with an extraordinary level of clarity only by Dada Bhagwan. I can say this with confidence as a person who has been involved in looking at comparative religion and comparative philosophy. This explanation of what constitutes the building blocks of an event, the explanation of all that occurs anywhere in the world and at any point in our lives; and what is at the root of what is happening, is exceptional; it is really exceptional, not found anywhere else. There are three people I have come across who have come close to what Dada had said but nobody was as comprehensive and as complete as what we have learnt about this science of doership.

To go on further: there are a few dictums that Dada has given us. Some Aphorisms for which you do not require any spiritual knowledge what so ever, but they give you tremendous amount of peace and they take you to liberation. They are just two simple ones:

(1) Adjust Everywhere :

He describes a simple example. When, he says, while driving a car you see there is a donkey coming in front of you, what do you do ? You slow down the car, take the car a little bit to the side, you avoid the donkey and you continue your journey. What are you doing? You are adjusting with the donkey. But why does this behavior stop with the donkey? Why can’t it work with your wife? Why can’t it work with your children? Why can’t it work with all your inter-person relationships? Why do you adjust with the donkey and not with your wife?


(2) Bhogve Teni Bhool:

 Translated into English it means “Each one of us, ourselves, is wholly and solely responsible for all the suffering in our lives”. Please reflect about your suffering for a while. What happens after you actually accept the statement as an aphorism? You realize the eternal truth, which means the person or the circumstances which give you the pain and suffering are not the cause - you suffer because of your past karmas and hence the responsibility is only yours. So, what does that make the person you blame as the cause of your distress? It makes him a mere postman who delivers you pain. Now, when the postman delivers you a letter announcing the accidental death of a near and dear one, do you hold the postman responsible? He is merely the deliverer of the message. So what happens in your relationship with the person who gives you pain? He becomes merely a postman of the delivery of the pain. You are responsible for all your pain and suffering. Therefore you do not develop any anti-feeling towards a person who causes you pain. Dada has gone to the extent of saying that you need to thank this person because there are so many things that you are going to get in this life which you have already charged in your previous lives. Every time someone comes and delivers you pain that item is then finished and therefore gone off the list. So he is reducing the balance of pain that is left for you. Should you be grateful for that or should you be angry with him? Think about it. It’s a question of understanding and taking a different approach to whatever happens in life.

(3) One more essential is the Nine Eternals - the nine essentials of all religions of this world. Now I find this amazing in discussions with Muslim and Christian friends. When you do this comparative religion exercise seriously you too will find that all religions boil down to these nine basic fundamentals. Whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism or any other path, they all really boil down to just nine essential elements which are called Nav Kalamo. A listing of these with their English translations is provided at the end of this monograph. They are the essence of all religions and all they require for their observance is Bhaav. You don‟t have to practice them; they will come into being on their own. All you have to do is to resolve that these are good things to do and you promise that you will try and do them. That’s all that Dada expects you to do. After that, the science takes over completely. A mental resolution is the starting point of inner transformation. This is indeed one of the deepest psychological insights expressed very succinctly by Dada.

So what happens as a consequence of this? You find yourself free from worries, you find it easier to get along with people; you find the experience of joy here and now and not wait to find it in some self enlightened state you may reach through meditation 25-30 years from now. You will experience peace here and now. Besides, this as Shaileshanandji very rightly mentioned does not involve any fasting, no penances, no denials, no observing of religious days and no sacrifices. Even then it is possible to live extremely happy as the external circumstances now stop affecting you. In fact friends, I had a bypass operation, I have more health restrictions on my food than from following Dada Bhagwan on religious count. There are no restrictions, it is the right understanding that leads you to the final truth to liberate you and also gives you joy here and now.

Good deeds and bad deeds both bind you to the next life because both are binding in nature. One gives you peace and happiness in a future life and the other gives you pain and suffering. But you have to suffer through both of these. So the path to liberation is necessarily different from the path of doing good or doing bad. Liberation means a cessation, a stopping of the cycle of birth and death. That is liberation. Good and bad deeds are not enough. What you need to do is pure deeds. What is a pure deed? Pure deed is one where there is no Rag or Dwesh at the time when you are actually performing various acts; both your inner activities and your external activities. Now in the Kramik marg, it takes a very long time to reach this level of purity, especially in these fractured times where as was explained earlier: what you think, you cannot speak, and what you speak you cannot put it into practice. In the present times, the traditional Kramik Marg will not work for any one of us. The path to gradual purity with penances, an unshakable resolute will power, was not going to work for us in these very difficult times and therefore Dadaji believed that for this time and period, Akram Marg is ideal. It is through first internal purification that external purification follows later. Therefore the whole science is a reversal from the Kramic marg which is a step by step external purification process progressing gradually, internally while Akram which is an out of step purification and therefore is a truly unique science.

The last point for me is that this thing really works for you; there is no point just talking and discussing and arguing when you see the results; when you know it really works every other argument is futile. A proper acceptance of this science really changes your life and it works by itself inside of you. It is really a remarkable experience if you just follow the practices and do what Dada has asked us to do; you too can experience the difference. It is really remarkable. It brings in change for everyone irrespective of one’s own state of personal religious dispositions and status of evolution of scriptural knowledge.

So this is my transformation experience.

 Role of beliefs in shaping happiness

Sir, what is your concept of happiness? Normally all of us have needs, wants that define our happiness. What do we do? We chase external situation and circumstances to achieve the inner conception in our mind of what constitutes happiness. It is all here in the mind which defines our perceived needs. Sometimes these are functional needs. Very often these needs are beyond our functional requirements. What is the difference between a Maruti and Mercedes? Both are functional. Therefore the nature of this differential demand is something else. It is not the need to go from place A to place B. The demand is that people must admire your choice! The demand is there and what had created that demand?

If you analyze your life, you will find you are attached to your car, your office, your job and to your own way of doing things. We are all creatures of habits. One day my daughter came and slept on my side of my bed. My wife sleeps on the right side. I sleep on the left side. My daughter came and slept where I generally sleep. So, I slept on the other side. When I got up in the morning I felt disoriented. Then I realized how much are we the creatures of habit that even if I sleep on another side in the same room on the same bed I feel it is not correct. This is our nature. This is our condition whether it is music or colors. We are very much attached to praise. Similarly, whether it is music, smell, color, touch, food - all these senses have got attachments. You change it and you will say, "No this is not nice". Similarly you have aversions- you don’t like things. For example nobody likes reptiles, snakes, lizards, why? They are also forms of life but almost nobody likes them. If you take karela (bitter melon) 50% will say I like karela and 50% say I don’t. You have aversions for hideous looking people, you are averse to people who are lepers. I found that when I was in Africa, a unique thing happened to me. I found a lot of faiths and beliefs which were exactly the opposite of my existing beliefs and yet they were happy! So, I questioned, what is so sacrosanct about my own beliefs? I give you a concrete example: In Nigeria people celebrate death. In India people cry, express grief and suffer when people die. In earlier days in India there was a system of rudali where women were actually called to cry in large gathering so that everybody used to join them and cry together. This was our culture and heritage and our system. In Nigeria they served wine, they gave a feast and I found in a community in which I setup a factory, they were celebrating death not necessarily of old people, but also young untimely deaths, accidental deaths. So I went and asked the people there because some were aborigines. They were not following any traditional rituals, neither Christianity nor Islam. They explained that death for them is a reunion with nature; we come from nature and we go back to nature. In Christianity too it is said “from dust were you born to dust you shall be‟. It’s the same concept but Christians do not celebrate death. So I realize that foundation of all belief is relative. What is good for me may not be good for you. One man’s food can be another’s poison and vice versa. Therefore I saw the role of belief in why we do things and how do these shape our happiness. I began to see my own belief structure very closely only to realize that there was nothing sacred about many of my beliefs. It was possible to believe something else and be equally responsible and equally happy.

Another thing that happens after this Gnan is the greatly improved ability to see one’s own faults easily. This is a very big thing in life. Uttambhai is a very successful businessman, makes profit, and people give him flowers. He reports huge surpluses in the balance sheet and profit & loss statement and increases the dividend for share holders. Next year there is a slowdown in America because of some foolish bankers. 2008-09 was a bad year and in 2009-10 lot of business was lost in India and people experienced losses. So what does a person say? “America is a country who destroyed the world economy and therefore I incurred a loss.” If external circumstances can destroy your profit isn’t it logical to understand and appreciate that it was external circumstances that helped you make a profit earlier as well, isn’t it? At that time the businessman takes all the credit for himself. How illogical is our thought process by assuming the role of the doer? When things go bad we say I am not the cause, I am not the doer, I did not desire that this would happen but it happened because of these peculiar circumstances. Dada says for good or bad things, both are circumstances. So, the science is not new but we use it when we fail but we do not use it when we are successful. Why this myopia? This is where the problem starts. If only we had the true knowledge it would make all of us fearless. Today‟s Dada‟s Mahatmas have become fearless. What are you afraid of in life? Think about it. Everybody has fears because of our relationships with our near and dear one‟s, our own health, even death and about what is likely to happen in the external world. We all have an idea of what constitutes a happy life. If I have children, car, everybody is happy, children are married. This is what any woman would expect in her married life. It can be more and it can be less. But when nature removes some of these elements, we feel unhappy. Why? Because your belief was that these conditions constitute our happiness. If children give happiness then will 100 children give you more happiness? Answer is No. If not, is it the children that are giving you happiness? In fact there is nothing intrinsic about happiness. Too much of anything does not lead to more happiness, it leads to unhappiness. So where is happiness? Happiness is in the mind. Happiness is defined and shaped on the basis of our relative beliefs and today we do not question our beliefs. We pursue them vigorously. Dada questioned his own beliefs right from the beginning and his whole life-history is a series of questions and observation about challenging beliefs and discovering fundamental insights. Once you have this, nothing will affect you. I lost my mother on 12th August of this year, she was hospitalized. It was an ICU death and ever since I lost my father in the ICU I have felt an ICU death is like Bhishma Pitamah’s (great character from the epic Mahabharata) death. Pitamah slept on 100 arrows, these must have hurt him. Every patient who dies in an ICU has a minimum of 100 injections. There is no difference between the death of a Bhishma Pitamah and a death in an ICU in an Indian hospital. They give medicines by the kilo! And yet when this happens you helplessly watch your own parents, grandparents, children go in front of your eyes. The knowledge of this science helps you to remain absolutely stable and steady. It is remarkable. It is something that I have experienced and I hope that you can experience too.

One other thing that happens is your own Dharma evolves, the joy and fragrance of being comes out by itself. If someone insulted me earlier I used to sulk. I used to go into the corner I would not talk to that person like a child. Now it has stopped completely. I do not mind going and talking to that person again. I have less anger, I have less pride, my demands are less with the people I live with, I am easier to adjust, I seek less compliance from other side, I find it easier to adjust on my side. I have reduced expectation from everybody like the movie '3 Idiots' with a mental attitude that “All is well‟.

What happened between my wife and I? Every time I use to eat daal in the house – I was afraid since I often used to get stones and usually I used to keep blaming her every time saying, “you know, the cleaning process is your responsibility, you have to do a better job”. Now if you can’t do your job you better learn or either get a cook or get somebody else and at least clean the daal twice but please make sure there are no stones in it. Once I broke my tooth and had actually to go to the doctor to get the broken one removed too. Then after the Gnan, I realized that ‘Bhogve Teni Bhool’. I am responsible for the stone that I am getting, not her. She is only the postman who is delivering the stone. Expectation of behavior between wife and husband are tremendous.

I have seen men who want their wives to love them unconditionally like their own mother. But you have not married a mother, you married a wife! So, why are you expecting behavior that you have seen while growing up and want your wife to be just like that? Please question your expectations at a more fundamental level. You have chosen and signed in your last life that I want to marry this girl, now it’s your responsibility to make her happy. Ladies please don’t smile. It applies to ladies too! Friends, the bond between a husband and wife are one of the deepest Karmic bonds. It’s a much neglected area of attention in everybody’s family. It can bind you over many births. It is a very special relationship for those who seek liberation not only from your husband & wife but liberation from the very cycle of life and death. This relationship requires a maximum amount of attention because all others tend to go away over a period of time.

What happens to children and I after the Gnan? Dada says: a farm is a place where all the crops are of the same type and that is what a father and mother want their children to be. They hardly give any scope for adjustment which actually allows children to blossom in their own personalities. We want to make them a reflection of our own identity. 'Why this need? From where does this belief come? It’s your experience and you are transferring it to him but he is not you! So Dada said, “Every family is a garden of different flowers, each one is different. Enjoy the fragrance. Let each one blossom in your family”. Don’t crush and try to make a rose into a lotus, it will never happen. What happens after the Gnan in terms of transformation in your business? First, I experienced that my ability to work in a team improved tremendously. Secondly, I understood that IPR is not Intellectual property regime, it is Inter-Personal Relationship. There is a great improvement when you deal with others. Even the sweeper in my office once came and told me that I have become a better person. I think that is the biggest compliment to me, for him, to have taken the courage to tell me is itself a big achievement in term of my real transformation. My relationship with my customers, with my suppliers improved. I started paying people on time, I started enjoying better co-operation and somehow I experienced certain amount of togetherness. Our friend from Ramakrishna Math calls this Abhed Bhaav. To me he was no more only my supplier he was also a Suddhatma (pure soul) discharging his Karma with me, with my body self and therefore what was actually happening? What is this game? The game is not to blame each other or harass each other. The objective now is to finish the game together, so that all of us are successful. When you play chess what do you play for? You play to win, isn’t it? Therefore you need all the pieces to come and help you to win the game. Then why should I lose an important element of my successful plan of winning the game of life to achieve liberation by scolding my suppliers and by making other people suffer? Those who feel aggrieved and are out of the game will call me back into the game because I have not finished the game with them. In my own self enlightened interest I need to adjust for myself. Salvation does not lie in improving others. It lies in improving oneself.

The last point is, after this Gnan, you become like an open person. You are able to live at a different tranquility level. This is my personal experience and this is something that Dr. P. C. Parikh has always been insisting that I should share aloud. Sometimes I spend one hour a day with myself, alone doing nothing- enjoying Ekant (solitude).  I would strongly urge you friends to do this systematically because it has worked for me. May be it will also work for you. Ekant means solitude and in the process of solitude you are actually very fast, speedily dissolving essential elements of the very difficult aspects of your personality because during this period of one hour - Drasti Drasta pe rakhta hun and it’s a fantastic experience. Every morning I see various situations closely coming into my life and my body self reacting to them based on Sunil’s likes, dislikes, expectations and beliefs. Sunil always hopes & strives that either this would happen or that would happen, and then I review it the next day whether it happened that way or not. I have been doing this for the last many many years and the experience is that I am now beginning to see the transient as transient and slowly slowly, there is an emergence of the permanence that starts taking place inside of you. These are mere words but if you want to experience them, then please go through the process.

Spiritual progress constitutes an unfurling of inner joy and you become steady and steady and steady. There is only joy and being an observer of all that has happened. Mind you friends, when I saw my mother die there was a part of me that was suffering but I was able to see the sufferer as different from the one who is knower of the sufferer. The knower has no pain. The seer has no pain but it is a sufferer who suffers and I am not the sufferer. I am the knower and seer. This instilled inside you in a manner that no words can do, can only happen in the presence of a Gnani Purush. And when you actually start experiencing this, is when stability comes. This is the birth of eternity in you, the perpetual, it is this birth that takes place in watching the transient. I have understood death much better. I can almost say with confidence that I think, I know what death will be and therefore it is as if I, with renewed confidence, enter life once again to do whatever is required of me, to fulfill all the obligations that I have been born into. By seeing Raag, Dwesh, aversions closely, these begin to soften and slowly slowly all the things that you like and dislike, they start falling behind you and you reach a stage where things even physically start affecting you less.

At a spiritual level you are already removed from this bondage of suffering during the Gnan Vidhi but even at the physical level the amount of impact that life, death, accidents, good news, bad news and praise all the things that affected you strongly, now starts reducing and therefore the physical being, the Pratishthit Atma also becomes soft, pliable and manageable.

Friends, there is a principle of homeostasis in life. When you fall sick, the body becomes warm. Why? Because it is coping with the mechanism to bring you back into normal living. When you become cold you start shivering, the reason is the body is attempting to bring you back to the normalcy of temperature. That is nature’s law. At a more fundamental level, when you transgress nature’s law then you have death and disease otherwise it is a question of permanence and living.

Therefore friends, to conclude, this is a truth, a new view of life. It is the truth that sets you free of all the worries. That is doership or role of Scientific Circumstantial Evidences. It is the truth that gives you Joy here and now because I am Suddhatma, I am pure-consciousness, I am not the one who’s going through this experience of living this life. This leads to normal living.

I wish you good luck as you progress to your journey towards happiness. Thank you very much.

-Sunil R. Parekh

 A Speech delivered at a Half Day Seminar on “Akram Vignan–Holistic Science of Today” at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai on 15th. Oct 2011. The speech has been edited to suit an international audience.



Holistic Code of Conduct revealed by Dada Bhagwan:

(I) O Dada Bhagwan/(O Lord /O supreme Self)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from hurting, causing someone to hurt or supporting someone hurting even slightly the ego of any living being.

May you bless me with such an inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in speech, conduct and thinking as would restrain me from hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being?


A. Ego means „I am‟ that is to say „I am name bearer‟. Ego is very existence or life for all human beings. Only two things happen in interactive dealings, either Ego is boosted or hurt. No one can be happy by hurting anyone‟s ego. Whenever anyone‟s ego is hurt by our mind, speech or body we would have inner disturbance first. Moreover there would be reactionary behavior, echo or revengeful attitude from one whose ego is hurt. One who would not hurt anyone‟s ego anytime would straight away attain the ultimate blissful state. So this first kalam or code of conduct is of prime significance.

B. „Syadvad’ means a vision, an all embracing approach that would take into account all different view-points (about any particular subject or fact) and does not hurt anybody‟s view-point – either religious or personal. It enables one to know by what angle it is correct and to what extent it is correct. And it also enables one to know the ultimate correctness. Everyone is correct by his/her own view-point and understanding, and there is some truth in each of the view-points. Only through ‘syadvad’ one can succeed in not hurting any one’s ego or view-point.

In simpler words one asks for inner strength of balanced thinking, speech or act.

(II) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with infinite inner strength so as not to hurt, nor cause someone to hurt, nor support anyone hurting even to the slightest extent, the foundation or view-point of any religion.

Bless me with such an infinite inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in speech, conduct and thinking as would restrain me from hurting any of religious view-points.


As per vitrag science, there are several (/fourteen lac) layers of human beings depending on belief planes and inner development. All have different developments. Like from College and University degree there are standards in spiritual development too. And according to the standard the person will get along with a particular religion or preacher. So all religions are correct but may not be the same!

(III) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard (disrespect) to any preacher, monk, nun or a religious head.


In true sense any monk, nun, preacher or religious head tries to show some light to mankind. Uttering untrue adverse things means to misrepresent or tell which is not there.

(IV) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would not make me dislike or hate any living being to the slightest extent, nor cause anyone nor support anyone doing so?


When we hate or dislike anyone, we see the packing and don‟t see the material (pure self) inside. Moreover it reflects back on our own self.

Indifference that is disregard with a dislike and hatred or contempt are two main faults one may have towards any living being. One who can get rid of these two would attain very high state of being.

(V) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from speaking, causing someone to speak or supporting someone speaking harsh, hurtful language or language of rivalry to anyone.

Give me inner strength to speak soft, sober, soothing language even if someone is speaking harsh, hurtful, egoistic or biting language.


In present times most of the bondages are due to language or speech only. Speech is such that it hurts others, pierces through heart or may lead to rivalry and revengeful attitude. Words can lead to wars and words can also resolve wars. One should have a continuous bhavna, decision and ardent

desire as to how speech can be improved, how it can become sweet, sober and soothing, making others happy.

(VI) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me having faults, desires, gestures or thoughts of sensuality or passion towards any gender-male, female or neuter.

Give me the supreme strength to be free of sensual or passionate attitudes or perversions forever.


1. Here focus is to abstain from carnal deeds or sensual/sexual misendeavours of all kinds by mind, speech, body both directly and indirectly. One has human right to get involved in sensual pleasures with one‟s own lawful partner or spouse. But any thought, act or even a passionate stare towards anyone else is a serious fault. Everyone lawfully belongs to someone. Today it forms a major weakness or a major binding factor .so one should be aware.

2. Sensual pleasures have been considered to be the best in the world. But really speaking, the happiness of pure soul surpasses all the sensual pleasures. Desire for sensual pleasures is one of the principal causes of bondage to humans. Yet the vitrag do not object when it is in normality and with your lawful partner to whom you are married.

To keep ourselves pure, it is utmost necessary to pray daily for such strength and it is especially pertinent in present time.

 (VII) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength to control my excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food? Give me the strength to take food having balance of all tastes.


It is said that all six tastes are necessary to maintain health. (They are bitter, chilly, sour, salty, and sweet?) Imbalance, i.e. excess of one or absence of the other may affect harmony. So it is advisable to take all the six tastes in proper proportions.

 (VIII) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard towards any being-living or dead.


Doing any such thing towards anyone is going to affect the self first.

(IX) O Lord/ (O Supreme Self/ O Dada Bhagwan)! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength for being instrumental in welfare of the world that is common good of mankind as a whole?


Our own welfare is automatically included in our wishing for the welfare of the world.

This much is to be asked from Dada Bhagwan who is our own real self or from one in whom you believe. This is not a matter just to be read daily, (this should not slip into a daily routine of  

recital) but it has to born within and has to be from bottom of one‟s heart. This has to be prayed or wished everyday with attentive alertness in day to day living. In this code of conduct is the essence or epitome of all scriptures.