Mother Nature - Ecology and Mankind

Dec 03, 2013

What is nature? Everybody knows or understands that we are getting air, water, food and our day-to-day needs either directly from nature or natural products or from its different derivatives. As mankind started feeling, nature is something different from me, it also felt that nature is affected, influenced and can be modified. As per their observations, when considering nature different from themselves, humans tried to evolve different theories based on the observations i.e. Law of gravitation, Inertia/momentum i.e. Newton’s theory, metallurgy, Motion, Time and Space i.e. Einstein theory of Relativity etc. Thus, different theories & theorems were compiled. All these gave birth to subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Physical Chemistry, Aeronautical Engineering, Mathematics, Astrology, Biology etc, etc. Humans tried to analyze and calculate the different happenings with these derived principles, established by observing nature, environment and as the answer was found correct, endorsed them as "principle" and thus mass, energy, particle, atom i.e. micro & macro metaphysical forms were described. When the energy and matter relationship, i.e. E = MC² was established by Einstein in the form of theory of relativity, it surprised the mankind, as this was not based on definite empirical theorem or logic. Similarly "Entropy of world is increasing" (3rd Principle of Thermodynamics surprise, as this leads to uncertain/limitless condition). Many theories evolved, but the effect of any definite cause if analyzed empirically, observed and solved by mankind by so derived principles, was not giving the same answer in terms of happenings but lead to the theory of probability or showing an exhibiting substance of uncertainty, as concluded by the Scientists. Ecological imbalance & disorders observed in the mother nature in the form of natural cycle disturbances, glaciers melting, carbon emission & green house effect gave rise to different theories – some even being contradictory to each other. Science means definite answer or in other words, science leads to a definite relationship of cause and effect, however, now "theory of uncertainty" has been accepted as "principle" by scientists, who have started believing that there are some missing fundamentals! Why? Einstein talks about observer or absolute time frame but does not explain who & where is that, but hypothetically imagines such absolute reference frame. All the above leads to the conclusion that, today all above metaphysical sciences is based on hypothesis i.e. not explaining all the happenings/incidents present in the world, holistically or in other words does not give a definite answer as, "This is That".

What is Truth? Nature or Ecology & eco-balance are in relation to living forms, that too mainly to human beings. Are humans or living species limited to only metaphysical form? If yes, then why is the bifurcation of living & non-living form and their behavior? That means all living forms have certain eternal element, also which is certainly part of its total environment! What is that? Mind, speech & body (the human) but governed by certain eternal elements i.e. mind, intellect, reflective consciousness, Ego ("Man, buddhi, chitta, ahankar") which can very well be understood. For example, somebody abuses me, wherein my body is neither beaten nor harassed but the physical fight will start; within & outside. Why?

I just think or wish good of somebody, I start getting pleasure within and also these positive vibrations reach the other person! Similarly, if I wish bad for others, I will also feel unhappy. The functioning of inner self i.e. mind, intellect, to see and to know and ego ("man, bhuddhi, chitta, ahankar"), if understood in relation to outside happening i.e. "to live out" phenomena, then only we can reach to the holistic solution. This means that the function of mankind as being only having the power of volition (bhav satta), can develop the echo/vibration, being the cause of outside environment or ecology. It is our Indian belief that matter, space, time and volition (dravya, khsetra, kal, bhav=matter, space, time, inner intuition) all together may make the incident happen. Nature is in direct relationship with human race i.e. in turn humanity and ecology. Any disorder in nature observed will definitely have cause within mankind being co-operatively/comprehensively disordered state of humanity. Thus, proper ecological balance or nature/natural cycle functioning essentially requires volition power of mankind functioning in positive manner in the sense that wishing welfare of one and all.


We observe very uncertain happening i.e. disorder in natural cycle, natural calamity economical slow down/recession etc. This means, disorder observed in nature is nothing but disorder in mankind. If we follow human value base practices like accommodative nature for all living being i.e. "live & let other live", "we are all guest of mother nature", "adjust everywhere", "avoid clashes", "family & social values", "value for any living creature", "compassion & love for other living species", will result into good ecology & natural order outside, where man can attain permanent happiness. To get proper fruits from nature, what is required is a good human life based on natural principles! Science when viewed as a whole will be called spirituality or holistic science. To understand nature & ecology; humanity is to be understood and thus, nature will start giving proper fruits to one and all. Hence, it can be concluded that positivity of human society will definitely result into permanent happiness and even bliss.

Uttam C. Mehta
Industrialist, Chairman and Managing Director of UCM Group of Companies, Ahmedabad, India