The inner workings of mind, subconscious, intellect and ego

Jan 07, 2014
Based on the skit performed by Chicago JSS Youth

Opinion is constructed from the atoms of ego, and from this opinion, the mind comes into being. Good opinions form a good, positive mind and bad opinions form a bad, negative mind. Due to circumstances and prevailing situations, opinions are incessantly formed; consciously or unconsciously.  These opinions that form in the mind may be on any number of subjects such as people, world, time, nation, religion, sect, society, creed, etc.  It is our own opinion that binds us, and not things external to us or other people. Thus the mind becomes the cause of bondage.

Intellect is the indirect light of the soul coming through the medium of ego. It is like the sunlight filtering through a hole and then reflected on a mirror.

Absolute knowledge is the direct light of the soul. It shows the knowledge in the pure form and has unlimited energy which can illuminate the whole universe. It is like the Sun which can illuminate other objects such as the moon.

Even if the knowledge of all the subjects of the world can be contained in the intellect, it is not free of ego. On the other hand, absolute knowledge is free of ego.

Intellect is righteous when one has the Realization that I am a Pure Soul. The Righteous intellect tries to resolve situations amicably. 

Chitt’s function is to wander and take photographs of things. That chit that wanders outside the body is impure chitt. Pure chitt is the pure soul state. 

The intellect is the indirect light that comes through the medium of ego. Once the intellect makes a decision, the ego agrees with it and the action is performed.  In some cases, the ego may not agree with the intellect, and hence the action is not performed.

The Holistic Scientist says that the basic false belief that ‘I am so and so’, is the greatest form of egoism.  The whole world exists on this foundation. To think  that, “I am the body (ego Self),” is egoism.  On the other hand, to believe that, “I am the pure-Self,” is not egoism.

Following interaction between a husband and wife demonstrates the inner working of the mind, intellect, subconscious (chitt) and ego. It also demonstrates how they use the understanding of holistic science to resolve their situation amicably.

A wife comes home from work. Her thoughts are, “I have had a long day and I am exhausted. My work was really demanding. Traffic was really bad on the way home. I don’t feel like cooking but I will have to cook dinner because eating out is not healthy and also expensive”.

Then her subconscious moves to choice of dinner, “My husband really likes Indian food. I can make that for him today. Maybe we can have Mexican food tonight. I have frozen beans so I just need to cut some tomatoes and onions. Another option is to carry out from Taco Bell and break our rule of eating healthy.”

Her intellect now kicks in, “Let me do some calculations and see how much the Indian food will cost. The cost is $15.  Well in that case why don’t we just eat Mexican food? I have frozen beans and tortillas. I don’t have to buy cheese since it is fattening. Tomatoes and onions will be about $3. So, that comes out to be $5.00 total.

Well actually, why waste the $5? Why not just eat cereal and milk today? It would be nice to have something light today. And this option is quick!”

Then the Subconscious (chitt) flashes pictures, of the good time they had eating Indian food in while visiting India.

Now the  Ego comes in the play and concludes , “Ok yes, let’s eat Indian food today. I approve”.

Wife’s final resolution, “I have all of the ingredients that I need to make Indian food, so I’ll go ahead with that decision.”

Husband is on his way home. He is driving and thinking, “Well I had a very busy day at work. I can’t wait to go home and see what’s for dinner. I am so hungry. Today, I would love to have some Indian food.”

Husband is home and is surprised that dinner is not ready. He says to his wife, “Did you just get home and start cooking?”

Husband’s mind, “Nothing is ready yet. Looks like it will be a while before food is served”.

Wife says, “Yes, I just got home. I am going to start cooking. It shouldn’t take that long. What do you want to eat?”

Husband replies, “I am craving homemade Indian food”.

Wife says, “I need 15-20 minutes. It will take 5-10 minutes if you come help me”.

Wife’s  mind, “I knew he would ask for Indian food. He loves it. Let’s see if he comes and helps me.”

Wife’s Intellect, “If he helped me chop the vegetables I can fix dinner in 10 minutes”.  

Wife Subconscious (chitt), “If he does not help, I shouldn’t get emotional”.

Wife’s Ego, “I agree. If I suffer, then it is my own mistake.”

Husband’s thinking, “She has made me join weight watchers and now I have to count points and calories all day long.

Husband’s Intellect, “Let me count calories for tonight’s dinner.  It comes out to be 1600 calories. I didn’t eat lunch today and so I have some extra points. I can afford to eat some ice cream.”

Husband’s Righteous intellect, “Intellect is showing me to act negatively but we need to resolve all conflicts amicably. My wife and I are not separate. If I make her happy then I will automatically be happy.”

Husband’s Pure Subconscious (chitt), “Last week when I helped her, she was very happy.”

Husband’s Righteous intellect, “In order to be happy, we need to make everyone else happy”.

Husband’s Ego “I agree with Righteous intellect. I should go help her. I can work late to finish my office work.”

Husband, “You must be tired, dear. Let me come help you. I will do my office work later, Thanks for making my favorite food.

Husband and wife enjoy the delicious dinner.

The Righteous intellect shows light to resolve the situation amicably. Charity begins at home. You don’t have to conquer the world but win at the home front.