‘Shiva’ is the manifest form of Shakti (Energy-Force)

Mar 03, 2014

“Shiva” means one’s own awakened ‘Pure Soul-form’ - ‘Paramatma-swaroop’, which is the abode of infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite energy and infinite bliss. The awakened Pure Soul-form Paramatmaswaroop’ means ‘Shiva Swaroop’, the manifest-form of ‘Infinite energy’.

An individual soul (Jiva) is the best instrument for the attainment of ‘Shiva State’, the ultimate goal. Here the gift of infinite grace of the enlightened soul, in conferring the knowledge of one’s ‘Self, is the excellent medium. But the principle is that such ‘excellent medium’ must be possessing ‘Shiva-nature’ (wishing and doing spiritual well-being of all).

But how can it happen?

It is said that in whom the ‘Shiva Principle’ is fully manifested, the ‘body-temple’ of such an enlightened soul becomes the excellent instrument.

The ‘Shiva-state’ is the innate, natural state of an enlightened soul. Such enlightened souls travel far and wide for the spiritual well-being of the world.

May each and every soul of the world attain ‘Shiva-state’. The infinite soul-bliss, he has experienced, may that infinite souL-bliss be experienced by all the souls of the world. Such constant ‘Shiva-state’ eternally abides in an enlightened soul.

To be determined in one’s own ‘Self may be called one has attained the ‘Shiva state’.

‘Shivji’ means one who has become ‘Kalyan-swaroop’ (well-wisher, doing good of the world) and who possesses the wonderful soul-force of doing good to every soul of the world, as an instrument. An enlightened soul is such a rare superhuman form.

Liberation is possible only, if “I am the Pure self’ is undoubtedly determined with the infinite compassion of the manifest, present enlightened soul. Having become the soul, if one speaks : ‘I am the Soul’, liberation is attained. It is master-key lies hidden in the enlightened heart of an enlightened Soul’.

Those who want to experience the infinite qualities of the soul and make these qualities of the soul manifest in their equivalent forms-they should be highly delighted singing the boundless, immeasurable living glory of the enlightened soul, living according to his precepts. O my God ! This is the unprecedented, divine, unparalleled story of my own ‘Soul’. My own inexhaustible, imperishable, infinite-Self-nectar-drinking.

Infinitely infinite abode of merits virtues, infinite imperishable Force my own soul’s
manifestation-fame-’That’ is the greatest cause of my own bliss(of the Self).

What is ‘Experience’ of the Self? Eternal, constant state of Bliss...

That bliss never leaves one under any circumstances (at any place, at any time). One experiences meditation with open eyes amidst (Aadhi-Vyadhi-Upadhi) physical, mental and worldly afflictions.’ The bliss of the Self, once experienced never leaves. That is called the realization of the Self. It is the ‘State of Pure Selfhood’. Going beyond the state of Self-experience attained through the observance of the precepts of the manifest enlightened soul, it culminates into perfection-state of Godhood-Siddhagati is attained-such unparalleled is the ‘Akram Vignan’ (Holistic Science)!

The Bliss of the Self is Eternal. And, therefore, the ‘Glory of Soul’ is called matchless, infinite glory ! Before such soul-glory, even the kingdom of the three worlds is insignificant, transitory and burdensome.

-J. P. Amin