Vision of Cosmic Unity

May 04, 2014
Let us welcome 2014 and resolve to purify our nerves, mind and heart to their pristine glory, for well-integrated and harmonious living…

Since the dawn of civilization, man has been in search of Light, Truth and immortality. There has been an intense longing and perennial quest for peace, prosperity and perfection.

The famous prayer for peace sums up the eternal peace or prosperity vision.

May there be peace and prosperity in the outer and inner space on the earth, in the water, in the vegetable kingdom-both eatable and on-eatable, in the entire cosmos, in the entire reality, everywhere, at all times, there be peace and peace alone. May everyone attain and experience peace. May peace and peace and peace prevail.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy love and peace. Only love can save mankind. Love is the source and end of life, and also the law of human race. We should see the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self. “Sarvan Khalu Idam Brahma”, this I the vision of cosmic unity.

We are in 2014. Let us advise our senses and mind

Not to while away precious moments of life in idle talks or gossip or thinking, feeling, speaking or acting in a negative way, hurting anybody…
  1. Not to see things that entice us and befool us. To see the self in every creature we come across
  2. To speak healthy, soothing, loving words so as to give peace and joy to others. Not to offend anybody.
  3. Breathe in good, fragrant, sweet things and exhale love, sympathy and joy all around.
  4. Keep your mind fresh, unpolluted and healthy, so that it may give you and others joy unalloyed. Fix it on the inner sight of consciousness and experience bliss within. You well –integrated harmonious being will shed rays of love and joy around, it will bring in a silent evolution of consciousness in the restless and discordant orchestra of human heart.
  5. I bow to the Real form of all the creatures of the universe with love and devotion.

Aum! I worship Bhagavan,
Who has become the universe and pervades all,
Lord of past, present and future.
He has made and supports all that is.
He is being and the essence of all beings:
He is pure and supreme Self in all.
He is all and the beginning of all things.
He is existence, its cause and its support.
He is the origin and the power.
He is the Lord.
He is the One from which creation flows.
His heads are a multitude,
Yet he is the Self in all.
His eyes and feet cannot be numbered.
Many and mighty are his forms.
His soul is revealed in light; as fire he burns.
He is the rays of the moon and the light of the sun.
His forms are many, but he is hidden.
He has hundreds of forms, hundreds of faces;
His face is everywhere.

“God is in every creature that is visible or invisible. He is everywhere and everything. He is seated in every heart. So see the Self in others, not their ‘Pudgals’ (bodies) or their ‘galan’ (discharge)”, says Holistic Scientist Dada Bhagwan. Now let us see what Krishna Bhagawan says in the verse 15 of chapter 15: sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto (I am centered in the hearts of all). He is the spark of spirituality in every heart. He is the innermost core of our being. He is the Lord of Love and infinite compassion. He is
our Real Pureself…Sat-Chit-Anand Swaroop.

Just as a wave is the part of the ocean-the source and sustenance and the force behind it, in the same way everything is a part of the Cosmos. Whatever existed, whatever exists and whatever shall come into existence, are all the manifestations of the same divine source. In the shifting sands of time, every element is divine, throbbing with life and consciousness. There is One unitary, Self-existing principle which expresses itself in diverse forms. This is external Aryan tradition of Wisdom.

Our enlightened Rishis and Tirthankars have left this wisdom for all as. Indian culture has denounced the pursuit of ‘artha’ and ‘kama’-wealth and desires, without being guided by ‘dharma’.

The relation between science and spirituality is not antagonistic. The two have to join hands for the attainment of peace and prosperity. In a holistic view one need not conceive any rift between science and spirituality. According to external tradition the ideal life situation is possible only when the microcosm and macrocosm (Vyashti and Samashti) are in perfect harmony. So let all creatures be healthy, happy and lead a harmonious and peaceful life. Let love prevail in the world.

-   Vishnu Pathak

This article was originally published in December 2013 – January 2014 issue of Akram Vignan.