Transcript of Andy Brine's interview with Dr. Shailesh Mehta on Holistic Science

May 30, 2014
Hello and welcome to this interview today. I am Andy Brine of ‘Become authentic on video’. Today I have the pleasure and privilege to interview Dr. Shailesh Mehta. We are going to speak about Holistic science and integral living. So please welcome Dr. Shailesh Mehta.

Andy Brine- How are you?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - I am fine. I also heartily greet all of you and the holly self of all of you. I bow to holly self that is pure self of all of you and am very happy to meet you all.

Andy Brine- fantastic! So as first question, it would be great to find out more about you and what first got you interested in Holistic inner science and integral living?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta- Yes well, as I was a medical student, I knew quite a bit about modern science and different facets of modern science. All of you also know and experience that the progress and developments in the various disciplines of modern science have gifted us with lot of amenities and comforts. There is phenomenal progress in fields like Nano technology, stem cell, genetics, neutrinos, god particles and much more. But when I was looking within me and looking around I was finding that I do have stress, inner unrest, lack of harmony and sometimes clash within me. I was in search of happy, harmonious, rich, meaningful inner living. I had many unanswered queries within. 

As a doctor I would try to help people but I would be able to help them only physically or ailment wise. I would not able to alleviate their anxiety, inner clashes, and many inner issues.

I felt the need for   the Holistic inner science which can provide   answers to all such inner issues and enable me to have happy, harmonious, rich, inner living even amidst difficult situations. I realized that it makes me experience inner freedom, better use my inner potentials and progress on the way to ultimate aim of liberation. Being an eye doctor now I enjoy the privilege of dealing with both visions, physical or outer - as an eye doctor and inner with this Holistic inner science.

Andy Brine - How would you best describe Holistic science and integral living for those who are watching today?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - Holistic Inner Science is all inclusive and all comprehensive science of my own life and living which includes mind, body, speech, inner processes going on within me as well as all the outer circumstances and happenings, governed by natural laws, natural regulatory system and universe as a whole. In other words it is the science of ‘I’ as ‘I am’, whatever way I am living along with my mind, body, speech and everything around me. To say more, it is science of pure conscious in relation to matter, prakruti- purush , anatman- atman- or relative self and real self. It does include   other areas like, functioning of relative   inner self in the form of mind, reflective conscious, intellect and ego, science of speech, science of nature and human living and much more.

It gives me science and art for daily happy, harmonious, rich, human living and leads me to ultimate knowledge or ultimate aim of my life which is salvation or liberation. Thus it includes everything.  In fact, I would go a step further and say that outer science or relative sciences and holistic Inner science are not different but they are continuation  of one spectrum. So far the world not knowing holistic inner science was not  focusing within so we are dwelling on to it with little more attention for one to have integral living.  

Integral living is over all balanced and whole some living. I need to look or pay attention to all corners of my living and not only one corner of wealth or money.  Different corners like health, wealth, personal development, inner or spiritual progress, my relations with my spouse, my kids or children, my parents, my colleagues or my clients need to be looked upon. In other words I do need to look at personal, familial, social, professional, national, global and ecological aspects of living .Everybody must be aware that initially we were only focusing on physical health but even WHO now say that it is the total heath of mind- body- soul, which matters .Instead of only intelligent quotient (I.Q.) now we do speak about Emotional quotient (E.Q.) as well as Spiritual quotient (S.Q.). The world is moving towards whole, wholesome living or the overall balanced living looking to all facets of life and living.

Andy Brine – Very very interesting. So you are talking about internal environment and external environment and would you say there are two separate parts or very much a whole in terms of living an integral life?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta- Yes, initially when I had not acquired these visions, I was feeling that my outer world or outer circumstances are playing the major role to make me happy or unhappy. But   after having understood Holistic inner science visions, now I feel that my inner world is more important in one way. In another way my inner and outer is not separate, but in continuation. Do the circumstances really make me happy or unhappy or is it my attitude, my outlook or my vision of looking at the circumstances, which make me Happy or unhappy? Of course, later ones.

There is darkness, i.e. no light and if I am trying to go out, I may have many stumbling. But even if there is one light I will have no stumbling. In other words, I am doing an experiment and if I do not have the correct knowledge or correct understanding, no matter what efforts are being put in, I will not be successful in achieving desirable results. But as soon as I have correct understanding or a right methodology, results will be favorable effortlessly. How does this concept apply to my life and living? I would say that as long as I have stumbling in the form of disputes, clashes within and lack of harmony inside or outside, I would feel that I have still to search for something, I have still to search for Holistic inner science visions. Against that if I have correct visions, right beliefs or correct understanding; I will become happy, harmonious from within. I would have effortless desirable results in my life experiment.

If you wish I can share the experiment with you?

Andy Brine –Yes definitely I will be interested. 

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So let’s start with very simple thing. all of us, in fact every human being ,why to say every human being ,all living beings are in search of happiness and nobody likes unhappiness, I think that is the basic truth, right?

Andy Brine – Certainly.

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - Now let us further research on happiness. Initially I believed that plenty of things would make me happy and well there is nothing wrong in it. One can enjoy whatsoever is available and in front of you. But then I started realizing that it is at the level of my mind and ego that I am trying to compare and compete with others. E.g. I am  a doctor  practicing since 25 years , my income is x, I am doing y number of surgeries per month but my junior colleague is having double than me and having bigger car than me . My mind was going into race course but then through this Holistic inner science vision I could realize that in a racecourse all the horses are running but only one horse gets to be number one and all the rest will be breathless. So, the correct key is to have a normal and natural living. What is meant by a normal and natural living? Rose flower doesn’t blossom up in competition with anyone, a mango doesn’t become a beautiful fruit in competition with anybody, but it’s just natural. So if I allow my natural abilities to excel, I would be competing with myself, I would be naturally trying to be excellent and still saving myself from miseries or problems of the worldly competition or comparison.

Further to it, what can give happiness or unhappiness at the level of heart? What can give me fulfillment? If it would be coming from abundance of things, at least people having couple of cars , extra fridges and many number of clothes in wardrobe should not have any tension on the face. But here the free smile is very hard to find. Even if somebody is taking the photograph, someone has to instruct 3 times please smile please smile, please smile and then the smile comes.

Andy Brine – yes.

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So what does really make me happy or unhappy?

I found in this science that no sooner I decide to help somebody, to make somebody happy or suppose somebody is sick and I decide that I will render some help then even before I go out and help, my heart is full, I experience fulfillment and I become happy first. Let us take a small instance like our grandson’s birthday is coming up after 15 days; we decide to invite a few children and throw a small party. Here even before we invite anybody, we start feeling happy in the heart. Therefore, what is the secret? The secret is whatever action of my mind, speech and body which is going to make others happy will make me happy first. Before obliging others, I am being obliged first and before helping others I am being helped. In the worldly language I can say I have helped others or obliged others, but the natural secret is ‘I am being obliged or being helped first’.

So I decide that let me open a happiness shop if I want to become happy. If I have shop of sweets I will never be in shortage of sweets. You will ask me how to open happiness shop? Have you ever seen a happiness shop anywhere in the world? We see big board’s like Kmart’s, Wal-Mart’s and what not but we hardly see the happiness shop. Do we?

Andy Brine – No.

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - So how can one do that? Who would give the loan or credit? What would be the inventories?

My mind, body and speech is the natural asset with me which is my inventory and it is my inner resolution, inner decision or inner inclination at the level of heart that whosoever comes across my life, from morning to evening let me try to offer some help, let me try to soothe someone’s heart, let me try to give some happiness to someone and in the process I will never be in shortage of happiness. Let us examine the reverse scenario. If I receive phone call that when you were away from your clinic your staff was non-disciplined and was not coming to the clinic on regular time. Then my mind may start revolving that let me go there, I will fire them, take them to task and what not. They may be enjoying but what happens to me before firing them? A fire within me starts or I am getting burned within. If I look at my face in the mirror at that moment, it would not be a smiling face and if someone took my photograph I will not love to see that photograph because it will be a frown faced. The secret is that whatever actions of my mind body and speech which are going to hurt or disturb others would disturb or hurt me first. Having realized such simple truth I resolve in the morning that let me my mind body and speech not hurt any living being in the world and let my mind body and speech make one and all happy to the extent possible. Let us explore the science behind this. Every religion, every visionary has suggested to do unto others what you like them to do to you and do not do to others what you don’t like them to do to you. However, my modern intellect was not accepting it and was rather asking, “Why to bother about others? I need to care for myself; I have enough problems of my own. Who cares for me?”But when I understood this science, I realized that I am not doing for others but I am doing for myself and it is affecting me first. Each action of my mind body and speech even before affecting others is affecting me positively or negatively and having understood this it is very simple for me, that there is no other in the world, but world is ‘me’ only; it is my extension, my projection and my continuity only. That’s where not only my ‘inner and outer self’ are one but the whole world with whom so ever I am interacting or coming in any relation is ‘me’ only. World is my own echo, my own projection. Now you will say what do you mean by echo? Normally people understand that when I say Andy you are very nice and good person you will also tell me Shailesh you are also a very good person. People believe that echo comes from outside which is true in a way, but the truth is, even before I say you are a nice person as soon as it comes to my mind to say you are a nice and good person, my face will become smiley. Why is that so? Because the inner reflection of my action even at the subtle level of mind makes me happy or in   reverse way if I decide to say you are stupid I will be negatively affected. So inner echo affects me first and then there may be outer echo coming from the world. So my world is made by my own self and I am  whole and sole responsible for my own self and world is nothing  other than my own echo’s and my own projections.

Andy Brine - I mean that is definitely very interesting dwelling upon echo and how we internally view ourselves. I want to go back slightly because I was interested about what you talked about clashes that often we can have external clashes which may be something that happened in our life, experienced clashes with work, collogues, friends may be and we have internal clashes as well don’t we? How would you say best way to deal with those clashes in terms of integral living?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta –This is a very good question.  Let us first understand what happens when there are clashes? What is science of clashes?

I have realized that whenever I have clashes outside or within me, for whatever reason - right or wrong, I lose my inner harmony. I lose my inner happiness, my energy level goes down, and negativity creeps in. Sometimes if there is a significant clash my mood goes off for hours together. If something comes up I will say please leave me alone for a while till my inner energies are replenish back then I will take care of it.   Therefore, the clash harms me; it takes away lot of my inner energies or spiritual energies. With this Holistic inner science vision, I decide to avoid clashes and no sooner I decide to avoid clashes my inner vision light, my inner understanding light will show me the way how to sail through  the situation smoothly without having clashes. If you do that, then somebody may ask, “Is it always to let go things or always to surrender?” No it is not surrendering or I am not letting go things like that because if I do that it is like pressing a spring and a pressed spring may rebound anytime, so it is not that. It is resolving the situation with correct understanding, with right belief and with correct vision.

Why do the clashes happen? Most of the times there are clashes due to two to three common reason. First and foremost I believe that I am right on this particular issue or in this matter. I have all the right to convince, persuade, state my case and have representation but no sooner I become insistent or adamant about my views clashes would start. The other fellow also believes   that he or she is right and he or she will also pull the rope. If all of us start pulling the rope what will happen? So I should realize that as I am right in my own way, the other   may be right by his or her own view point. If I start realizing that everyone is right by one’s own viewpoint then I will try to listen and respect it. I will decide “let me resolve the situation amicably with equanimity”. It will be in everyone’s benefit which will save all of us from lot of animosities or wasting energies.

Another interesting aspect is suppose I am a CEO of some company, I instruct my clerk or lower level staff to do a task and after a while I go back and ask them whether the work is completed or not? Unfortunately, I find work hasn’t been done and I may go mad. Here I do not realize that I gave instructions at my pace.  My revolutions may be 5000 per minute but the clerk may have just 500. Revolutions mean my thinking speed, my speed of comprehension is fast at 5000 per minute where as that speed for the other person was low. So how can he understand at my speed? If I do not realize and do not go down to his or her level I may not get the work done and it may lead to clashes. So not understanding a few basic things of life I may have clashes outside.

Now what about inner clashes occurring at level of my mind or heart?  When something happens, my intellect always asks why it happened to me. Why to me only? I am always helping everyone or caring for others and still why others are reciprocating in different ways? Why and to me only? Here Holistic Inner science vision gives me the correct understanding how my life experiment is running. My own human life is an ongoing, continues experiment. I am living as I am name bearer Shailesh and in that capacity ‘I am’ is an experimenter. If I have correct understanding of life experiment along with natural laws and natural regulatory system, I will have resolving vision for all happenings within and without. (One such vision is whatever has happened is just and correct as per natural laws which we would discuss and understand later on) . Our mind always seeks resolving answers, so as we go ahead we will also see different types of vision which will help me resolve my inner clashes and keep me happy and harmonious from within.  

First we talked about ‘Avoid clashes’; if we go further than that another golden key is ‘Adjust everywhere’. One who masters the art of adjusting everywhere with all different personalities and in all different situations will not only be happy in this world but would progress towards the doorstep of liberation. Does that interest you?

Andy Brine - Yes it’s hugely interesting definitely. I think we all are here to live happy, harmonious life and to get on with it everybody with whom we are in contact with, it’s very interesting. I think when you  did drove on point of external conflicts or clashes and internal conflicts, they seem like you deal with them very much the same way and externally its go inside and understanding everybody has their points of view and has their views or visions, we need to respect that. At first you are going down to that level of thoughts?

Dr. Shailesh Mehta -Yes it includes thoughts but more importantly my beliefs and my vision. Have we ever focused on what beliefs I am harboring inside? If I go a step ahead, human life is nothing but bundle of beliefs and effects thereof. Suppose if I look within myself, I have peculiar, particular beliefs about everything regarding food, lifestyle, about how the things should be happening, how others should behave, what is good and bad   and so on. Now the other fellow may have different beliefs and it is my belief of looking at the happening or at other people which is making me positive or negative. So if I become aware about all those beliefs I can change the beliefs which are disturbing my harmony for better leading to happy, harmonious living. If I can become aware of the beliefs being harbored, I can always try to see whether they are doing me harm or good. Not only to me but to all, because world is not different from me. The second vision which we were talking ‘adjust everywhere’ is in line on this thinking.

Now if I see I do not have problem with my basic necessities. However, in my childhood I have seen those days when my father used to worry from where he will get my fees for school and I had only two pairs of uniform, so I had to wash them on Saturday and use them on Monday. But today even our grandson gets instead of one, three pairs of reebok shoes. The issue is not of basic necessities, but today the problem is difficulty to adjust with each other, in our family, we may have husband or wife, may have kids and our parents. We experience that all personalities are different and even though we want to live happily sometimes we find it is difficult to adjust with each other. It is so much so that one person in family will like to talk more, he may be talkative or extroverted personality, the other one likes to talk very less and may be an introverted personality. Now the talkative fellow will ask the other person at least speak something, house should be lively place and other fellow says to this person why are you talking and bluffing all the time, remain quite. Another example of difference is that in a bed room, one person has to keep air conditioner at 75 Fahrenheit and the other may have to use a blanket. Today nature has made our families and workplaces like a garden whereas previously they used to be like farms. What is the difference? In farm for miles together everything is alike, if it is almond all almond, if it is wheat all wheat, if it is rice all rice. Hence everyone used to feel that others are also like me and adjustment was easy. But in today’s life there are gardens in family meaning there by one is rose, one is orchid, one is jasmine, one is mango, one is blueberry, one is strawberry …that means each plant or tree is different but none without a fruit or a flower. Rose never complains to mango why you do not have beautiful flower like me? Mango doesn’t go ask rose why you don’t have a lovely fruit like me. Do we go and complain to Rose plant that why do you have thorns which pricks me? Similarly if I have such simple vision of my family, I will be able to look what are unique fruits and qualities of each personality in terms of ability or skills. I will make good use of that and never complain about what other members don’t know. A good manager is one who knows what are the positive abilities of all people with whom one is working and would make best use of them and never complain of what are the shortcomings. So with such simple visions my inner vision and beliefs get changed, which not only makes me happy and harmonious but it also changes my outer world also with whomsoever I am working. Ultimately it is my attitude which shapes my world.

Suppose we take a scenario of workplace. There are so many management courses going on everywhere across the world that charge thousands of pounds and dollar’s to teach management skills. But I realized with this science that if I can manage myself I will be able to manage others. One who can manage one’s own self best can only manage others.

At work place what should be the best way of handling or dealing with others?

It is primarily ‘ego’ management, if I know how to handle my ego and how to handle others ego in a productive, friendly and caring way it will be win- win situation. People will love me and put their heart and souls with me in whatever work is there to be done. It is said that human are nothing but different forms and manifestations of ego. Two things happen in the world - either the ego is boosted it gets positive boost or it is hurt .If I want to live happily , get good productivity, I should be knowing how to handle everyone’s ego positively  and never to hurt anyone’s ego. If we explain further, the people say ego is a bad entity. No, ego itself is not a bad entity since without ego no action can be done. It is how you use ego which matters. If you are using ego in a positive way to help, care, share and do the constructive things it will be a positive world. If you use ego negatively to do bossism, criticize, to put blocks in someone’s path, you and the world around you will be unhappy.

This is how different simple visions or beliefs go and function at the level of mind, reflective consciousness, Intellect and ego which comprise my inner self machinery. This brings us to another dimension, ‘who and what is driving our life?’ Suppose there is a beautiful car like a powerful Mercedes Benz. This car is important well and good but who is more important the driver or the car? Till driverless cars hit the road, a driver is more important. We always see if driver is awake and not drunken to be able to drive properly.

In my own life I realized that it is my inner-self in the form of mind, relative consciousness, intellect and ego which is driving the outer self or body. This inner self is not stand alone but it is under the influence of my opinions, beliefs, values, my visions of looking at things along with intent, ultimate purpose or goal and my awareness level. It is also affected by inner weaknesses of anger, pride, greed, deceit, attachment and aversions. Holistic science or Holistic inner science  have changed my visions or beliefs for better understanding and that affects my inner self machinery to function properly for inner as well as outer.

Andy Brine -  It will be probably interesting to look how it is related to corporate world or corporate environment in terms of managing leadership like you said if we can learn to manage our self then we can  more effectively manage others, very interesting.

Dr. Shailesh Mehta – Yes, it is overall ‘vision light’ which would guide and lead us and in turn every one. If I add on to that scenario at work situation my attitude should be positive. World can be won by pure love.

What I found is when I go to church, I go to temple, I go for meditation; I do find some tranquility and some positive energy for me. That happens for few minutes only. Why not to convert my work place into a temple or a church or a place where I get positively energized. So with my attitude changed, that today I have an opportunity to oblige people, to smile, love and care all with whom I interact, see god in them, to see holy self into them then my very work place becomes a place where I would be not only happy but energized all day. So it matters how I change from within and the whole experiment becomes a very fruitful thing. I am just changing my software drivers   for better to give me better results.

Therefore, my vision always remains positive in whatever circumstances I am into. Sometimes even If the nature may give me challenging circumstances, so to say from worldly view point nature may give the circumstances which are challenging or difficult. But It is not the circumstances that are making me suffer or make me happy or unhappy altogether but it is my vision of looking at things which really make me happy or unhappy, positive or negative. So If I have ‘positive vision’ functioning in all situations, I would always be a gainer and never a loser. Difficulties would give me opportunity to develop from within.

Andy Brine – Fantastic, thank you very much for sharing this today. It’s been a privilege.

Dr. Shailesh Mehta - More so even scientists are  trying to document all these things by way of functional MRI, brain scanning and other tools. Sometimes we can share those findings also but everything is really being studied as a whole. Thank you very much. Good  bye.

Andy Brine -Thank you very much and will see you soon, bye for now.