Holistic Science of Blissful and Positive Living

Aug 02, 2014
In today’s world, every human being ultimately wants to be permanently happy in their material and spiritual pursuits however they go after material sources which only give temporary happiness. So the question arises “If materialistic approach gives temporary happiness, where can we get permanent happiness? To experience permanent happiness, one must aim to seek the permanent source of happiness. Only then, our journey to experience permanent happiness begins. For blissful and positive inner living, it is important to understand ‘Who we are’ and the significance as well as the reason for our own existence in this world as a human being. The Holistic Science ‘Akram Vignan’ as revealed by “Dada Bhagwan” and Holistic Scientist “Kanudadaji” who have experienced Absolute Divine knowledge and Bliss, provide an exact knowledge and understanding of this Science of human living.

Human Life – Existence – Our existence in a Human form is nothing but the echoes of our own projections through verbal ‘opinion’ and ‘expressions’ created in an illusionary belief state of ‘I am the name bearer’. All the worldly day to day affairs are carried out with a strong conviction and belief that ‘I did this’, he/she did this to me etc. which become a root cause of bondage of karmas that ultimately results in the cycle of birth and death. We are part of this Mother Nature in the form of our own echoes. However, we take the power in our own hands in various activities of life that is being lived out and create more echoes in Mother Nature only to be born again.

Human Life – Purpose and Importance- The purpose of human life is to know ‘who we are’ and ‘who we are not’ so we can live our inner life with positivity and human qualities in every facet of our life. This helps us overcome obstacles, conflicts and experience permanent happiness. Intellectually, we have made significant advances in medicine, science and technology, however we do not know the prime source, our “Pure Soul”, from which our body derives energy. To be born as a human in this era is the greatest natural miracle. From the human platform, we can elevate ourselves to a higher spiritual form as well as downgrade to a lower form. We are solely responsible for our own actions. The Divine nature has bestowed upon us a golden opportunity, hence we owe it to ourselves to understand the human life living ‘correctly’ so we can live without conflicts in our material and spiritual pursuits. Human body is wrapped with a packaging of mind, speech, intellect and ego that are scientifically timed to be emptied out in a natural manner. It is the result of past life ‘causes’ that were generated by way of opinions and expressions in the form of molecular subtle seedlings. Human body is a wonderful ‘instrument’, however out of ignorance we take the ownership of it and fail to make the best use of it. If there was a price of human breath, everyone will empty their bank accounts and take as many loans as possible and pay whatever price that is being asked to live. This most expensive gift to us is free but we are not aware that we have paid a very big price for it. Every breath of our life living should be such that we make the best use of our body by reading one’s own mind-speech-body. This will help us to understand our own self better and be instrumental in serving the mankind for spreading peace and harmony.

Holistic Science ‘Vitrag Vignan’ in our daily living – The Holistic Science of human living helps us to understand who we are ‘Pure Soul’ and who we are not ‘the body’. ‘Pure Soul’ is permanent and ‘Body’ is temporary. Soul and body are together like milk and water and yet, they are distinctively separate from each other. Both can co-exist in harmony; however the conflict and confusion arises when we take the ownership and possession of everything that is temporary including the body. This gives rise to our inner enemies i.e. Anger, Pride, Greed and Attachment and creates obstructions in our blissful living. Our human body can experience liberated inner living only if we understand that it is a ‘natural’ state of existence. We can live with our body like a best companion by dealing with our mind and intellect in a positive manner. We can see our own mistakes and understand our own nature by remaining precisely focused on our mind, body and speech. This helps us to better understand and respect other’s viewpoint and make required adjustments to avoid conflicts in our day to day living.

So the question arises, ‘how to deal with our own mind’? Our physical mind is nothing but knots of opinions about likes and dislikes, good and bad etc. When we are faced with any situation, our intellect tries to support these opinions without accepting the situation ‘as it is’. If we observe and accept whatever comes to us without any opinion and quarrel, it is the surest way to inner peace. Our mind will display both positive and negative thoughts however with sincere efforts and determination we can channelize those negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, if someone’s attitude towards us is unfriendly and insulting, we can put this human science to work with an understanding that the person who is insulting us is merely an instrument in delivering the effects of our karmas; so he/she is not at fault. Our mind will display the bad opinions created about that person however we should not support that and stay positive with an understanding that ‘after all, he/she is a nice person’. As soon as we say that, our intellect subsides and does not provoke inner enemies of anger and pride. If we continue practicing this each time during the unfriendly encounter with any person, our positive inner vibrations touch the person who insulted us and his/her attitude towards us will gradually change. If someone picks our pocket, we become restless and start blaming the thief but do not think why only our pocket was picked and not anyone else’s from the crowd of people. The rationale is that, if we are not at fault, not a molecule in this entire universe can touch us. However, our mistake of seeing other people’s faults has been carried forward from countless lives and the same mistakes in this human life continue and create conflicts.

It is the outer package, the Prakriti (mind-body-speech) that the world believes to be ‘doer’ whereas in reality no one is at fault. The Prakriti is under the influence of unfolding karma which sometimes makes people do things against their wishes. We see the same person in different light and give different opinions in different situations. One day he may appear to be very good and the next day he may appear to be disrespectful and the third day he will appear to be very helpful. Why does this happen even though he is the same person? It is because of our incorrect vision tainted with intellect that makes us see faults in others. The intellect creates differences and division of ‘me’ and ‘you’, ‘mine and yours’ whereas in reality, we are ‘One’ as ‘Pure Soul’ in every living being. To see our own Pure “Self” (Atma) in us and in animals, plants and any living creature is the greatest and invaluable gift we can give ourselves and to all living beings. Our progress towards perfection of flawless vision and harmonious living begins when our inner intent becomes positive and when we start seeing all day to day worldly happenings ‘as it is’ without building any opinion or seeing anyone’s faults. Whole-Hearted acceptance of any situation as it stands without any opinion leads to blissful and natural inner human living. When we are happy inside, then only we can make others happy outside. Our birth as a human being is our greatest asset however it can be called a ‘real’ asset only if we use it wisely and properly. The Holistic Science ‘Vitrag Vignan’ helps us to understand ‘who am I’, ‘who is the creator of this world’, ‘why do circumstances arise’, ‘why there is suffering’, ‘what is the purpose of life’ etc. This science helps us to solve the problems of day- to-day life most importantly at home, business/work and at other places, resulting in blissful living.

The essence of human life regardless of any religion, caste, creed or nationality is to:
- Understand and appreciate our existence as human beings in the Divine nature
- Live inner life very positively with human qualities to benefit our own self
- Become a valuable instrument in the Divine cause of spreading peace and harmony in mankind

- Sanjiv Patel (Pa, USA)