Maintain Peace at Home

Aug 02, 2014
  • It is up to us to make our home a “Home Sweet Home”
  • Peace & relationships with each other far more critically important than being right. If it comes down to saving a relationship over being right, the logical and practical choice is always the relationship! 
  • Practice active listening from the heart center rather than from intellect helps us to understand what is causing any abnormal behavior and will help us to cultivate compassion, caring and empathy towards our loved ones rather than judgment, agitation or antagonism.  The goal is to cultivate true harmony, caring and affection in the home.
  • People are far more important than money and things especially in the home.  If it comes down to avoiding conflict for the sake of $$$; avoiding conflict is always our best choice.  $$$ comes and $$$ goes, however, relationships can be extremely difficult to mend once broken; broken hearts and fractured minds are tremendous liabilities to harmony and peace in the home.
  • Do not be afraid to admit mistakes to smooth-out strained relations in the home. Just simply admonishing to a mistake with humility and genuine remorse can really open the channels of communication that were seemingly shut down.  The other person will feel in the heart center the genuineness of our intention to connect and relate with them.  Their ego will soften and their heart will start to open-up. 
  • A positive attitude from within helps lift everyone in the home – actively cultivate a positive attitude of gratitude, giving and humility from within through introspective affirmations and cleansing.
  • Make a list of all the virtues of each person in the home environment and remind yourself and them of those virtues when the opportunities arise for empowerment.  When we magnify and accentuate the positive traits and qualities of a person, they become stronger and can even serve to diminish negativity.
  • Validate, honor, respect and uphold the virtues and divinity within each other.   It is a domino effect!  If we continually validate, honor and respect the virtues and divine in the people around us; they will, in turn, learn to do the same with us and each other.
  • Focus on serenity, healing and empowerment from within rather than expectations and standards that lead to conflict, clashes and dissention.  Our family members are more likely to be relaxed and empowered when they know they are loved for who they are unconditionally rather than who we want them to be. 

- Shaila Bharat Mulji