Q&A with Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji - Part 1

Nov 02, 2014
Holistic Scientist: So basically a ‘Sat Purush’ (સત્‌ પુરુષ) is distinctly separate from a ‘Sant Purush’ (સંતપુરુષ). A ‘Sant Purush’ guides us in relative life to be away from negative life-forces and try to be on the positive side. But he himself may not be totally on the positive side. It is difficult because anything can go on inside the mind.

In medical science, one can dissect the human body and come to know all about the physical anatomy, but the mind cannot be dissected. This surgery, i.e. the separation of the Body and the Soul, which is at the level of the mind, can only be performed by a live, self-realized Soul. Just as in physical surgery, the cause of the disease has to be removed for the person to be cured, similarly in this surgery, whatever bonding forces are there between the two – the Body and the Soul, have to be removed. And this removal is not the function of physical activity. This activity is non-physical. It is a state-wise activity of an inner, experienced, self-realized state. It is the self-realized state within, that works in the surgery through the medium of a live body, which is a mere 'Instrument'. How to explain to you what a Gnani is? Who in the world can understand Him? 

 Holistic Scientist: Everything fine? The five sentences?

Aspirant: The five sentences.

Holistic Scientist: The two viewpoints –the Relative and the Real. Who are you by Relative viewpoint?

Aspirant: By Relative viewpoint, I am Gauri.

Holistic Scientist: There is no realization as long as doubting situations are there. But regarding this, there are no doubts as to ‘who you are’. Who are you by Real viewpoint ?

Aspirant: I am Pure Soul.

Holistic Scientist: Are you Pure Soul only? Who is speaking then? Who is replying? Pure Soul cannot speak. So whom does the speech relate to – Pure Soul or Gauri?

Aspirant: Gauri.

Holistic Scientist: That’s it. So all the relative functions belong to Gauri by Relative viewpoint and whatever happens by Relative viewpoint, happens to Gauri as Relative Gauri and ‘I’ as Real Pure Soul is just a ‘knower and seer’ and in the Divine Vision that has opened out, the ‘I’ sees whatever is happening to Gauri in all the relative activities.

Aspirant: So once we speak….

Holistic Scientist: It’s a physical, relative function and Pure Soul is beyond speech. This realisation is hundred per cent doubtless. How many per cent?

Aspirant: Hundred per cent.

Holistic Scientist: Then it’s O.K. But later you may say, “Oh! So many things happen to Gauri. But the realization that this is happening to Gauri and I am Pure Soul does not remain with me.” That is a sort of…

Aspirant: Illusion....

Holistic Scientist: No! Not illusion, but reflective consciousness. It appears to be like that reflectively. Pure Soul within knows that whatever happens, happens to Gauri and ‘I’, Pure Soul as Pure consciousness, is totally dissociated from Gauri and all Gauri’s bodily (changing) aspects and all worldly interactions, aspects of the Relative world….

Aspirant: Illusion....

Holistic Scientist: No! Illusion has gone now. Illusion means ‘I am Gauri’. That wrong belief is the illusion and to live life, wrong belief-wise is illusory life. Illusory, in the sense, to believe ‘what is not’ as ‘what is’. But when you experience everything, how can you say ‘what is not’? Well, ‘what is not’ means what is not perpetual, what is subject to change, we believe it as changeless; what is subject to destruction, we believe it as something that is going to last and last. That is called wrong belief. That’s all.

Well, we are explaining to you in such simple words and at such a low level that you may feel that it is too easy. So it is up to you now. With this new vision, go on experiencing this state within you. And live out your life as per these five sentences, the first two being that by Relative viewpoint, ‘I am Gauri’ and by Real viewpoint, ‘I am Pure Soul’. You will experience these two viewpoints as they are (as Gauri separate from the Pure Soul).

But sometimes this vision gets disturbed because of your basic body relative aspects at mind level, physical consciousness level, physical intellectual level and physical egoistic level. Egoistic, in the sense, that the location of the ego is exactly behind the navel. The whole body’s central point is that. In the physical sense, any imbalance in the body first occurs in a subtle form, comes into gross form later and then takes the shape of a disease and spreads further and further. But that happens particularly at the lower part of the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the most intricate mechanism in the whole body and it is also custom made, Gauri. How ? Custom made. 

Aspirant: Custom made?

Holistic Scientist: Yes. Gauri is custom made. You are made by yourself.

“Oh! You have come? Come, come. Jai Sachchidanand. Jai Sachchidanand”. Do you know the meaning of the word 'Jai Sachchidanand'? ‘Sat’ relates to the Pure Soul. ‘Chit’ relates to your realized state of being 'you', by Real viewpoint as ‘Shuddh’, Pure Soul. It is a state of pure consciousness. That vision has opened out and as that vision functions, the result is Bliss, ‘Anand’. So that ‘Anand’ is the quality of your Pure Soul state vision. Now, when I see you laughing, I know that you are experiencing that blissful state. When you are not aware of your true identity, you are serene and all that. But the state of God is not like that. Otherwise who would seek the pleasure and such a state of God? Nobody would seek it. But it has been there perpetually and now it has opened out within you.

In any situation, you will feel that this is happening to Gauri and she is suffering through her own past mistakes and now in the suffering form, those mistakes are phasing out. A situation has arisen and now, the circumstances, the whole happening is taking shape and going up, then again taking shape and going up, up and up; then it stays there for a while and then comes down like that. You can observe that in your own life now. It is going to happen physically throughout your life according to whatever material(stock of karmas) is accumulated within you. It all happens on the physical plane and 'you' as Pure Soul are distinctly separate from that. But it is because of 'grace' that you have got this realization, not because of your efforts.

What happened is, that you had the accumulation of a certain right type of physical luck aspect which was of a very high quality, which made it possible for you to get this realization. Actually, ‘luck’ is too ordinary a word to be used.

By and large, we say that people who are happy, are lucky. But the qualities of luck differ greatly. Everybody thinks that an emperor is very lucky. But inside, he only knows how lucky he is. On the other hand, Jesus had such a great luck factor that He came as the ‘Son of God’ and it was the qualities within Him that drew the people towards Him; not their efforts. Similarly, you, too, had this luck factor within you that was carried forward from past lives and that helped you to attain this self-realization through our experienced state. And the grace of that divinity which is within us and which we experience in every breath of our life, for that to be showered on you, 'this body' is an Instrument. So this is how the relationship of the whole relative world is – Instrument and Instrumentality.

Are you listening, Ranjitbhai? Are you experiencing your blissful state?

Aspirant: Yes. Very much.

Holistic Scientist: So both the things go on. Ranjitbhai is listening and the Pure Soul is viewing Ranjitbhai who is listening. Unless there is a scene, nothing can be seen. So the viewer, i.e. Ranjitbhai, sees the scene with his physical eyes and the ‘seer’ sees the ‘viewer’. The ‘seer’ relates to original vision, Pure Soul vision. Do you follow?

The ‘seeing’ aspect that has opened out, that is called 'Divine Vision', that is Real
viewpoint. Unless that vision opens out, you cannot see any of your thoughts, which are scenes and ‘You’ are the ‘seer’ of those scenes (thoughts). That is the relationship between your mind within you and 'you' as Pure Soul. And the establishment of that relationship is the divinity in its realized state within you that goes on opening out, on living out life as per these five sentences, the first two being that by Relative viewpoint ‘I am Ranjitbhai’ and by Real viewpoint, ‘I am Pure Soul’.

This present body form and life is due to the accumulation of karmas of the previous
life. And now, that has to be spent out, phased out. So during that phasing out, to stay firmer and firmer on Pure Soul vision side, We are giving you the third sentence which you have to follow as a dictate, command. Command does not mean that We keep you bound. The word ‘command’ has to be used, as there is no alternative word in English. But it is a command from US because WE are totally free from all commands. We, too, are living our life as per this sentence and because you have got this vision now, We are giving it as a command to you individually, for your own Pure Soul opening out.