Anwers to Kids' Questions - Part 2

Dec 02, 2014

Dr. Shaileshanandji answers kids' questions about Holistic Science.

How do we prioritize our time with family, parents, and friends?

When you are at home, make sure your priorities are aligned with your parents. When you go for social occasions, you are mixing with other family members, when you are at school or at the playground, you are with your friends, so at different phases or different events you’ll meet different people and spend time accordingly.

Let’s suppose simultaneously two things come up to be done. One is that your parents want you to do something or take you somewhere and second is that your outside friends want you to with them. In this case, I believe that we should be prioritizing our time with the parents or with family members first and then the other friends.

This is about our relative living. That relative living is very very important during the growing age. For example when I was studying, if I did not keep good company of friends or if I would have been involved in the company of people who were fond of going to restaurants, movies, and wasting time on other things, I would not have been able to study my medicine very well or today I may not have been a doctor. Similarly set your goals and keep good company accordingly. I was the only one from my whole class who was going to satsang and the rest all were not going to satsang. If I would have been with them the today I would not be doing this satsang.  One should be very clear, what is the thing one wants to achieve and put priority accordingly.

One need to examine what is one’s goal, what is one’s path and remain faithful to one self, own goal, own aim, own priority and make sure one makes it happen!

Why is Mom most important and why are Mom and Dad not equally important?

In one way both Mum and Dad are equally important, but even out of that, Mum is more important. We always say Mummy first when we say daddy or Baa and Dada, The reason is that it is the Mum who sacrifices more. Mum has carried us for 9 months in the womb. Mum doesn’t sleep if the child cannot sleep. Mum’s love is the most selfless love. If you are sick, Mum will not sleep, Mum will have sleepless nights. It is said, both are biological, physiological and karmic connection with us but it’s the Mum who sacrifices the most, mind wise, speech wise and body wise and it is the Mum’s heart which has the most caring selfless love. Of course Daddy is no way inferior, but equally important but it is more pertinent that Mum has been given a little more importance. Both are equally important, Mum and Dad, but Mum has a special place.

Why are festivals being celebrated?

Our Gnani’s or rishi’s were very far sighted. Festivals have multi-faceted importance. The major importance is the festivals change our mind, it changes our attitude and if our mind has been sort of rusted within our relations to each other, during the festival days, our minds and hearts become again healthier, happier and our relations with each other also become healthier. There are many festivals being observed in India.

Apart from their importance with the seasonal and health wise things, the most particularly important aspect is to bring us back to happier and healthier within and outside especially in our relations with each other.

Diwali is considered to be festival of lights.

What does Diwali signify?

It is to find light against darkness. In one way we are having candles and lights outside during Diwali but it signifies that there should be light of knowledge, light of correct understanding and light of such a knowledge that will not only make us happy in the relative world but it will also lead us to the permanent happiness.

Diwali marks the day on which the Lord Mahavir attained the moksha (Liberation) or he went to Moksha on the day of Diwali. On the same day, Gautam Swami, the disciple of Mahavir Swami attained absolute knowledge that is known as Keval Gnan. It is also the day of the return of the Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana from exile. It also is the day when the Pandavas return after 12 years of exile and one year of agyatavas.

There are five festival days during Diwali. They are Dhanteras, Kali Chavdas, Diwali, New Year, and Bhai Beej. It is the longest and important festival observed in Indian tradition. The Indian calendar also revolves around this festival and Indian New Year in Indian tradition starts that day.

Dhanteras is the day people worship the goddess of Lakshmi (wealth) or it is said that when you worship you acquire wealth in relative living. These are the beliefs which make our heart to pray for something.

On Kali Chavdas day and Diwali day lights are put around the house and everything is bright.

We bow to our parents and then other elders. We seek their blessings and then we meet and greet all the family around followed by our friends.

Bhai Beej - The last day of festival is called Bhai Beej (Sister’s day). It celebrates the sister-brother loving relationship, in a spirit similar to Raksha Bandhan but with different rituals. The day ritually emphasizes the love and lifelong bond between siblings. It is a day when women and girls get together; perform a puja with prayers for the wellbeing of their brothers, then return to a ritual of food-sharing, gift-giving and family reunion.

We observe that during these days, everybody is very happy, forgets everything, family gather together and enjoy the festival.

Most important is when we get blessings during the festivals.

What is the meaning of blessing?

Blessing is the transfer of energy from the person whom we are seeking blessing. He or She heartily blesses us, and in doing so there is a transfer of energy. It’s a metaphysical separate energy transfers and we get the energy which will help us to grow up to acquire whatever best and auspicious things we are going to achieve in our either relative living or for our real eternal self. So blessings will help us to become stronger and to grow from within. Inner energy is very very important or vital when we are faced with a difficult situation. Whenever we are progressing from within to attain the heights in any field or anywhere it gives us the energy especially from within.

I remember when I was younger of your age and I always used to go to my Mother whenever I was going for exams or on auspicious days and seek the blessings from her and I believe her blessings helped me throughout my life to grow up to greater heights.

Do you also feel the same way? 
Do you believe that the blessings help you to grow from within and attain the better heights? Our intent is to go on acquiring as many blessings as you can.


One important thing we want to discuss is that there are 2 types of pleasures. One is the pleasure in routine activities, e.g. playing games or going out with friends, eating, so you can or do enjoy these activities. Second pleasure is the happiness at the level of the heart which gives you the satisfaction, fulfillment and feeling of progressing from within. So keep a watch on both and you can always have the outer fun but at the same time also be careful of your heart and be loyal to your heart too. In fact you should be loyal to your heart, which also applies to me. It’s irrespective of age.

Make best of both worlds

The last small message which comes to my heart is that you have best of both worlds. You have comforts and luxuries of the western style and we have the rich cultural heritage, enriched knowledge based, inner happiness heritage from India. So I wish you the very best.