Q&A with Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji - Part 2

Dec 02, 2014

Holistic Scientist: So what is the third sentence? Formerly, we used to believe that we were the owner of whatever happened at mind, speech and body level, as if we had done it. For example, I believed that ‘I thought, I spoke, I did this, that and the other’, i.e. owned all the relative actions. But on the day of your self-realization, We told you that, that belief of yours was wrong.

Now, the third sentence is that all these relative aspects, happenings, are through a cosmic power. It is this cosmic power that makes us function in our relative life through inner aspects. According to our own accountability, according to what is stored there, the cosmic power functions. It is in a power form. What sort of power? If it was in power form, then we would never ever be free from such a power which constantly, from infinite times, goes on operating everybody. No! It is not a power by itself. It is a dependent power. Dependent power, in the sense, that the power has not come out on its own. It’s a power, just a natural cosmic physical power which operates the whole universe, all life body aspects, in a live manner. Operates, in the sense, naturally. But when we see everything active, we call it operative. But it is actually, naturally functioning type powers through that cosmic.

So everybody’s subtle, individual connections are there, right till the end of one’s life, with that cosmic power. Unless that connection is there, that power cannot flow and inspire within for any activity to happen. So the inspiration is through that power, not by its own state, but by an arrangement that is there for all the life body aspects, physical states to phase out, get discharged. If that discharging aspect was not there in a natural way, what would be the state of this universe?

Aspirant:        Chaos.              

Holistic Scientist:  Nobody can imagine the chaos. That is how the whole universe, the planets, the earth, life and all these things, is in a perfectly balanced state all the time. Any imbalance in that would be chaotic for humanity. Today, not only the scientists and the educationalists, but people from all walks (facets) of life are worried about this. Why? Because the so called science of the world today, has surpassed natural limits everywhere.

There has to be a balance between the inner happiness which you require and the external means of happiness. But to feel happy and comfortable in life, the means of happiness that have been created have exceeded natural limits and that is how that balance is lost. It is bound to happen.

But actually, according to the third Agna (command), whatever will happen to you from now on, will not be of your own doing but will be as per your past accountability through the cosmic power.

When someone insults you, you know that what you had delivered earlier is being received back; when and how, you have not to see. It has come; accept it. So whatever happens to you, it is a receiving state for you to understand your accountability in this life, for it to get phased out within, as per that third sentence. Outside, you may react with others in a dramatic way. True. But nobody knows that it is a drama. And in fact, life is nothing but a drama. People understand drama as a make-believe situation to fool or cheat others. But enacting a drama is not a drama. Unless it is natural, it cannot be a drama. It is only after self-realization and with the vision, that one can live out life as a drama; not otherwise.

Lawrence Oliver can move the people by depicting the house of a dilemma. But in his own personal life, when he has to face a similar situation, he cannot remain superfluous (dramatic). He gets totally involved in it and cannot view it as a drama. Such are the powers within. Every moment of life, the colouration, the ‘aura’ goes on changing, which We can see through and through. Nobody else can see or understand it. When a person is angry, an anger like aura immediately comes and it affects others too. Whereas when you see the picture of a sage or a highly elated soul, a light like thing is seen. This is not a physical light but his ‘aura’. Every human being has some sort of aura. And now, after realization, you are free from all such relative auras. Your own Pure vision state has opened out which is divine.

So, we come back to the third sentence that whatever happens in life – joyful- sorrowful, bitter-sweet, to your liking or not liking, whatever comes to you through any of the worldly aspects and interactions relating to you, is as per your accountability. Whatever comes is as per what is stored in the cosmic power. So inside us, we accept it. Outside, you may say that, “I have not done anything. Why are you insulting me like that?” If the person continues to be negative, then you realize that there is no sense in talking further and you gradually withdraw. But if he is open-minded, you explain to him, interact once or twice and then leave it. It’s over and phased out. That’s all. It’s a drama. You play the role you have to, when you are on the stage. What you believed to be of your doing, is not there now. It’s a passing phase. Just as a ripened leaf falls off, when that situation passes away, it phases (disperses) out and to that extent, your Pure Soul vision opens out, your virtues open out and your aura becomes blissful as per your state within. That is the third sentence that ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ is the cosmic force which regulates all our activities according to our accountability stored there.

In our past life, due to our ignorance and illusory state, what was relative and temporary was believed as permanent and factual, got stored in the vast cosmic computer as ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’. So whatever was charged in the previous life was continuously fed in the cosmic computer, to be phased out later. But during the phasing out, because of the activity of claiming ownership, it got charged again. It is a continuous process for the entire universe.

It is only after self-realization that the charging stops and you get released from the cycle. That ‘charging’ has stopped and only the ‘discharge’ remains. That is why We gave you the third sentence. So follow it till your Pure Soul state gets set within.

On account of the stickiness of the past, you are likely to blame either yourself or others for your suffering. But once you start applying the third sentence that nobody (neither you nor others) is the ‘doer’, you will become free from the bonds of intellect.

And now comes the fourth sentence. All that we have to do in our remaining, present life is to square up all the accounts that are within us and with everybody else outside, relation wise. So all these relative accounts now have to be referred to as FILES. In other words, live your life in such a manner that all the life accounts get squared up and the FILES get closed. Credit and debit get equalized.

To begin with, one has to 
organize the filing cabinet and number the files as one, two, three and so on. The nearest numbers are given to the ones closest to us. And File No. 1 is the most important. No. 1 File always has to be Ranjitbhai (or the name bearer ) which is there all the time together with 'you'.

By law, File No. 2 is your life partner and then come all the other relations. So, all these files have to be squared up. How many files do you have? The seven billion population of the world or the two hundred fifty  million of the entire U.S.A are not your files. No ! The word FILE relates to one’s own physical body and physical body’s related accounts with others. And basically, physical body, because whatever mind, speech, intellectual, egoistic and physical body aspects are there, (they) are related to one’s own body only and exterior aspects are interconnected with outer activities.

So we must keep our pure vision-wise attention on our inner aspects and inter-relational aspects, so that all our accounts are squared up. So relation wise, one can have ten to fifteen thousand files or at the most seventy thousand; not more. One does not have to conquer the whole world.

Alexander thought that to be the supreme, he had to conquer the whole world. And when he had nearly conquered it and was feeling very elated, he suddenly took ill. All the physicians of the world could not cure him. And that is the time when he said, “There is nobody more foolish than me. I plundered, I killed, I inflicted so much pain on thousands of people. And now, look here, I am going with my hands open (not taking anything with me)”.

Everybody goes like that, Ranjitbhai? You cannot take anything with you. Can you

Aspirant:        No.

Holistic Scientist:       You know now what your belonging is. Without being belonged, it is 'You', i.e. singularly ‘You’ (Pure Soul). That is independence.

Aspirant:        You (Pure Soul) are independent.

Holistic Scientist:       For 'you' to be as ‘Pure Soul’, 'you' are not to depend on anything. But there are forces that will try to keep you attached and not allow 'you' to remain as Pure Soul. That is why all the accounts have to be squared up, debit and credit equalized, so there is no effect from any side.

Inside you may feel, ‘Oh! For quite some time, that person is behaving badly with me without any fault of mine and in spite of my being good to him’. But now that you have got this vision, you know that ‘you’ are Pure Soul and the same Pure Soul is within him too. And whatever inter-action is taking place between the two of us, it is on the Relative plane only. So when you view this situation Pure Soul vision- wise and you know that it is just a drama being enacted out, then gradually, the effect of that feeling that he is behaving badly, becomes lesser and lesser, phases out and that is how the accounts go on getting squared up.

Aspirant:        I don’t see how you can square up accounts in this world. In other words, I owe my mother so much. She has given me birth, brought me up and even supported me. How can I square that account?

Holistic Scientist:       Your mother gave birth to you and the mother-son relationship was established. It is undoubtedly the prime relationship amongst all the others. But now that you have got this self-realization that you are Pure Soul, what is physically closest to that Pure Soul? It is your own body aspect – mind, speech, body assembly. And the squaring up of accounts comes here, basically. Your mother is a distant, physical relation. What is your name, please?

Aspirant:        Jim.

Holistic Scientist:       When there is nothing around to disturb you, just keep a photo of Dada and sit in front of it for 10 minutes as ‘Pure Soul’. You have got this ‘Pure Soul state vision’ now, but till that belief becomes firm, you should keep in mind that the self-realized state or the Gnani through whom you got this realization, HE is my Pure Soul. As long as his live body aspect is there, if you do so, your Pure Soul state will open out very easily.

In scriptures, there is a technical word for that. It is called ‘Nididhyasan’ (નિદિધ્યાસન). It is a Sanskrit word composed of three words – (a) ‘Nij’ (નિજ) - means our own self. (b) ‘Adhi’ (અધિ) - means to be as one’s own self. (c) ‘Aasan’ (આસન) - means that the belief that ‘I’ am Pure Soul only is very firmly established.

Coming back to the mother-child relationship, let me tell you that even though a mother would appear to be enemy like or one may feel enemy like towards a mother, there can never be any mother in the world that can be enemy like to a child. No! Such is motherly love and that is why it is considered to be the best. And actually, this self- realized soul state is nothing but motherly love, fatherly love, whatever you may call it. There is nothing in the world that you can make Him happy with, because HE is experiencing bliss all the time in his own Pure Soul state.

And for you to experience your total freedom, independence, that relative account and accountability aspects are there. For the mother, you are a child even though you are so grown up. Isn’t it? Always! So before the mother, you always have to be like a child. But now that you have got Pure Soul vision, you have to view her not only as a mother, but as a mother with Pure Soul within. You have to view her by both the viewpoints – Relative and Real. So that is now your added ‘Roon’ (ઋણ) – repayment of mother’s love. There is no other way you can repay a mother’s love. How can you? You think you can make her happy by physical activities or giving her something? No! Because the mother has no expectations whatsoever from the child. She wants nothing except to see her child happy. But to understand mother’s love at this level! All the struggles in life that we see all around, are because there is no right type of understanding regarding the parental aspect, spouse aspect and all that.

So the fourth sentence is that all accounts are to be squared up. Squaring up does not mean that the relationships will go away; they will remain. But now you will not be opinion-wise with anybody that ‘this is my father, this is my mother, brother, sister and so on’; that has gone now. Now, ‘you’ are Pure Soul vision-wise and whatever the relationships, you will see them by Relative viewpoint only as father, mother, etc. So how many such relations do you have to deal with? Hardly ten to fifteen thousand and those close to you may be fifty to hundred; not more. So you have not to conquer the whole world but only several accounts (files) for your infinite, blissful state to open out. The task may appear difficult, but because of the new vision, you will be able to accomplish it.

The whole world is seeking freedom. Neither mastery of the scriptures nor all the knowledge of the world can help you. Unless your legs touch the bottom of the ocean, you cannot pass through it. People, because of their intellectual knowledge, get drowned in a cup of water. Then, what is the sense in talking of the ocean? The very basis of knowledge is intellect which is perishable, destructible and now, you are totally free from that as imperishable, non-changeable, Pure Soul vision wise, Pure Soul perpetual entity.

I have explained the four sentences in detail. Could you repeat them, please

Aspirant:        By Relative viewpoint, I am David and by Real viewpoint, I am Pure Soul.

Holistic Scientist:       And the third one…? Scientific circumstantial evidences – the cosmic power. Whatever will happen from now on, will not be of your doing, but will happen through the cosmic power, according to your accountability aspects which are connected there. It is like a puppet operation. We are nothing but puppets, operated puppets. There is no operator as such, but it is a natural, functional power.

So whatever connections are in store, be it thinking-wise, intellect- wise, speech-wise, they will surface as and when the circumstances arise and get phased out.

What is the fourth one?

Aspirant:        We must square up our accounts.

Holistic Scientist:       Accounts, relative accounts and basically, this File No.1 – mind, speech, body assembly. So freedom has to be got from the effective aspects of the mind, speech and body.

Whatever was charged in causal form in the previous life out of ignorance and fed into that cosmic power, is getting discharged out in this life, through this body.

In this life, if you live as per the five sentences, the majority of the stock will get phased out, but total phasing out is not possible because of the adverse times. However, now it is a matter of a few lives only for our infinite, blissful state to open out fully.

Now, we come to the fifth sentence; the last one. On the day of realization, with our 'grace', there was separation of the Pure Soul (I, which is Real) from the Body (mind, speech, body assembly of File No.1 which is Relative) and your Pure Soul account was opened. Now the worldly, relative life account of Ranjitbhai, which is destructible and operated by the cosmic power, will have both a credit and a debit side to it, depending upon the good and bad done by him in his previous life and Ranjitbhai will have to pass through this suffering, be it positive or negative. To see accumulation on the positive side, to an accountable measure, is very difficult in these adverse times.

But you have been made free from that suffering and your ‘Pure Soul vision account’ which has been opened, is not subject to credit and debit at all. It is a singularly credit account. As you live Pure Soul vision- wise, your ‘Pure Soul vision account’ will go on getting accumulated and it will lead you to higher human forms and total realization.

So, you have to be very alert that whatever free time you get, during the course of your daily activities, be utilized for your ‘Pure Soul account’. What do you understand by free time? When one activity is over and before you get involved in another activity, where as per your accountability you have to be in that activity, that time which you get between those two activities is called free time. There is no other free time in life.

So just sit and review all the relative activities and aspects, say from morning till lunch time. You will realize that in most of the relative activities, sometimes even under pressure, the Pure Soul vision prevailed. But there was one particular incident where, in spite of remaining in Pure Soul vision, the force of your ‘Karma’ was so powerful that, for a moment, you felt that, ‘Oh! He did this to me’. But now that you have got free time, correct yourself. Tell yourself, “Whatever happened was not due to someone else’s fault, but it was as per my accountability and for a moment, I did not see Pure Soul within him”. So you correct this mistake before the Pure Soul within you. 'You' are separate and Gauri is separate and therefore with the Pure Soul vision, you can correct your own mistakes. Without this vision, you cannot see your own mistakes. So where is the question of correcting or obliviating it. It is easy to find mistakes and faults in everybody except your own self. Is this true, Ranjitbhai?

The moment you see your own mistakes, your infinite, blissful state will start opening out within you; not otherwise. So that will go on happening now. So three-four times during the day, view all the activities as per the five sentences and all that will be credited to your Pure Soul account.

Let me give you an example. I had promised to meet a particular person on a particular day at Roland Heights. Then due to unforeseen circumstances, I could not keep my promise and I had to ring him up and tell him that the venue had changed. Now this situation was not of my doing. It just happened. This is ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ only. Even though we had decided to meet there, in ‘Vyavasthit’ (the cosmic power) the meeting was destined to be here. That is how the venue changed. It is not out of anybody’s imagination or management. No! It is natural. First you were sitting there and then you came here. It was natural. Just because we said, “Bring the chair and sit here”, we cannot claim ownership of the action that because we told him, he brought the chair and sat here. So many evidences have to come together in an appropriate manner for an action to take place. You are one of the evidences only; not the sole evidence for any action to happen. This is my experience over the past thirty two years.

I, too, got this realization through the 'grace' of "Dada Bhagwan". His infinite, blissful state opening out in such adverse times is Nature’s greatest gift to mankind. But for such a high state to open out is not subject to anybody’s claim or ownership. No! It is a natural event which is too difficult for ordinary folk to understand. Not only that, the majority cannot accept that such a ‘Pure Soul state’ can take birth here and in such adverse times ! And before they can recognise him and realize his value, he is gone.

But let me tell you that the same state as Dada Bhagwan’s is here, before you. The grace is His but the experience is Ours. And with our 'grace' on you, your experience will also open out, on living your life as per these five sentences.

Aspirant:        Can we take a half an hour break for food (Prasad)?

Holistic Scientist:       Sure. But first pray to the Divine Angels with your eyes closed, offer them the food five times and then eat. Thus, the food becomes harmless. Actually, the Angels do not take gross food. Their bodies are not like ours; they are fog like, but with a definite form, which they can change too. Their powers are vast. But they cannot be compared to the infinite powers of the ‘Pure Soul state’ in humans. Their powers are on the physical plane only. The Angel form is a sort of suffering which is the result of all their positive actions in human life. However, it is nothing but a jail. It’s like being jailed in a palace and told, “You have got so many billions which you have to spend within this area only. You cannot go out”. There is no independence there. Independency is in human form only. After self-realization only, you can square up the accounts and experience independence within, in the very presence of the duality aspects of the body that are phasing out.

Sweetness cannot be described; you have to put the sugar in the mouth to taste its sweetness, to experience it. So gross food will be eaten by Gauri (File No.1), the Pure Soul will know and see Gauri tasting the food and saying, “Oh! This is sweet”. So identifying the taste as sweet, bitter, etc. is the function of the tongue, not ours (Pure Soul’s).  The Pure Soul is a 'knower and seer' only.