Salient Points for Professional Success

Jan 01, 2015

In this materialistic life, we all are in the race to achieve happiness. There is a race in all the spheres of life, whether it may be a personal life or a professional life. How can we be successful professionally without getting caught up in the rat race? Here are some suggestions.

Work is Worship
We should perform our duties with responsibility just like a priest in a temple. It means whenever or whatever task is allotted to us, we should be should be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our potential. Our work is our worship. This attitude will help us accomplish our tasks without any stress. We should discharge our duty with responsibility. We should not be dishonest and insincere to our responsibilities because ‘dishonesty is the best foolishness’.

Race with Ourselves
To survive in the day-to-day life, comparison and competition are inevitable. However, competition or race always leads to restlessness. There are countless competitors. So do not race with others; instead race with your own self. Always try to improve your performance.

Find out Our Faults
It is easy to find out faults of others, but very difficult to discover our own faults. If we are successful in finding out our own errors, faults or mistakes, it would bring correctness in our behavior and our negativity would decrease. This would result into increased positivity and energy.

Make Our Platform Open
Try to make a habit to listen to others first. Before committing to action, evaluate the situation from all angles. Do not assume that whatever we are thinking is always correct and try to impose our own opinion on others. Always try to learn something new about our subject or about an adjacent subject.

Control Our Body Language
Whenever we are in public place or at work, we have to be cautious about our body language. We should always be conscious about this principle: ‘let our mind, speech and body not hurt others’.

Believe in Our Self
Never feel inferior. It creates negativity in our mind and adversely impacts our work. Always try to do your best but if anything goes wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, accept your mistakes. It is important not to degrade ourselves. On the other hand, we should not treat ourselves as superior because that would inflate our ego.

Love the Work and not to the Authority
Every person in their professional life always strives for higher salary, higher prestige and good relationship with higher authorities. Instead of focusing on these attributes one should be focused on work at hand. An employer always respects a professional who delivers results. Devotion, commitment and sincerity in work leads to success and job satisfaction.

Maintain Normality
Whatever the situation, whether it be joyful or painful, stay detached. Always try to be in motion and not in emotion. Emotions can impact our normality and we can lose control of the situation. This can result in stress, frustration and pain.

- Pankaj Kumar Mallick

Special thanks to Shri Vasant U. Patel & Dr. P. C. Parikh for inspiration.