Q&A with Holistic Scientist about Our Aim in Life

Jan 31, 2015
Holistic Scientist: What is our life for? What could be its purpose? Have you ever thought about it?

Aspirant: To live. Life is for living.

Holistic Scientist: To live for what?

Aspirant: One is born, so one has to simply live.

Holistic Scientist: One is born, so one must live, but that’s the way everybody is living. Even the animals are also living, but what is the purpose of this life? Have you decided on a goal? Should not there be a goal? To earn name, to earn fame, to maintain a reputation, what do you think? Or is it to compete with others?

Aspirant: Yes, all the activities in life are only for all these.

Holistic Scientist: But should not a person have any objectives?  What should be the goal?

Aspirant: Just that life should be lived in a good way.

Holistic Scientist: How do you define a good way? What is a successful life? What can be considered as successful? Have you ever thought about it? Let me give an example. Suppose we have a 25 horse power engine. We fill with diesel and run it. Now if it simply runs and we just keep watching it, then won’t people chide us

Aspirant: Well, there must be some purpose.

Holistic Scientist: Yes, there must be some purpose! There must be a belt connected to the engine. Otherwise people will say, “Hey! Why are you running the engine unnecessarily without any purpose? Why don’t you connect a belt and get some work done out if it?”

Similarly, a belt has to be connected to this human life and something has to be achieved.  Otherwise everybody else also just lives and eats. Even all these animals also eat, don’t they?

But belt means which state of existence (gati) we want to go to? Do we want to go to diety state (dev-gati) or come to human state (manushya-gati) and be a famous leader like Mahatma Gandhi? Or hell gati or plant or animal gati or do we want to attain liberation (moksha)? Only if we connect a belt some work can be done! Without deciding a purpose how can any work get done? What is aim of life?

Aspirant: What aim should a person have?

Holistic Scientist: Liberation should be the only aim. You too want to attain liberation, don’t you?

For how long should one wander? Since infinite life cycles you have wandered, wandered, and wandered and have not known who ‘you’ are? You are not aware of your own real ‘self’. One’s own real self (swaroop) must be known. Should not one know who he is?

You have travelled so much through infinite life cycles yet you have not known it? Are you after earning money? Should not something be done for liberation also?

Aspirant: Should be done.

-From the book: “Who am I”, Published by Jai Sachchidanand Sangh)