What is true religion?

Feb 24, 2015

“That which gives result is true religion”. What result? And how do you measure that result?

Application of true religion results in: 

·         A state of mind that minimizes arta dhyan (pain to oneself through inner torment) and raudra dhyan (pain to others through speech or body) 
·         Awareness that one is pure soul. 
·         Reduction and eventual disappearance of anger, pride, attachments, greed, liking and disliking.  
Reduction in differences of opinion, conflicts, worries.  
Increase in amicable solutions to vexing problems. 
·         Belief that one if not the body but a pure soul.  
·         One staying in one’s true nature. 

The religion of “pure soul” is the true religion. This is the religion that gives results.

- Translated by Rajnikant Patel  MSME, PMP (retired) from Vitragnee Drashtiae by Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta