Discovering the World Within through Holistic Science

Mar 29, 2015

There are unique tools for a purposeful, happy, harmonious and rich inner living from Holistic Inner Science and the Holistic Scientist. The Holistic science is the science of relative worldly life and real being (self); a science of relative temporary life and living and the perpetual real being. We know what is going on around us just because of the knowing power within, without which one cannot know anything. Holistic Inner Science says that if the ‘Knower’ is known, everything gets known. Then why is it so important to discover the inside World? Here the Holistic revelation is, the OUTSIDE World is the ditto picture of the INSIDE World!

Let us take a look at some of the Holistic Scientist’s Revelations:

  • The more abnormality in the basic human living form, the more abnormality in nature. Such abnormality in human-nature relationship is how we experience changes in nature.
  • Real search for happiness in life is - not to build opinions this way or that, or by building definite opinions about happiness. In fact, true happiness lies in understanding the cause behind such happiness. [True Freedom = Opinion free]
  • Egoism itself is not bad, but the harm that egoism entails is damaging, one must be very vigilant about that. When one begins to understand what great damage egoism causes, that very experience is the state of one’s development.
  • Egoism is born & egoism passes away, not the body; and it is egoism that gets liberated, not the soul. In principle, the soul by its very nature of infinite bliss with other infinite attributes is independent and absolutely free. For every individual soul, it was so, it is so and it will be so perpetually but upon liberation from Egoism and Karmic bonded state in migration.
  • Every individual is independent though related; temporary relations are dramatic in nature. Reality is within the permanent Pure Soul Self, not in temporary relations.
  • To me wherever there is life I see God. In each individual soul, I experience ONENESS everywhere and therefore I cannot insult myself. How can I hurt anyone when I am one with all?
  • All these Relations are Temporary Adjustments. This is the Self-Realized Experienced State.
  • The vital energy of the Electrical Subtle Body keeps the whole body active, in motion and balanced. The vital energy cannot stand the imbalance of the ignorant mistaken state of food and water intake. This garbage like materials is unloaded and dumped continuously in certain parts of the body, where they are stored. This microscopic mountain of garbage starts the decay, resulting in cancerous diseases.
  • It is a great joy to live our life, laughing at our own self (mistakes).
  • An incident has so many causes that get together scientifically and happens; if one cause is missing the incidents will not happen. The occurrence of an accident has too many causes!
  • Life is nothing but full of incidents!!!
  • You cannot change any of the happenings but where it is your choice to change while you are breathing, make best of it by ‘Resolving and Prayers’. Do not dwell on happenings but dwell on your choice to change.

Tools for a purposeful, happy, harmonious & rich inner living
.       UNIVERSAL PROJECTIONS FOR RICH INNER LIVING and 'Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine Codes of Conduct’ (provided at the end).

2.       Understanding the Science of Circumstances.

Right understanding will lead to right actions, i.e. right behavior! Everyone has what is called that power of decision making inside through mindfulness i.e. Self-observation, considering the consequences of what could happen if one gets driven by one’s self
centered mind or negative intellect. Act now and be mindful!

3.       Use Your Power of DECISION!
Holistic Scientist conducts His life with full mindfulness? Here, mindful means, being aware and watchful about what is happening; i.e. mindful about outside-actions and inside-thoughts. He is mindful all the time, and vigilant, which makes Him continuously watch His mistakes objectively. Since we have the power of decision, ‘we are whole and sole responsible for ourselves and No one else!!’

4.       Use of Speech
Holistic Scientist remains totally mindful on His speech. His experience says: ‘You are the Audience (listeners); Speech is the Original Tape Record & “I” remain ‘Perceiver’ and “Knower” of the spoken speech’. Holistic Scientist says wherever I see any mistake in my speech; I correct it on the spot! He explains that OPINION is the FATHER of MIND and LANGUAGE is the MOTHER of MIND! What is speech? It is the Soul power which gets leaked through Speech.

5.    Understanding ‘I’ and Mine!
What happens when we list down what is ‘I’ and ‘my’ i.e. what is mine? Let us look at what all do I own? Do I say ‘I am name’? Or ‘My name’ is so and so. So, name falls into ‘my’ i.e. owned category. Similarly, mind-speech-body are mine; Intellect, reflective consciousness, egoism are mine; And all my relations, friends, and others material belongings are also mine;

What remains behind is “I”, which needs to be realized, and experienced. This experience would remain forever, which is my ultimate state of experience i.e. Bliss!!
Holistic revelation: ‘I’ with ‘my’ is a wandering State; ‘I’ without ‘my’ is the Supreme Godhood State.

Who is a Holistic Scientist?
Holistic Scientist is Egoless and the most compassionate person; totally free from all kind of ownership and that is why He is a PUBLIC TRUST! [Open for all!!]; impartial, non-doer and lives with total Humility with everyone. So, Relatively, He is most humble and Really He is the Supreme Godhood Manifest and by His very Nature He remains with total inner balance free from duality; lives in other person’s BODY (as ‘I am’) and Understands other person’s viewpoint; Adjusts with their viewpoint yet remains in the Center – as Divine Godhood State of Perceiving & Knowing!; has pondered over every possible aspects of life so He has solutions for every problems of life. In this regards, He is all Perceiving and All Knowing. He is the WORLD OBSERVATORY! His fault free vision with which He sees everyone innocent and His straight-forward Speech which is free from contradiction indicates His Fully Enlightened Inner State! He lives with perfect humility and hence is free from all obstacles and so, whosoever is in His vicinity experiences life full of comfort and happiness, free from obstacles. Our present life is the result (an effect) of a previous Experiment (cause). He is the man of Total Conviction. He makes us doubtlessly clear about our Self and every aspect of the World. His Exemplary Perfect Life is motivation for all. Whosoever wants to Experience this Ultimate Happiness, He gracefully bestows the same VISION with which He perceives the world. He lives with Discrimination-free VISION and perfect HUMILITY!!

How to know your True Self - 'Pure self‘?
Just knowing intellectually that ‘Pure Self’ is who ‘I am’ through analysis, reading books or practicing yoga, or listening to self-realization discourses or attending seminars on ‘self-realization’ etc. is not enough to open your own experience of ‘Pure Self!’ But from a Holistic Scientist, who has seen, known and continuously experiences ‘Pure Self’ as ‘I am’ and also experiences in every living being, can open our experience of ‘Pure Self!’ Seek for a Fully Enlightened Person through an ardent prayer for meeting Him and grace Self-realization. Remain totally sincere and devoted to Him by heartily following His Precepts, and all instructions all your life. This is the sure way to know, attain and experience ‘Pure Self’ i.e. SELF-REALIZATION.

What is ultimate happiness?
Happiness that comes (once) and never goes i.e. remains with us forever is the ultimate happiness. To conceive an idea of ultimate or permanent happiness is ‘to be’ who we are really. One starts experiencing lasting happiness on Self-realization and becomes Perceiver and Knower. Today, under the potent influence of self-ignorance, one believes ‘Name’ as ‘I am’. It is called egoism. And with this ‘wrong belief’, also called as the blunder of our life, one starts believing that everything that belongs to the ‘Name’ is ‘mine’.

Egoism is born, dies, and wanders!
Pure Soul is the Universal GOD LIGHT residing in every living being. Egoism is born - Egoism dies - Egoism wanders from life to life and suffers Karmic pain and happiness. Pure Soul, by its very nature, is ‘Perceiver’ and “Knower” of KARMIC happenings.

Without realization, while living in the Physical Effective human Body, all through the life span one lays new Causes through Egoistic ignorant doer-ship projections at the level of mind, in the Divine presence of one’s own Pure Soul. Now, at the time of death, Pure Soul along with the Causal Body and Electrical [Subtle] Body leaves the Effective Body, leaving behind the dead body, which according to different beliefs, is disposed of.

Experience Ultimate Happiness through a Living Exemplary Holistic Scientist
Mr. A. M. Patel (Vitrag - Impartial Dada Bhagwan) is the Founder and Visionary Holistic Scientist. Today, His Divine Holiness Kanudadaji is The Living Holistic Scientist.

Universal projections as given hereunder work as hearty decisions with ardent prayers leading to inner transformation and rich inner living.

Principal resolution: 
 ‘Let my mind, speech, body not hurt any living being in the world even to slightest extent and let my mind, speech, body be used to oblige others’. (‘Yog, Upayogo paropakaray’).

(Resolve and pray five times in the morning as you get up from bed)

Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine Codes of Conduct’.

This is the Essence of all Holy Scriptures as practiced and revealed by the self–realized, experienced Holistic Scientist popularly known as “Dada Bhagwan”.

1. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from hurting, causing someone to hurt or supporting someone hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being. May you bless me with such an inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in thinking, speech and conduct as would restrain me from hurting even slightly, the ego of any living being.

2.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength so as not to hurt, neither cause someone to hurt or support someone hurting even to the slightest extent, the foundation or view-point of any religion or faith. May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength in the philosophy of relative pluralism (syadvad) in speech, conduct and thinking as would restrain me from hurting any of religious view-points or beliefs.

3.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing
disregard (disrespect) to any preacher, monk, nun or a religious head.

4.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would not make me dislike or hate any living being to the slightest extent, neither cause anyone nor support anyone doing so.

5.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from speaking, causing someone to speak or supporting someone
speaking harsh, hurtful language or language of rivalry to anyone. Give me inner strength to speak soft, sober, soothing language even if someone speaks harsh, hurtful, egoistic or biting language.

6.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me having faults, desires, gestures or thoughts of perverted sensuality or passion towards any gender-male, female or neuter. Give me the supreme strength so as to be free of sensual or passionate attitudes or perversions forever.

7.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength to control my excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food. Give me the strength to take food having balance of all tastes.

8.  O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength as would restrain me from uttering untrue adverse things, from offending or showing disregard towards any being-living or dead, in one’s presence or absence.

9. O Supreme Self/O Lord! May you bless me with such an infinite inner strength for being instrumental in welfare of the world that is common good of mankind as a whole.

One has just to resolve, pray heartily and ask for inner strength, three times a day. It should not be repeated mechanically but should be kept at heart. It contains essence of all Holy Scriptures. One may ask for inner strength from whomsoever one believes in. If one asks from one in whom such a state is fully established, one will get it readily.

Scientific basis:
Everyone asks to change our behavior. We also wish to do so but often fail, getconfused and frustrated.  Why so? What is the science behind this? Can one change an effect or a fruit? No, one needs to change the cause or the seed behind it.  Behavior or present personality is the result, effect or fruit of previous causes or seeds, which were laid in the form of previous decisions or projections. What can be easily changed is the present understanding. With the change of understanding inner decisions, resolutions and projections would change and behavior would follow naturally.  It works like a seed or a cause and behavior would result like a fruit or an effect.

Hence, Holistic Scientist never asks us to forcibly change behavior but we should change our understanding. This is the most significant and yet easy, practical approach through holistic inner science. 

A brief explanation of ‘Nine Priceless Diamonds’ or ‘Divine codes of conduct’

1st Diamond:
Believing ‘name’ as ‘I am’ is Ego. Ego is the very existence or life for every human being. Only two things happen in any interactive dealings, either Ego is boosted or hurt. No one can be happy by hurting other person’s ego. Whenever someone’s ego is hurt, we would also have inner disturbance and in addition there would be reactionary behavior, echo or revengeful attitude from one whose ego is hurt. One who never hurt anyone’s ego would straight away attain the ultimate blissful state. So, this first ‘code of conduct’ is of prime significance.  

Syadvad’ means a vision, an all-embracing approach that would take into account all diferent view-points in a situation and would not hurt anyone’s view-point. It enables one to know by what angle and to what extent one’s view-point is correct. It also enables one to know the ultimate correctness. Everyone is correct by his/her view-point and understanding. Only through ‘syadvad’ one can succeed in not hurting other person’s ego or view-point. In simpler words, one asks for inner strength of balanced thinking, speech and action.

2nd Diamond:
As per Holistic Science, there are fourteen hundred thousand layers of developments of human form.  Everyone has different development. As there are many classes from K.G. to College and University degree, so are standards in spiritual development too. And according to the spiritual standards, the person will accept and follow a particular religion or a preacher. So, all religions are correct but are not the same!

3rd Diamond:
In true sense any monk, nun, preacher or religious head tries to show some light of wisdom to mankind. In fact, there are different teachers for different level of students. Uttering untrue adverse things for anyone means to misrepresent or disrespect someone, which is not true.

4th Diamond:
When we hate or dislike anyone, we see the person’s outer behavior and
don’t see inside divinity. Moreover, it reflects back on our own self eventually. Indifference that is disregard with a dislike and hatred or contempt, two major faults one commits towards any living being. One who can get rid of these two would attain a very high ‘state of being’.

5th Diamond:
In the present times, most of the bondages are due to inappropriate or hurtful speech only. Speech is such that it hurts others, pierces through one’s heart or may lead to rivalry and revengeful attitude. Inappropriate words can lead to wars and right words can even stop a war. One should have a firm decision and an ardent desire (‘bhavna’) as to how speech can be improved, how it can become sweet, sober and soothing, making others happy. 

6th Diamond:
Here focus is to abstain from carnal deeds of dishonesty of all kinds by mind, speech and body, directly and indirectly. One has human right to get involved in sensual pleasures but only with one’s own lawful spouse through marriage. Any thought, act or even a passionate stare towards anyone else is a serious fault for a decent human society. Everyone lawfully belongs to someone. Today, it forms a major weakness and a major binding factor, so one should be careful about it.

Fearlessness in unlawful sensual pleasures leads to one’s moral degradation. But really speaking, the bliss of Pure Soul naturally surpasses any sensual pleasures.

To keep ourselves pure, honest and moral, it is utmost necessary to pray daily for such strength and it is especially pertinent in present times.

7th Diamond:
It is said that all six tastes are necessary to maintain optimal health. (They are bitter, astringent, chilly, sour, salty and sweet) imbalance, i.e. excess of one or absence of the other may affect our harmony. So, it is advisable to take all the six tastes in balance proportions.

8th Diamond:
Doing any such thing towards anyone is going to affect ourselves first.

9th Diamond:
Our own welfare is automatically included in our wishing for the welfare of the world.

What is the purpose of our human life?
‘Name’ is merely given for identity purpose but we falsely claim as ‘I am!’ So, ‘I wish to know, who I am’ really. What is the true nature of my ‘Real self’?  And it can be known only by the divine grace and guidance of a self-realized, enlightened, ‘Gnani Purush’ having thorough experience of ‘Self’ and ‘non-self’. So, I earnestly aspire and pray to meet such a ‘Gnani Purush’ with whose grace I may realize myself.

From: Houston Seminar, Presentation Swami Deepakanandji at T.E. Harman Center, Sugarland, TX, USA, Sunday June 15, 2014