The Money Mesmerizm

Mar 29, 2015
All of us experience the mesmerizing effect of Money. Have we ever thought about it in an objective manner?  Generally Not. Why because whenever we get mesmerized with anything or person, our ability to think with objectivity gets stunted. Let us try to understand various aspects prevailing about money in juxtaposition of views of those who have experienced enlightened state of being free from such mesmeric effects of money.

Money is a store of Value :  
Yes, but its value is not the constant over a time and differs between  geographies. Obviously you will have to part with something of value to obtain money! Just think from your own experience! The money value is a fluctuating one. With the things getting scarce and dearer the value of money decelerate. In a desert of Sahara if one is dying of thirst he will even give a Thousand dollar for a glass of Water. It is the utility aspect of things which is crucial and not the money itself. Holistic Scientist says ‘ Even a King if got stranded in a deep forest and is hungry for two days, would even beg food from a tribal ! ‘

Money gives Happiness:
True, but not always. Otherwise the Rich would be Happy always!  Actually money per se does not give happiness, it is its exchange value which enables one to buy things or services that satisfy ones needs. Such conversion of money satisfy your needs, but one has to part with his money to derive satisfaction of need. Now, money being dear to me it gives me pain while parting with it! Just recall yours recent experience soon after shopping! The ancient Indian aphorism says the Money make you feel pain at all stages : while earning, storing as also spending ! Adya Shankaracharya says ‘ One should always keep in mind that money is ingrained with a sort of havoc !

Accumulating Money is the goal of Life :
Yes, it seems so. But nobody knows what is enough money, as a result while lifespan is finite all of us ceaselessly strive for money. The Bankers know that everybody wants to deposit money while always in his heart he would wish not to withdraw! This all pervasive aspect keeps the Banks afloat ! In most cases the money outlives the Man ! The wisdom lies in balancing the remainder lifespan vis-a vis the level of accumulation . Holistic Scientist  hints that while you are not getting saved for too long, why do you make dying efforts for too much of money ?  Shrimad Rajchandraji advised that ‘One should ponder over the purpose of Earning !‘ Holistic Scientist Kanudadaji said, ‘ No body knows how much money is enough !’

There are many such beliefs embedded in our mind through the all pervasive opinions we have come across throughout the course of our life. The Wisdom lies in pondering over the advice given by those who have got de-mesmerized themselves from the worldly affairs. On the other hand we also need be vigilant of those who are in the business of wealth accumulation in the name of spirituality. Here the barometer given by Ramakrishna Paramhansa serves as a guidepost, ‘look to the size of baggage of the preacher, the true knowledge level would be in the inverse proportion of the size of his baggage and paraphernalia !!’

Holistic Scientist Dada Bhagawan while travelling even to a foreign country kept a single very small bag and never went to require another bag. If one tried hard to give him a garment, he would replace it from his existing one from that tiny bag keeping its contents constant!! The great people’s life itself is a message if we observe it attentively. He has quoted his observations of ultra-rich people having even forgotten a genuine smile !!

-Compiled by LALABHAI D. PATEL