Understanding the path of permanent bliss or freedom

Jul 01, 2015
All living beings are seeking to achieve something in their lives and focus their efforts towards it. However, in everyday interactions there are difference of opinions, different mindsets, clashes and conflicts. This disturbs our inner peace. In general human beings want to live a peaceful life, obtain permanent bliss, and seek freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Based on this wish and based of one’s understanding, one chooses a path, reads books or seeks a Guru and makes an effort to achieve this goal. If the person seeking advice does not get correct advice, his goal will not be fulfilled. All the efforts will go to waste, and the mission remains incomplete.

On the other hand if one receives proper guidance from a Guru who is himself is enlightened, then the path becomes easy, effortless, and the goal becomes attainable. What is the proper path? The path where worries, tensions, different of opinions, clashes and conflicts subside and where anger, pride, attachments and greed decrease.

With so many choices of paths seekers can follow, there is a lot of confusion. People follow different religions like Swaminarayan, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Really speaking all these religions are correct from their viewpoints. All religions are seeking “Who am I” and when the answer is obtained they all converge. Where there is true knowledge there is no religion, no specific path, no sect or no sects with different opinions.

For example. One seeker of a particular religion truly believes that this is his last birth and he will attain liberation or freedom and there will be no birth and death any more. This goal of freedom is correct since this is ultimate goal for all seekers. However, one needs to find out how much one has progressed towards that goal and needs some metrics to gauge progress.

One metric is decrease in anger, pride, attachments, greed, likes and dislikes. Once these diminish and have been conquered, freedom will be definitely obtained.

Second metric is to obtain the grace of a person who is liberated. We are presently mired in worshiping an idol which is perishable. The form of Lord Krishna we are worshiping is the one that perished when an arrow hit him. That bodily form is not Lord Krishna. Real Krishna is one who does not die, cannot be burned, and who is omnipotent. So if we know this form which is pure consciousness, then we are on the right path.

If we ask someone who are you? He or she would say, ‘I am so and so’, I am so many years old, I am father or mother, I am brother, etc. All this understanding or belief is anchored in a perishable or temporary state. A person may say that ‘I am soul’. But, when someone insults this person, he immediately reacts with anger. The understanding that I am Mr. such and such is perishable. How can one become imperishable? It can be done when a Gyani Purush (an enlightened person) changes our outlook and make us stable in our imperishable (soul). After that, the path to freedom really begins.

Lord Krishna has said that whenever there is a decline in righteousness (sins increase beyond limit), and unrighteousness (lack of morality and sincerity) prevail, ‘I’ manifest. I manifest in each era to protect straightforward and righteous people, destroy sins and establish righteousness or religion again. How can we recognize such a person? That which does not burn, is not affected by fire, does not get wet and is eternal is the real Krishna. Lord Krishna says that in each era this kind of soul light manifests in someone’s body and that is the Krishna form. Further he says that relative (body/name sake’s) religion is full of fear so leave all the religions and surrender to me. One needs to learn which Krishna needs to be worshiped and surrendered to. And after that if our worries and anxiety do not stop, then either it is the fault of Krishna or our own. God says that one needs to think about the dharma of mind which is to have thoughts, dharma of ear which is to listen, dharma of eyes which is to see, and likewise dharma of other senses.  All of the sensing organs are in their own dharma. In ignorance, one who is the soul himself has understood that all these sensing organs are to be his, even though they have their own dharma. When a thought comes to mind, then then the person will say “I had a thought”. To believe that the others’ dharma is mine is the cause of fear. One needs align with one’s own dharma, which is the dharma of the soul.  The word “I” has been used in the context of “Soul” only and not the mixture of soul and body. Lord Krishna was the greatest knower of the Soul. One who knows soul is a soul-yogi and one who can show the “soul” to others is the Soul God (atma-yogeshwar).

Jains want to follow the path of Lord Mahavira. They want to get rid of anger, pride, attachments, greed, likings and disliking. They want to end the tormenting of one’s self with stress, worries, anxiety and by hurting others. They want to know “Who am I”, and want to get rid of the wrong beliefs and know the truth. When one knows one’s own true self, wrong beliefs changes to right beliefs.

Therefore, the knowledge of light is beneficial to everyone. Due to the onset of Kaliyug, the real gist of religion philosophy has been lost. However, it can be understood from a Gyani Purush. People of all faiths come to Gyani because he is impartial. He is not aligned with a sect but with the dharma of the soul, one’s own dharma.

In today’s world the person who has given us the science of soul is Shree A.M.Patel (lovingly known as “Dada Bhagwan”). This science useful to the seekers of the truth. Today the Gyani Purush who is present is His Divine Holiness Shree Kanudadaji.

This Preface is translated from book : Vitragnee Drashtiae by Dr. Shaileshanandji Mehta