Emergence of Man as Man: Oneness of Human Family

Jul 28, 2015

Einstein, a great scientist has propounded a famous E = M * C2. This equation was a result of his theory of relativity that has brought about a great revolution in terms of our perception of the beginning and functioning of this Universe.

In this equation, E=Energy, M=Mass and C
2 is the square of the speed of light. Light travels at a speed of 1,86,300 miles per  second. Therefore, C2   =  1,86,300 x1,86,300 miles. The equation means that whole mass and light are converted into energy.  The mass or the material does not perish but gets only   converted or transformed.  Our collective and cumulative wishes wear the subtle transformation.

Though this theory falls into the realm of physics and matter, it is very much a base of Holistic Science that endeavors to explore the infinite energy of human mind lying dormant within. Holistic Science is a multi- dimensional approach that takes into consideration relative pluralism of the objects. Having analyzed and synthesized all prevalent view-points, Holistic Science comes up with a comprehensive and candid vision.

The physical events are nothing but extension and expression of feelings accumulated and vibrations emitted at various occasions by a human mind. Therefore, the root of each event in our life is our own feelings and vibrations and there is nobody or nothing to blame for any of our misfortunes.

The visible is the concretization of the invisible inner intent, feelings and vibrations. They get accumulated in cosmos and at a proper time appear in the form of visible events or happenings. They assume the pivotal role of 'Scientific Circumstantial Evidence.' So we don't have to harbor a grudge or grievance for the apparent happenings of things, as they are the results or effects of our previous projections. They can't be altered or amended.  But at the same time, if we nurse and nourish a healthy and harmonious thinking within, we will be greeted with the good, expected favorable outcome.

However, our life can be saved of many misfortunes or ill feelings if our mind is watered and nourished   with  the   positive  and   compassionate feelings and vibrations. Holistic Science precisely becomes an instrument to water and nourish such thoughts in a human mind. It addresses the roots within and effects the outside events. Holistic Science is inclusive of all objects with their multi- dimensionality, thus   leaving no room for the incomplete perception to linger on.

Holistic Science does not aim to cut down the venomous branches and leaves of the tree of hostility and vengeance. It rather targets to uproot the entire poisonous tree and plant a new one which will yield the fruits of purity and peace. In this age of stress and depression, this science comes to us as the only saving grace as it transmits the positive human vibrations into reality effortlessly. Holisticism starts from within and translates into a friendly favorable response from outside. It examines the object or happening from different angels and repudiates the rigidity of the partial perception.

Holistic Science encourages human beings to nurture positive thoughts to live with equanimity. This enables us to get rid of all types of psychological accumulations unfolding the inhuman and inimical brooding within.

Though all religions have come into being to uplift and satisfy the yearning of various types of people, the fundamental of all of them remains the same—to liberate man from suffering. This main task of liberation has been described in different dicta by different religions such as liberation, salvation, Nirvana, the Day of Judgment, the Kingdom of God, El Dorado, Arcadia, Olympus, etc.

All the religions advocate to living a life that can be instrumental in achieving the final goal of liberation or ultimate desired destination. It is the only geographical, psychological and social differences that have given birth to different systems such as monotheism, polytheism, hedonism, iconoclasticism, etc. These all aim to protect man from pitfalls.

Each faith is like a coin with two sides. One side relates to the mode of worship, spiritualism and ceremonies. The other side depicts the code of living. These two streams run parallel and in the code of living religious faiths plead for human values, mercy, etc. All religions emphasize positive virtues such as mercy, compassion, love, friendliness, peace and forgiveness. They do not advocate any negativity such as deception, violence, stealing, adultery, dishonesty, illicit use of others’ belongings, etc.

The ultimate aim of human life is to be happy. The external differences among faiths are hereditary and rooted in geographical realm but deep within the structure of human body is his art, his abilities, his love for favorable things which are similar all over the world. The same medical science or engineering, the same computer science, the same artistic expression, the same admiration, the same modern technological presentation for human facilities – all this is universal and we can convert the external universality into oneness for humanity.

Our external activities of mind, speech and body are but the tip of an iceberg—1/8
th of the whole. In the same way, inward prompting is cause of all the externality. Moreover, our mind, speech and body are dependent upon some mysterious forces and we are not independent in the activities of our own mind, speech and body, e.g. however much we desire, we cannot stop the flood of evil thoughts or dreams. Willy-nilly, much against our resolve, we blurt out witlessly or burst into rage.

A person with a decision not to speak anything untoward utters such words as may prove painful to the others. Sometimes, unexpected and undesired physical problems shoot out, so the visible world is happening beyond our control. Being assisted by favorable factors, we simply make a statement of our control over mind, speech and body. But the vigilant observation and analysis will bring out a fact that we are simply decoding the inner infrastructure which is genetically acquired. We ourselves place ourselves in the illusory state of independent performance.

What is happening or what happens is the result or the outcome of our own accumulated or projected deeds but in order to have a better life we should learn the art of analyzing our inner functions and resolve not to step into the disagreeable or distressful support.

In order to have a taste of freedom, we should remove two powerful impediments or passions. These are attachment and abhorrence which breed desire, anger, price, avarice and jealousy. These are our foes. They are universally harmful forces. One may belong to any religious faith, but if one tries to soar above attachment and abhorrence, he will feel the fragrance of his faith irrespective of his caste, creed, cult and country.

Holistic Science has been admired and appreciated by almost all leaders and religious faiths. In the uninterrupted process of evolution, this science will bring progress and development. Today, the external sciences have brought the whole globe in our small cabin. Space ships explore the planets and galaxies. Biologically also medical science has done many amazing things. At this stage, I remember the words by Armstrong—the first one to put foot on the soil of the moon: “one small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind.” This giant leap pf mankind is with reference to the external aspects with time saving devices and safety, modes of communication, technological and aeronautic advances but the external progress has to be in tune with the inner progress which will blossom the virtues and merits of human values.

If we can have a plunge into the fathomless firmament, if we can reach up to the Moon, Mars and Saturn, we can also have the evolution from an ordinary man tin to Superman. This inner giant leap will transform our planet into a paradise of peace and progress.

God has given us beautiful eyes and brilliant brain for the pleasure of beholding the beautiful, auspicious and truth. We have to behold our own reflection in others. We should restrain from enacting those things which we could not like to have enacted upon us. Man is the sum total of all the conditionings and complexes which simply manifest the inner urges. If we are not in agreement or liking of such things, we may keep away from the repulsive person but we should not hold any prejudice or ill feeling for the other man. Our sympathetic attitude and living manner may bring about a change in him. Today’s repulsive person may be a highly reputable celebrity tomorrow. It is rightly said: “judge not lest ye be judged.” We do not have to judge the world with the measure stick of our likes and dislikes.

We have to view the world as is and spread healthy vibrations. These vibrations will touch the inner core of the people and subtly bring out transformation of the society.

Now time has come when we have to consider such ways and means as well as to lay the foundation of oneness of mankind. This has been longing in the heart of countless millions. Now that dream is within the reach of the world. For the first time in history, we can view the entire planet with its multi-dimensional diversified people from one perspective. Now the old stubborn clinging to or craze for the worn and customary pattern has to be replaced by a new culture bringing out world unity and peace.

Our present century has been blessed with the amazing scientific and technological advances. These portend a great surge towards the social evolution and oneness of mankind. They will help a lot in the solution of practical problems. They will provide the balance in administration of the complex and demanding life style of the fast progressing world.

Never before had we been at a better advantage as now for the realization for the vision of humanity and ‘one people’ and of the earth as a common homeland owing to amazing advances in electronics, technology, transportation and communication. The choice has be between human-thrust Deluge and Divine Dreamland of Delight. We have to wipe out the woeful witless misdeeds of the past and set afloat the sincere sentiments for the unifying vision. It is said, “Charity Begins at Home.” So beginning has to be made individually within- and the society, the nation, the religious communities – why, the entire world is garland of beads of individuals.

Today world lives under the specter of war, the collapse of internal, economics, the spread of anarchism and terrorism and a lot of sufferings. This has made the social, economic and religious aspects to succumb to the pessimism but it is a convulsive gesture for the reconstruction – “The older order to change, yielding place to the New.”

A link of spiritual luminaries have established a close relationship between humanity and ultimate reality. Holistic Science which respects all the religious faith is now the inevitable demand of the age. If the flame of the religious lamp is dimmed, chaos and confusion will prevail and the virtues of fairness, of justice, of peace and tranquility will stop glimmering and guiding mankind. Ad heavy responsibility rests on us. We should not let confusion and artificial barriers between faith and reason, science and humanity to eclipse our wisdom.

The moral support and strength of goal-oriented ideologies and faith will play a pivotal and principal role in perfecting human existence on this planet. Nature which is a permanent pointer of human welfare has to be adhered to. It should not be exploited and our life should be natural and normal. The attempt to tame or to rule over nature has failed and this calls an effort to stay in harmony with nature. Fresh efforts are needed which should reform and revolutionize our feelings and thinking.

The foundation of the world order should be on the unshakable consciousness of the oneness of mankind. This requires renouncing opinions and prejudice of the cult, class, color, creed, clime, country, caliber of the people. This is the first basic need for reorganization and cessation of the untoward adverse happenings of the earth.

We do not have to destroy the diversity but extend and broaden the base that will accommodate all view-points, faiths and ideologies in the ever-changing world. This is what Holistic Science aims at. There is neither ignorance nor suppression of the diversity of ethnic origin of climate, of language and tradition, of thought and habits. All these will become the ornamentation in the Beauty Parlous of Holistic Science. There will be a world without economical barriers and interdependence of capital and labor.

A universal constructive approach for the menacing problem, the end of bigotry and strife, racial animosity and intolerance can be put aside proclaiming: “Live and let live.” These momentous movements need inner strength, pure motive and love for mankind, spiritual and moral values. This will be an era of optimism, removing the fear of nuclear holocausts. It will foster internal cooperation and peace. The unification of all the people in the world is a must.

The unity of mankind is the goal towards which the ailing humanity is struggling for. This is a crux of the maturity of the species called Man. It will carry forward the ever-advancing civilization. It will enhance human dignity, trust worthiness, forbearance, mercy, love and compassion. Let us all sing a lullaby of love for mankind with growing baby of new generation to come in the cradle of neo-civilization and culture. Let each individual be a fragrant flower in the park of this planet. Let us each one cherish the positive, peaceful and pleasant sentiment within.

This will surely herald he heaven of happiness on this earth. The evolution of mankind will result in the emergence of the “Man” with multifarious human values, contribution to the creation of a unique, utopian world and oneness of mankind will be elevated to the level of divinity. Like Socrates, we too will say” “I am a citizen not of Athens, but of the whole world.” There will be a chorus of “Vasudaiva Kutumbkam”, meaning the world is my family.

- Late G. A. Shah