Holistic Science Perspectives on Wealth

Aug 26, 2015

Finance is defined as the wealth of overall resources and assets available to one for attaining one’s goal or purpose of life. These resources include the mind, speech, body, health, skills, time, intellect, and vision of life. In the midst of finance, money should not be considered the goal of life but a tool to attaining one’s goal. By recognizing money as a tool, one can assess if the true purpose of this tool is being met.  The goal of life should be happy harmonious balanced daily living. Thus we should be questioning if money is bringing happiness to me and my family or is it a source of stress or clashes within myself and family members. If social life, family life, inner spiritual happiness, and one's health is all balanced, then the earning and spending are properly allocated in your life. 

In today’s world, it is easy to drift into dishonesty with consumers/ employees/ stakeholders, maybe as you are trying to earn more profit.  During those times, self-introspection is necessary. Holistic science teaches that any happiness or unhappiness given to others first affects oneself.  That’s when you realize dishonesty is the best foolishness. As soon as you are dishonest, you get unrest and stress within yourself.  This principle drives you to consider your truest intentions in all your actions, thoughts, and speech.  If the true interest of others are at your heart and core of all your interactions, then money, name, fame, and credibility will come through nature as a byproduct. 

Everything should be in normality as holistic science conveys that normality is the essence of life. One should define normality for their given age or phase of life and work towards a life that is balanced. In terms of spending, a part should be dedicated to one's basic necessities including loan repayments for education, one's mortgage and bills.  Another part should be reserved for long term and short term savings in a safe and secure setting such as property, gold or government bonds. The final part of one's earnings should be allocated towards others.  Holistic science shares that giving to others brings more fulfillment and rejuvenates positive energy in oneself rather than spending selfishly. Giving should not be limited to monetary means but also includes time, food, advice, and spreading positivity to others. There should be caution that money is not being wasted on things that, when looked at neutrally, bring lower living thoughts, bad habits, and unhealthy lifestyles.   

Although honesty, integrity, sincerity, and ability do come into play with earning, the balance of meritorious and unmeritorious deeds in one's account may causes discrepancies between how much efforts are put in and the outcomes of these efforts. Competition and comparison leads to inability to enjoy what you have presently. Rather assess your financial state in terms of meeting the overall goal of happy harmonious daily living.

Avani Desai summarized the Holistic Science talk by Dr Shaileshanandji. The topic was Weath. Videos of Google Talks on a variety of Holistic Science topics can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticInnerScience