Keeping the Delicate Balance between Our Inner and Outer World With Holistic Inner Science

Aug 26, 2015

We live in an extremely fast-moving, externally focused world where everything is about hunting and gathering more.  “More” seems to be the quest.  The quest for “more” has led to “more” anxiety, disease, stress and conflict!  So, in a world focused on Selfie pictures, fancy cars, shopping, luxurious trips and satisfying the desires of the senses on demand; it becomes a necessity to start discovering the world within.  The journey inward is a beautiful, exhilarating, rewarding and satisfying one provided we have a clear understanding of the purpose and method to maintain the delicate balance between our inner and outer world.

In a world where electronics and machines have become rampant to the point that some generations live a “virtual” existence rather than connecting actively to the world around them; it becomes a conscious choice and effort to remain as a natural and normal human being.  The art of interpersonal communication skills has become an anomaly.  No wonder no matter the amount of luxuries, fancy cars or tasty food; many people feel empty inside!  The inner world has been sorely neglected, hence, cultivating lasting virtues such as humility, kindness, caring, sharing, compassion, peace and joy have been abandoned in the quest for “more”. 

Understanding our inner world and our outer world involves playing roles in the outer world yet not becoming them.  As the forces of Mother Nature plant those delicate seeds that give rise to 
the amazing human life, there is an intricately woven set of roles that  are a large part and parcel of that process for each and every individual as an micro eco-system.  At the appropriate time and space the energies come together with matter and spontaneously give rise to those circumstances in which the roles must be played.

Through the various phases of life, there can be myriad of roles one plays in the relative world.  They are to be played "dramatically" in order to be played "perfectly"!  Yet, there must be a genuine spontaneity in the playing of the roles that can only be accomplished with the essence of 
being "dramatic".  Just as performers in a play must act as though they were truly that character, our roles as spouses, parents, children, professionals, teachers, guides and the list goes on must be played “dramatically” on the stage of the world.  We can only be truly “dramatic” when we are operating from the heart center.  The egos of all those surrounding those roles must be satisfied in order to get a passing grade from Mother Nature.   The greatest mysteries of life lay in paradoxes.  This is definitely one of them! 

By practicing holistic inner science, one can become quite adept at this process. There is the relative world experienced through the mind-speech-body and  the senses that go with them; and there is the inner world that revolves around the eternal soul, heart and spirit involving developing virtues such as kindness, humility, gratitude, caring, sharing, compassion and elevating our consciousness from within to gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and others.  They are two totally separate worlds.  The language, protocols, sounds, energies and experiences are distinctly separate.  They run parallel yet have little to do with the other besides the fact that neglecting either one will result in chaos in both!  So, by dramatically playing the "roles" with genuine spontaneity, we are able to still "actively" be engaged in the realm of the inner world; growing, experiencing, progressing, caring and sharing with spiritual cohorts, friends, guides, ancestors, and contemporaries.

Depression is such an over-used buzz word, yet, what it really means is that the inner world is being neglected and needs careful attention in order to regain balance between the outer and inner world of the mind-speech-body experience.  Hence, the need to take priceless “time-out” for one’s inner world becomes a priority as opposed for the race for “more”.  We lose our inner peace, joy and well-being in general when the inner world gets neglected.  More often than not, in today’s world this is the case for most people.  When we seek the solution outwardly for something that needs tending to inwardly; we actually become more frustrated and go further into a depressed state of being. 

The good news is that in today’s ever-evolving world; we have so many tools that can help us to take the journey inward and guide us along the way.  Yoga, meditation, journaling, understanding the chakras in the body, understanding our bodies, understanding the science of food consumption, understanding our own heart and what drives our behavior are critical to regaining a healthy balance in our lives.

We can start by journaling and noting all the “triggers” to anxiety, stress and conflict in our lives. By noting down these “triggers” we are better able to understand ourselves and where there needs to be changes and/or more clarity in understanding.  Also, a gratitude journal will help us to know what works for us in helping us maintain a meaningful, harmonious, joyous life as well.

If we never start, how can anything ever be accomplished?!  So, by valuing the gift of human enough to do this for ourselves is the first step to an exhilarating inner journey to a treasure chest of jewels waiting to be discovered within oneself!

.  (i honor the same light in you that resides within us all)

Shaila Bharat Mulji, Los Angeles, California