Oct 04, 2015

It is the egoism that dies and it is egoism that is reborn. And Pure Soul is the Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Knowledge and Bliss.

An Ego desirous of freedom from worldly sufferings and resultant cycles of birth and seeks purification through the path of Self-Realization. Holistic Science is an exception to the rule of nature for Self-Realization. It happens but-naturally and transcends the normal process of Self-Realization that is ancient to Indian history. More importantly, with the absence of Tirthankaras (the absolute living masters) over the past 2540 years, Holistic Science provides a real and variable alternative means for Self-Realization, when the normal paths of ritualistic doer-ship based on renunciation and penance have become dormant under the mighty influence of Kaliyuga. It is a time that appears cyclically during which, living beings as a whole and human beings in particular face dire circumstances at an ever increasing pace. The most evident feature of Kaliyuga is the de-synchronization of the unity of Mind, Speech and Body, which happens to be the most essential factors and a fundamental requirements for spiritual progress in any religion. A religion as a science is eternal and must manifest itself to its Real end at all times. In this context Holistic Science is a ‘Step-less’ path towards Self-Liberation.

A true religion is an ultimate Science for which the end-result is permanent happiness. However, the Science remains dormant without a true living scientist. The Holistic Science of Vitrag Vignan was reveled through the fully Enlightened Soul Sri Ambala Muljibhai Patel (1908-1988), popularly known as ‘Dada Bhagwan’. He always said that what you are looking at is A.M. Patel and ‘Dada Bhagwan’ is the one who has manifested with. In the context of today’s time, Mr. A.M. Patel was the ‘Holistic Scientist’. This exceptionally unique Science enables one to remain completely detached even while administering to ones worldly responsibilities.

Prior to A.M. Patel, this Science was revealed only once by Lord Rishabhdev (the First Tirthankara, also known as Adinath) to his son, King Bharat. The need for Holistic Science was unique to King Bharat. Even though King Bharat was the crown prince to the kingdom, yet he was desirous of complete liberation. While the remaining ninety-eight sons followed the normal process of undertaking sainthood to Nirvana, Lord Rishabhdev made the exception for King Bharat to follow Holistic Science without giving up kingdom and household – worldly life. Simply stated, by virtue of this Holistic Science, as a Science of exception enabled King Bharat to remain completely detached even while administering his worldly responsibilities and he attained Nirvana in the same life.

In its true sense, Holistic Science is not a Religion. Rather, it is a direct path to Self-Realization resulting from the divine grace (Krupa) of a living Enlightened Person, An Aatma Gayni Purush (one who has experienced the state of total separation from his Body- hereafter used to represent the assembly of mind, speech and body). Such Self-Realization is Scientific because once initiated, it is perpetually self-active and definitely ends in absolute freedom – total independence. The aspirant is continuously guided by the inner divine light ‘Pragya’ that opens as the outcome of this Self-Realization.

The basis of this Holistic Science is the clear line of demarcation between the attributes of the Pure Soul [Self] and the Body [Non-Self], which can only be drawn by a fully Enlightened Person.

In today’s suffocating atmosphere and confounding environment, the nectar of Holistic Science flowed to quench the thirst of the compounding worthy and genuine spiritual aspirants. In order to regain that pristine harmony in human life and to revive the forgotten ideals of human unity and universal brotherhood amidst overt differences, it was necessary to emphasize and prove that man is not a mere physical entity, rather through Self-Realization he recognizes himself as a spiritual being whose ultimate goal is perfect and ever-lasting happiness in this life and thereafter also.

For Sri Ambalal Patel, the revelation of the Absolute Truth and the unfolding of the Holistic Science happened in the month of July 1958 while sitting on a bench on platform no. 3 of the crowded Railway Station of Surat in Gujarat, India. In this historic moment, with the absolute manifestation of the Pure Soul in its infinite knowing and seeing power, the mysteries of the whole Universe lay bare before him; besides for Him, having known the secret Holistic Science of Nature as to how the world operates; what is life? What is death? How is one reborn? What is the purpose of human life? What is freedom? How can one attain Nirvana? Etc…the Ego of doer-ship was gone.  He declared that this experience encompasses a detailed answer to every possible question, query, puzzle and dilemma of life and living. This finally culminated into a very divine AIM of his life…

“Presently, the light of pure and holistic science of human life is obscured. Today, I am the only fully enlightened person in Vitrag Vignan. I am ready to answer all relevant questions from anyone in the entire world. I am ready to answer and explain to the 6 billion people of this world; but one who is in quest of answers has to meet me.

In fact, I am thinking to assemble one day the interested scientists of the entire world! Then I will reveal the real facts concerning questions such as:

  1. What is this composed of?
  2. What is mind?
  3. How does mind get born?
  4.  What is intelligence?
  5.  What is Pure Soul?
  6. How does the world operate?So this is a comprehensive science, which if it reaches people, it would be highly beneficial and helpful to them.

If we are able to illuminate the path of those scientists, they would convert their knowledge in their lexicons, then it would be available to each and every person. It is my idea that this science has to be made available to everyone in every nook and corner of this world; everyone in the world has to feel happiness and peace. This is my intention, my idea and the thrust of my inner force.”

From 1962 onwards, four years after the enlightenment in Surat, he dedicated the rest of his life to the spiritual uplifting of people everywhere through the same Holistic Science. During the course of time, he traveled all over the world with the goal of removing man’s ignorance about his true ‘Self’ identity i.e. Pure Soul (Shuddh-aatma) and for the fulfillment of his Divine aim. He wanted to share with them the ineffable joy of Self-Realization and the experience of Real Freedom in the lifetime. He explained that ignorance about one’s own true ‘Self’ identity was the root cause of puzzles, dilemma and suffering in life. His own life became a Public Trust with only one goal: The spiritual welfare of Mankind- with no strings attached (Jagatkalyan).

Dada (as He was lovingly and popularly known) used to share his spiritual experience during his religious dialogues (satsangs) in the form of answers to questions being put by the people, relating to spiritual inquires as well as to the day-to-day problems of life. These people are the living testimony pf the depth, accuracy and appeal of Dada’s answers on all matters. The answers are unique and never to be found recorded in any of our traditional scriptures. However, they totally adhered to the fundamental principles of the Omniscience found in these scriptures. These very words have been tape-recorded, video shot and have been condensed in the form of tapes and printed Aptavnis (Accent of the Enlightened One). These are regarded as authentic words of the divine experience of the revealed knowledge.

Dada departed from the body of Sri Ambalal on January 2
nd, 1988. However tis path will continue as long as there is a Living Holistic Scientist, a fully Enlightened Self-Realized person. The state of Pure Self cannot be achieved by one’s own self-efforts but can only be graced by such an enlightened person. Sri Kanubhai Kantilal Patel (popularly known as HDH Sri Kanudadaji) is the present living Aatma Gyani Purush, lovingly known as ‘Kanudadaji’ who is now presenting this Holistic Science – Vitrag Vignan to the worthy aspirants of the world around.

From the book – An Introduction to Holistic Science (Akram Vignan – Vitrag Vignan) as Revealed by Dada Bhagwan, published by Holistic Science Research Center, Kamrej, Surat, India.