What is Holistic Inner Science?

Nov 30, 2015

Scientific progress has gifted us with abundance of comforts and luxuries. We feel that we have made quantum leaps in our understanding of the universe through the advances in information technology, communication, nano technology, stem cells, genetics and neutrino or God particles.

However, a thorough introspection using the following questions leaves us with less than satisfactory answers about the quality of our life.

Am I having a happy, harmonious and meaningful living?

Is my life balanced and wholesome?

Do I have inner unrest, dis-adjustments, clashes, stress, tension, and fear?

Do I have difficulty in adjusting with family members and colleagues at work?

Do things bother me and do I suppress my feelings?

Do I know the purpose of life?

Do I effectively manage myself in all situations?

What is under my realm (control) and what is not?

Do I know the answer to ‘who am I’?

This is where Holistic Science comes to our rescue. Holistic Inner Science is the science or correct understanding of our own life, inner and outer happenings along with natural laws and natural regulatory system. It provides visions or correct understanding to enable us to live a happy, harmonious, meaningful, and balanced life in all aspects of our lives including personal, familial, professional, social, national and global. 

Holistic Inner Science is unique in that it does not require rituals, external renunciation or hard penances. Instead, it emphasizes clear understanding of the world within. With correct understanding or right vision we can make the right decisions and projections that positively impact our inner happiness.

We are driven by the relative inner self of mind, reflective consciousness, intellect, ego, opinions, beliefs and inner weakness like anger, pride, greed, deceit, attachments or aversions. Holistic Inner Science does not prescribe a forceful change of behavior to overcome our weaknesses. Instead, it helps us develop correct understanding of a given situation. As a result of this understanding, our inner opinions, decisions and projections change. This naturally results in a change of behavior without outside intervention.

Holistic Inner Science can benefit one and all irrespective of caste, color, creed, faith, nationality or social economic status. Its ultimate goal is to help us lead a happy and rich inner and outer life.