Holistic Vision and Understanding of Human Life and Living

Jan 01, 2016

Mankind has gone through great lengths to unleash the power of his mind to gain mastery over his environment.  The world is changing everyday replacing yesterday’s garb by a more brilliant and an unexpected one. The unlimited power of science and invention has positively changed our living standards. It appears as if our physical evolution is complete.  At the same time, the problems of today have become so complex that a superficial smattering of knowledge is inadequate to enable the layman to grasp them all, much less to discuss them. This fact has been exploited from time to time by the so called materialistic scientists and religious zealots by misrepresenting the truth and misleading the public.  Man’s moral evolution is far from over.  The time has come for all men and women of good heart and good intentions to become conscious of the part they can and must play if our life on this planet is to endure the internal and external challenges that confront us today. Everybody shares a responsibility for the future.  This can materialize into a constructive effort only if people realize the full meaning of their lives, the significance of their endeavors and their struggles, the faith in the Divine potential within us, and the bond that binds us together as one human. In short our aim in life should be humanistic, first and last.  We should use our innate abilities which are virtually limitless, and yet ignored, for a higher purpose than our physical and social requirements.  To achieve this we have to turn inward and know the truth of ourselves and our responsibilities as humans. 

Holistic living is life based on moral and spiritual foundations in which all four aspects of human life---physical, social, moral and spiritual are integrated in a harmonious way and given due importance. The Indian tradition of Purusharthas (values) and Sanathana Dharma offer an integral approach to the complex problems of life.  Kama and Artha, the two purusharthas taken together fulfils the physical and social needs of man. Dharma provides the moral and ethical framework for the pursuit of Kama and Artha (our desires) and the final pinnacle of the purusharthas is Moksha were we transcend the embodied life and experience our innermost self as pure consciousness. 

Sanathana Dharma’ is the universal dharma that is holistic and all inclusive.  It is one of the ancient concepts known to humanity dating back to the 3800BC.  It’s positive, life affirming principles are as relevant today as it was then and the word Sanathana itself denotes that which is eternal.   Everything in existence has a dharma, an inherent essential attribute. Like wetness and water, heat and fire, time and progressing/aging.  Dharma is the Eternal Natural Way that sustains the entire universe. It calls for tolerance, coexistence, and harmonious living with one another and Nature. The underlying philosophy is God is all pervading and is in each and every living being.  Behind the names and forms there is universal life with only a difference in the degree of manifestation.

Vitrag Vignan' or Holistic Inner Science revealed in the present time by DADA Bhagwan is the science of one’s own life and living. It covers the entire spectrum of human life from the Pure Soul, which is our innate nature or REAL identity and the RELATIVE functioning aspect of our existence in mind-body-speech, name, form and relationships with each other and the external world. The natural laws as it relates specially to human beings in the present times and circumstances are explained in simple language with real life examples. If understood properly and practiced under the guidance of those who have been blessed with this knowledge by Pujya Dada Bhagwan we can restore our lost link with Nature and the natural laws that govern human life which are very much relevant and needed in the present time.  The aim of this presentation is to introduce this science as revealed by Dada Bhagwan which goes by the name 'Akram Vignan’ or the Stepless Path to Liberation.  A detailed exposition of the science is beyond the scope of this presentation.  Only excerpts from Pujya Dadaji’s satsangs and aphorisms of Dada Bhagwan that can be applied in our daily living are presented here.

Our perceptions of Reality, Creation, God, world and our own identity are ALL based on beliefs.  We never see the world exactly as it is but only through our filtered screen which constantly projects our likes and dislikes, preferences and opinions.  To quote David Bohn, the renowned theoretical physicist:

“Reality is what we take to be true.  What we take to be true is what we believe.  What we believe is based on perception. What we perceive depends on what we think.  What we think depends on what we perceive.  What we perceive depends on what we believe.  What we believe determines what we take to be true.  What we take to be true is our Reality".

We often wonder “who created this world, why are we here, what should be the purpose of life? Neither science nor religion has been able to provide convincing answers so far since the debates and discussions are still going on.  Science is not interested in motive finding but only facts that are consistent with reason that can be correlated into laws.  On the other hand true religion should be able to provide answers and give guidance that even a common man can understand and get the benefit of living with that light. Its main purpose is to help us live creatively, peacefully and even joyously with realities that are beyond our comprehension.

This is the vicious cycle from which we aspire to get released if at all possible in this lifetime. Embodied life is no way to live said Adi Shankara thousand years ago. That being the case what is the way out in the present time? 

Akram Vignan'or 'Holistic Inner Science' offers  the opportunity for true seekers to get released from this cycle.  It is a unique system which starts with self-realization through grace and continues with awareness and inward focus of knowing and seeing all that is happening within and without. We get a clear vision that we are not the doer by real viewpoint but only the knower and perceiver of passing events.  The crux of 'AkramVignan', which I am experiencing, is that by the grace of the gnani the covering veils obstructing our pure vision and knowledge are burst open during the initiation and after that we begin to realize our pure self by experience of its bliss. “I“ the Pure self is separated from My, that is, the mind, speech, body, name and name belonging attachments and all karmic bonds.  Subsequently, egoism and basic attachment goes away from within.  In other words, wrong beliefs of ownership   and doer ship egoism are fractured. This is by way of inner understanding   resulting from initiation. Five simple precepts  are given after the initiation by the Gnani to be followed:(1) Real  “I”  within us is  the knower and seer  (2) Relative  includes me, mine, others and  all  internal and external events (3) Vyvasthith Shakthi or Scientific Circumstantial Evidence is the responsible agent  for all happenings ; (4) All  dealings with others and the outside world are to be disposed of amicably with equanimity; (5)Prayers to the Pure Soul given during the time of initiation. From then onwards the 'Pragnashakthi' (Enlightened vision) within takes over and navigates our life.

It is not a religion in the traditional sense nor does it call for outward discipline or rituals. The science dates back several thousand years to Lord Rishaba Dev who first initiated his son King Baharat who was eager to renounce the kingdom for the sake of liberation. It has come back to us in the present time as a gift of Mother Nature through Dada Bhagwan who had the experience of the Pure Soul in 1956 in Surat, Gujarat while sitting on a bench in the crowded railway station.  The experience he had is summarized in his own words:

"I know how the world is created and  is being governed.  God is the creator as proclaimed in the religious scriptures is correct from their viewpoint but not by fact.   The fact is, it is only Scientific Circumstantial Evidences.  God is present in every creature whether visible or invisible but not in man- made creation. The Pure soul within each and every living being is God and God is pure knowledge, pure vision, and pure love." After enlightenment, his aim was to give this knowledge (Akram Vignyan) to the common man regardless of race, religion, background. Presently, Pujya Kannudadaji who is himself a Self-Realized Soul is giving this knowledge and is the founder of the Vitrag Vignan Charitable Research foundation (VVCRF) in Surat, India and the Holistic Charitable Research Foundation, USA.

Years of personal experience and centuries of cultivated learning have taught us the habit of “holding on”.  We hold on to our values, our beliefs, our preferences, our opinions and our relationships that we find it difficult to let go or get free of when circumstances warrant it. The secret of Akram Vignan is we remain as knower and perceiver and hence free of all these.  It is not a passive inaction but a dynamic acceptance of the fact that the world goes on its own accord and no independent power can interfere in its operation. This is the unique contribution of DADA Bhagwan in the present time. It is scientific because it is a cause-effect (Karma and Karma Phal) phenomenon and the events are not random but exact and subject to time (kal), place (kshetra) instrument (nimitha) and external factors.  What we project comes back to us through this self-regulatory power.  It is akin to filling and emptying of a vessel where filling is in our control (our projections) and emptying is in the hands of Vyvasthith.  This is precisely how the universe operates including human life according to DADA Bhagwan.  Once filling has occurred it has to be emptied and that is in Nature’s hand. Letting go is not external renunciation but an internal transformation.   We draw a clear demarcation of what is in our control (Real) and what is outside (Relative).  Through understanding and acceptance of events as natural circumstances (avastha) and remaining centered as a witness-- Knower-Perceiver we develop the inner vision (drishti) and understanding that we are all instruments only and not the doers.   We have been put here to settle our accounts from previous births and once that is over we leave and come back to settle what we incur in the present life.  The cycle repeats itself until we ourselves realize and resolve (Nischay) in our life time that this cycle has to come to an end.  Once we decide to end the cycle, we should make every effort   NOT TO CREATE ANY MORE ACCOUNTS   and abandon the notion of Doership (Kartha Bhav) once and for all internally despite being engaged in our worldly life.  This is the direct, stepless path of Akram Vignan.  An example from the life of Lord Buddha reveals that this philosophy was practiced by the Lord himself. Once a person abused Lord Buddha and his disciple was surprised at Buddha’s silence.  When asked why he did not respond or react, the Lord’s answer was that he had no intention of opening new accounts. 

Acceptance without fault finding is Vitrag Drishti.   Seeing the world faultless and settling all accounts amicably, one can free oneself from the clutches of Karma (cause) and Karma phal (effect) and attain liberation.  It is not an overnight transformation but is the path exemplified in the Life of the twenty four Thirthankars and the Spiritual Masters from all faiths.   It has its rewards even in our present mundane life because it is a sure and safe way to lead a life free of clashes and conflicts.  What is needed is constant vigil or Awareness (Jagruthi) that tells us what is in our best interest while engaging in any type of activity.  It is beyond consciousness and is always within us (Pure Soul). We have to “turn it on” and “keep it on” all the time. Only then can we have the correct understanding of the situation and actions performed under the direct light of the soul help to recognize our own mistakes and shortcomings.  In the beginning it may appear as if we are not making progress but gradually it becomes part of our nature to turn inward in every situation. We let the natural forces take over and let the results of the past actions run its course.  The strength of the Oak tree is in the seed and it is the seed (cause) that we have to be vigilant about in this life.

Dada Bhagwan gave the simple visions for happy, harmonious daily living and a stepless path to liberation.  He never asked for forcible change of behavior but always imparted correct understanding (samaj) that will result in the change of behavior.

Aphorisms – Dada Bhagwan has given us several sutras that are short and precise words of wisdom that are very effective in our spiritual progress and in our daily life.  They are in Gujarathi and some of them have been translated to English.    A selected few is provided here

Liberation is perfect freedom—no boss to command and no subordinates to follow

There are only two things that exist in this world—Atma (Soul) which is permanent and unchanging and Avastha (circumstances) which is always changing. Losing oneself in circumstances is worldly life and remaining as knower-perceiver of all circumstances elevates one to Godhood.

True purusharth is when the soul remains as knower-perceiver. All other purusharths are egocentric.

One should constantly be aware of what is good in one’s own self-interest.

The world is our own projection.  What we see, feel, hear, give and receive is our own echo.

Acceptance of everything that happens as just and correct is holistic inner vision

Self- inquiry is the easiest of all practices for liberation.  It seems difficult because we have lost touch with it and become strangers to our self.

To free yourself from the clutches of worldly life it is wise to resolve and settle issues without sticking on to the perceived loss.

Everybody should have principles in life and yet be adjusting to circumstances.

One should not insist on one’s viewpoint or be rigid.  Rigidity breaks relationship and leaves unsettled accounts.

In this world you will not be able to make eye contact with anyone without a past account.

Intellect binds one to the worldly life.  It can never lead to liberation.

Desire sprouts when things are destined to happen

Natural speech is that which does not have a trace of ego.

As long as one does not see one’s own faults one cannot progress spiritually

What does seeing one’s own fault mean?? That it is never repeated

There is no one in this world that knowingly or independently can do anything on his own all the way up to final liberation.

- Dr.Radha P Krishnan  
President, Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.