The real yearning to be free

Jan 01, 2016

Holistic Scientist: The one who desires to be bound won’t get the opportunities to be free and the one who desires to be free won’t get the opportunities to be bound. Does anyone really have the desire to be free?

Aspirant: That is exactly what we are looking for. Everyone loves freedom.

Holistic Scientist: No, nobody has really ever desired to be free! People have only liked the desire to be bound.

Aspirant: Well, we want to be free. How can we be free?

Holistic Scientist: No, not like that. One must have the real desire to be free.

Aspirant: But such a question is asked only when one has got such a desire, isn’t it

Holistic Scientist: No, everyone has got such fleeting desires. Everybody definitely desires to be free. Nobody likes bondage. Everyone definitely gets tired of it. But the real desire to be free means, one never forgets that desire for freedom. Only then one can be free. But don’t you forget it for some time? Do you go to sleep at night or not

Aspirant: Well, one will definitely feel sleepy, won’t he?

Holistic Scientist: Yes, but in spite of that, one who does not forget that desire to be free, can be free. However, one covers himself at night and goes to sleep and then forgets all about it! Then during the day, if someone tells you that, “You don’t have any sense,” then one not only forgets the desire to be free, but instead does things by which one gets bound! If someone tells you that, “You have spoiled our work,” then at that time won’t you forget the desire to be free and do something which will bind you?

Aspirant: Then what should be done so that the desire to be free is not forgotten?

Holistic Scientist: For that, one must know what is the real way of having the desire to be free. Otherwise, just by talking like this, nothing can happen. All these sadhus (monks), acharyas (spiritual teachers) are struggling just to be free, aren’t they? And since so many life cycles they have been doing the same jap, tap, tyag (chanting, penance, renouncing) but still nothing has happened. Without a method, nothing can happen. A right method is required.

Excerpted from “Who am I”, Published by Jai Sachchidanand Sangh.