Experience the Principle of Acceptance

Feb 29, 2016
  1. This aims at accepting all individuals and situations either with equanimity or grace. Any pattern of internal change like meditation or introspection leads to acceptance. In short, acceptance is the technique of internal change to correct external situation like health, business conditions, family problems etc. in a limited way. It is the opposition of reaction.
  2. Response to a situation like sickness by way of treatment is well observed practical pattern. Here again, change of life habits, diet etc. that forms the internal change is acceptance. In the case of a business loss, change of strategy by introspection is acceptance. Change of business pattern due to obsolescence is a response, which is a sub-set of acceptance.
  3. The concept of acceptance is at the center (a middle point of view) of the extreme response of either non-acceptance or over-acceptance.
  4. Non-acceptance is the reactionary effect of over-acceptance; correction needs to be first applied to basis of our non-acceptance by understanding its destructive power.
  5. It is observed that when one does not accept human beings gracefully, whether one likes them or not, the result is loss of wealth and health. This is due to one’s failure in managing his interpersonal relations.
  6. Non-acceptance of things like clothes, furniture and way of living is not as dangerous as non-acceptance of men and situations.
  7. Non-acceptance of human being is usually in case of partners, government officers, family, neighbors, members of different regional or religious groups etc. As long as somebody is not accepted and hence avoided, a man or woman worse than those whom we have not accepted is put in our path by nature till we ultimately learn to accept the uniqueness of human beings. So is the case with situations.
  8. It can be learnt by experience as also meaningful observation of different people that non-acceptance use up lot of energy by way of internal and external friction and thereby reduces the energy level of the human systems, may hamper the immunity level and make us susceptible to disease.
  9. Whenever we are in a difficult situation, we instinctively try to change the situation whereas by acceptance we overcome our own hostility to the situation. That is, we ourselves change and the degree of change is reflected in a change of situation appearing in our favor.
  10. If we cannot change our non-acceptance, then we should gracefully accept the result of our non-acceptance to reduce the damage. This is called secondary acceptance.
  11. Acceptance is the measure of our grace, culture and creativity. It is cultivated by a strong auto-suggestion to accept. It requires a patient effort over a prolonged duration. It puts life into our system. It is a very important way to come out of our misery.
  12. When practiced under the guidance of a teacher, it transforms Human System into Serenity Divinity enabling intense activity with a calm and steady poise. It cleans the memory lanes by removing “HURT” spread all over. It is the receding of ego system represented by its manifestations in the form of arrogance, obstinacy, fear, anxiety and restlessness.
  13. Acceptance is not helplessness although usually a situation is accepted when there is no other way. It is the calm acceptance of the people who appear to be responsible for the uncomfortable situation by meditating on the real cause of our predicament.
  14. Acceptance is in the ultimate analysis an inward search for the causes. Taken to an extreme, it is blessing all those responsible for our difficulty-an opening of life within and reducing our hostility which over sometime shall be responded by a matching positive feelings from them.
  15. Acceptance when properly understood and practiced locates a true spiritual center line, away from dualities like love and hate, rigidity and looseness, health and sickness, poverty and wealth.
  16. It is the way to come out of material and spiritual bankrupcy.
  17. If one over-accepts oneself, ego-principle becomes strong and light goes way. If one does not accept oneself and starts reducing oneself, he becomes worthless.
  18. We always get what we deserve – wife, children, business partners, neighbors, colleagues, profit, loss. Depending upon the extent of hostility and love within us, some circumstances in life are favorable and others are not. Once can experience that by accepting unfavorable persons gracefully, their number decreases and life becomes pleasant.
  19. Practice of acceptance over a long period leads to inner silence. It is the essence of non-violence and compassion. It is the aim of all meditation practices.
  20. Of all the non-acceptances, the most powerful one is of death. Strong breath currents built by nature at the time of birth creates a strong misbelief in us that we are the body and death of body means our own death. Only slow practice of meditation can take us out of the fear of death. Accepting death gracefully is not to ask for our death.It only generates strong life currents within us during our lifetime. There will be no old age.
- Jayantilal Shah