Reverence through Holistic Science

Jun 03, 2016

+ In order to see the real beauty in each moment "reverence" is the pill whose essence should reside in our minds and hearts.

+ The notion of reverence is full of riches that we now need desperately.

+ Reverence is more than an attitude of mind; when trying to understand the meaning of Reverence, outsiders may assume it as the respect towards the mystery but, Reverence is reflected in that dignified mind which stiffly believes that -- "The sacred is here".

+ Being biased with judgments -- prejudices and -- the saturation of consumerism -- always stay out of the grounds of Reverence, which is essentially supported by humbleness.

+ Holistic Science has its foundations deeply rooted in humbleness and the belief of oneness, which pave the way for Reverence.

+ The belief that --"The sacred is here" remains no more a belief but rather becomes an alchemized truth --"I am sacred" that is strongly reinforced by the Holistic vision of Science, which fixes the right belief of soul (that “I am”) and makes one to "Live the truth".

+ Holistic Scientist is the person living the utmost heights of reverence.

+ Reverence with its entire attributes fully comes into existence with the Holistic Science approach.

-By youth mahatma: Kritika Bohre, Bhopal