This is what happens when our vision is pure

Aug 27, 2016

We get our information (vision) through our five senses. All this information is combined, processed internally into knowledge (Gyan) and based on this knowledge action takes place.

When the information from the five senses is pure, our knowledge is pure. Pure means it is impartial.

Here’s how the pure vision manifests in us.

With a pure vision we see others as innocent. When we make mistakes, we recognize those. This awareness is the reward that we are seeking all the time.

If someone is angry with us, we forgive them. Our own anger, pride, attachments, greed, likes and dislikes are diminishing. We behave like human beings – we are humble, speak soft and soothing language and are straight forward in our dealings. Our behavior is such that the entire world accepts it. We intend for the welfare of the world. We see to it that our five senses do not harm others. We realize that our five senses belong to the body and pure soul is only the seer and knower.

We have heightened awareness so that we do negatively react to situations that we do not like. With this awareness we amicably resolve all situations. We have an unbiased opinion of ourselves. We are very still and calm inwards.

We give more importance to soul than the body. So our worldly interactions are ideal.

We know ourselves, are alert and firmly marching towards our goal. We understand that circumstances keep on changing; they are our own reflections and we should not get immersed in them. We understand that future is unknown and so we should live in the present.

We pray for the happiness and salvation of all living beings. Finally, even though other people live in ignorance, our knowledge should be very clear through understanding of Holistic Inner science principles.

Extracted from Shree Kaviraj Pad ‘Darshan ma chokhkhu dekhaae’ by Rajnikant Patel, MSME, PMP, Children’s books author. A student of Holistic Inner Science.