Is there anything like luck?

Oct 26, 2016

Dr. Siegel has quoted, “We are in a perpetual state of being created and creating ourselves”.

The Holistic Scientist, Mr. A.M. Patel has given an aphorism, “You are wholly and solely responsible for yourself”.

How does luck or being lucky or unlucky relate to the above two quotes?

Holistic science says that there is a science of cause and effect which affects everything. Our mind, speech and body are all effective. If someone calls me a fool, I may not get sleep at night since I would remember the person and his words. In this case, my mind is effective. Speech is effective as can be seen by the interaction between people. Body is effective based on heat, cold, food, etc. We can see that because there of the causes there are effects, and where there are effects, there are causes and thus it is a perpetual process. There cannot be an effect without a cause and where there is effect, it must have a prior cause. From Dr. Sigel’s quote it can be interpreted that creation is the effect and the cause is the seed. It is also known as Prarabdth (creation) and Purusharth (seed).

Since soul is perpetual, the birth can be related to all our causes and when the effects of these causes cease, death occurs. In the mean time in the effects as they are unfolding new causes are created for the future which results in another birth. Since we are creator of the causes, the Holistic Scientist says that we are wholly and solely responsible for ourselves and accountability is all ours. Hence we cannot blame others. Here the role of the soul or the pure conscious is defined as seer and knower. So, really speaking luck or lucky or unlucky are figurative words to pacify ego, but actually they are one’s own seeds and one’s own doing. Hence we have to be very careful in planting seeds. We should be planting good seeds so that we get lucky all the time. Input is ours so then we will be stuck with the output when it comes.

Holistic science says that if we can stop planting seeds then what will be left is only the created part and once that is depleted one gets free and liberated.

Is this possible? It is said that if there is ardent constant unselfish desire with sincerity and morality, the desire will be fulfilled in due course by Mother Nature.

If one has a desire for liberation, one can find a person who has achieved this liberated state and give such a knowledge through grace. The person who has attained a state of  total bliss has only one goal in life and that is to impart the same knowledge to others.

We need to live with constant desire for liberation and in the meantime wish the following:
I do not want to hurt any living creature to the slightest through my mind, speech and body.
I do not want to judge or say anything bad about the foundation of any religion.
I do not want criticize or disrespect any person from whom I learn including religious preachers.
I do not want to hate or have any adverse feelings for any living being.
 I do not want to speak harsh or hurting language with any living being. I want to speak sober and sweet language.
 I want to have compassion and empathy towards all living beings of all genders and I do not want to have any sensuous feeling for them.
 I do not want to eat any particular food but want to eat a wholesome food.
 I do not want to talk bad, do not want to criticize or disrespect anyone present or absent, living or dead.
 I want to work for the welfare of others in which my welfare is naturally taken care of.

-Rajnikant Patel, MS ME, Children's book author