Sincerity and Morality

Oct 26, 2016

Morality and sincerity are twin pillars of human religion. If these pillars are preserved, humanity is preserved.

What is morality? Morality means to use or enjoy things that are lawfully ours and available in normal natural course of our life.  It is immoral to think of possessing things that rightfully belong to someone else. Unlawful wealth and unlawful sensual pleasures fall in this category.

Sincerity means to deal with others, as one would deal with one’s own self. We do not like to be hurt, bothered or insulted by others. Therefore, we should not inflict pain on others.

At present, morality and sincerity have dipped very low. It is rare to come across the person who is perfect when it comes to morality and sincerity. To guide us in these times of dipping morality and sincerity, Holistic Scientist Mr. A. M. Patel has given us a wonderful principle.

"There should be Dharma in commerce but there should be no commerce in Dharma"

Here Dharma does not mean religious activities or beliefs but a principled way of living. Commerce includes not only financial matters but all activities that involve give and take.

Whether we are performing the role of a parent, a spouse, a professional or a businessman, we have to live within the boundaries of morality and sincerity. If we do that we have incorporated Dharma in our life. For example, a lawyer should not accept bribes (morality) and should be considerate to his opponents (sincerity).

Business must have principles of humanity at its center. If all business strategies or actions center around humanity, the world will change for better. On the other hand if all actions are centered around profits, it will lead to chaos.

Humane living involves living with integrity and according to natural and humanitarian laws. This is way of life fosters peace and love in a world full of chaos.

-  Dr. Shailesh Mehta, Ophthalmologist, Holistic Science Expert