Unique Contributions of Holistic Science

Dec 31, 2016

Holistic Science, also known as Vitrag Vignan, is a practical inner science. Vitrag Vignan is universally beneficial to anyone irrespective of cast, color, creed, faith, nationality or socio economic status.

Scientists, scholars and seekers may benefit from the following mention of unique contributions of Vitrag Vignan:

  • ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidence’ as basis for creation and the governance of the world. (Recently Stephen Hawkins  also expressed a view that  God did not create the universe nor does He run it)
  • Clarity and clear demarcation of fate and free will.
  • Pratisthit Atman or migratory Soul and Pure Soul are two distinct entities. Pratisthit Atman, according to Shree A. M. Patel (Dada Bhagwan) is the foundation of the ongoing world.
  • Science of relative inner self (antahkaran), with four components- mind, reflective consciousness, intellect and ego.
  •  Science of speech and its origin.
  •  Science of pure soul and matter, charge and discharge, cause and effect. 
  • A unique insight that “the world is the puzzle itself” and there are two viewpoints to solve this puzzle, one relative the other real.
  • Relative and real, both exist simultaneously. Real does not negate relative. One can fulfill all relative obligations (family, professional, community) while simultaneously enjoying the real (pure soul).
Based on the book, Introduction to Holistic Science and Integral living by Dr. Shailesh Mehta.