Can money be a source of happiness?

Jan 28, 2017

Does happiness lie in possession of material things? If that is true, then all the rich people who have abundance of clothes, shoes, cars and multiple home would be happy. In fact, most of them have a lot of “stuff”, but they have an emptiness inside.

Here Holistic Inner Science says that there is no objection to having things but at the same time, we need to understand that materials things do not bring happiness. This is because happiness is not at the level of mind or ego. True happiness lies at the level of heart. How can we have happiness and fulfillment of heart? If we decide to offer help to someone, we start feeling happy, even before we indulge in the act of helping. The secret is that whatever action of my mind, speech and body is going to make others happy, will make us happy first. It is obliging; it is helping, doing things for others, sharing, caring, which make us really happy. It is not only possessing money but using it for the benefit of others that is going to make us happy.

It is the correct or incorrect understanding that is responsible for our happiness. If we have the correct understanding (i.e. let us help people, let us try taking care of people and share our wealth), money becomes an important tool to for happiness.  As you can see, money can contribute to happiness but only if it is used with correct understanding.

-Adapted from Dr. Shaileshanandji’s talks on Holistic Science