Our daily living and its effects on our gross, electric and subtle body

Jan 28, 2017

Gross Body
Gross body is that the doctors describe as the body at the cellular or the microscopic level which can be seen and can be photographed.

Electric Body
Modern science has proved with solid evidence that the energy body or electrical body that resides inside is of paramount importance for the health of gross body or the outer physical body and the five senses. It has been proved that disease first starts inside in the electrical body or energy body and if there is an imbalance in it, then tumor or other diseases manifest in the outer body. We can understand the importance of this in context of kundalini and chakras (energy centers). If I am angry because someone criticized me, my aura body picture will be different and my functional MRI parameters will show all negative parameters. This indicates my disturbed internal state. Instead, if I forgive the person who criticized me because I believe in universal impartiality and unconditional love, my aura body pictures will be positive and my functional MRI mapping will be positive.

Subtle Body or Causal Body
Causal body which is so subtle that only the enlightened ones and the Holistic Scientists can see. The modern science has not yet been able to reach to that subtleness. I am responsible for the formation of the causal body. I am the one who is giving birth to the causal body through my bhaavs (inner intents). This body gets directly linked to the nature and nature gives the result. This is the reason why the world is my own projection.

The purpose of human life is to build the next life. Therefore, we need to do an introspection to discover the kinds of seeds we are planting for our next life.

-          Adapted from Dr. Shaileshanandji’s talks on Holistic Science