Q&A with Holistic Scientist

Feb 26, 2017

Questioner: Can dollar and God co-exist (dwell together)?

Holistic Scientist: They can, of course; but if God is loved, the dollar comes. God must be loved, always, and not the dollar.

Questioner: Is there any prohibition in the shastras (scriptures), regarding receiving interest?

Holistic Scientist: Our shastras have not raised any such objection. But to become glutton-like in matter so interested is dangerous (i.e. charging too much interest on the loan). There is no harm in charging/receiving interest which causes on grief (trouble) to the other person.

Questioner: It is written in the shastras that husband is God like. What is your opinion, Sir?

Holistic Scientist: The authors of such books were men. If your husband is like (as worthy as) Lord Rama (a pious character from the epic Mahabharata), you need to be Sita (Lord Rama’s wife). If the husband can tolerate even when the wife is erratic or becomes a lunatic, then he is like God.

Questioner: Is it ture to say that time itself is God, or that Time is Parameshwar (the Almighty)?

Holistic Scientist: Time cannot be equated with God, other people will only repeat the name of time. You yourself are God almighty. It is necessary to know that (You are that!). Time is only an instrument.

Questioner: Is man dependent on his age (era that he is living in), or the age dependent on man?

Holistic Scientist: It is just like this. For the present, man is dependent on the age (era). But the concept of time is also created by us. You yourself are the King and everything is dependent on the King.

Questioner: Even though we have time and also desire, how is that we are lazy?

Holistic Scientist: There are generally two types of people. Some people are just lethargic about their work, and some others are too hasty about it. Those who are not hasty may not be successful and also those who are lethargic may also fail to do things wells. It is desirable to remain within the bounds of normality.

Questioner: What is a woman’s decoration-ornaments or qualities?

Holistic Scientist: Try to decorate a foul-tongued woman with ornaments. Can she really look attractive? If at home your wife is using bad language, decorate her with ornaments. Does she look attractive now? So a woman’s decoration are her good qualities.

Questioner: Who is greater, the one who forgives or the one who is forgiven?

Holistic Scientist: Forgiveness is sought by people all the time but we may not have forgiven anyone! Therefore, true worth of a person is determined by his ability to forgive. A holistic scientist’s forgiveness is natural. Even if someone makes a mistake, Holistic Scientist forgives that person even if he does not ask for it.

Questioner: It is easy to remember something but it is very difficult to forget it? What is the reason?

Holistic Scientist: Neither remembering is easy, nor forgetting. Both acts are equally hard. For someone who does not have good memory, remembering is very hard but forgetting is really easy. And for someone who has good memory, forgetting becomes very, very difficult.

Questioner: It often happens that two persons are in love, but fail to get support of family members and commit suicide. Then, what would we call this kind of love?

Holistic Scientist: Roaming love! It cannot be called love at all. When such people get too emotional they lie down on the railway track and hope that they will meet in the next birth. Such hope does not come to fruition. These individuals are just acting to settle their past karmic accounts. They can never come together again.

Questioner: Can they never meet despite a strong desire?

Holistic Scientist: If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride them. Hope is futile. One’s next birth will be also as a result of karma or actions.

This article first published in Akram Vignan. It has been lighted edited to fit the audience.