Freedom from Karmas

Apr 02, 2017

To have an intention to hurt others manifests as anger. To think of taking someone’s possessions is greed. By forcibly taking away others’ belongings and incurring loss, you strengthen your attachments to worldly things. If you insult someone your mental peace gets disturbed.

Deceit will always make you uncomfortable from within. If you try to take advantage of others using your intellect, it will show on your face. The turmoil within will spill over in interactions with others and cause disturbance. Turbid behavior of the body will result in animosity and fear.

The sins committed through the eyes are very dangerous and can result in many birth and death cycles. Our society honors marriages and the union is pious so after that one should not eye any other person with sensuality.

All the worldly happenings are based on our karma so we should see others as innocent. All the negative experiences are due to our own past mistakes and they are delivered through a messenger in this life experiment.  

All the bitter situations are a great asset since it gives us an opportunity to amicably resolve them and nullify the karma. The belief that “I am the doer” fuels the creation of karmas. This cycle goes on and it can only be broken by knowing “who am I”.

Based on "Koine Dukh devathee", a Gujarati hymn by Shree KaviraJ Navnit Sanghvi, Summarized by Rajnikant Platel, MSME, PMP, Children books author, a student of Holistic Inner science.