Operator of the World is VYAVASTHIT SHAKTI

May 27, 2017

The concept (and the principle) of VYAVASTHIT SHAKTI – Scientific Circumstantial Evidences, is His Divine Holiness, Param Poojya Shree Dada Bhagawan’s unique and glorious gift to mankind’s eternal quest for the ULTIMATE REALITY of ‘Who is the creator?’ It is an all-embracing, comprehensive concept, with the entire animate and inanimate world within its ambit.

Unable to fathom the deepest mysteries of NATURE, most spiritual thinkers, of various hues and denominations, glibly attributed the Creatorship, Sustainer-ship and Destroyer-ship (Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas) to GOD, and named them Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh, etc. In fact, if we look at the dictionary meaning of God then it is…

  • A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the Universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic (Doctrine that there is only one God) religions.
  • (Theology) theol the sole Supreme Being, eternal, spiritual, and transcendent, who is theCreator and ruler of all and is infinite in all attributes; the object of worship in monotheis-tic religions.
It is also considered as one who is Generator, Operator and Destroyer of the universe.

Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of our Era, once remarked that he was able to discover the Laws of Nature, but was unable to discover who the makers of those Laws were.

Holistic Scientist propounded that there is no beginning and no end – just as a circle has no beginning and no end. Aatma (Soul), the God particle, always remains just a Knower and Seer (Jnaata & Drasta); it is all pure science (Vignan).

Mr. A. M. Patel – the Holistic Scientist, lovingly called Dadaji was not at all convinced and satisfied with the explanation of God Principle.
Apart from its physical impracticability, if this were really so, GOD although as a Supreme Being should be held responsible for all the miseries, trials and tribulations He has been heaping on mankind, and according to the inexorable law of karma be penalized for the same. And if there was some entity like this (called GOD) people would have found him and punished him for not doing his job appropriately because what He has done that everyone is unhappy and suffering! Although, today every one professes the same inadvertently without exception!

With his sharp and penetrating insight into things and beings, and totally IMPARTIAL VISION, he observed that the universe is suffused with billions and trillions of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons and now Higgs Bosons – GOD Particles), which are constantly on the move. They are in a state of flux (continuous fluctuation). (We shall henceforth refer to these minutest sub-atomic particles as just atoms, for the sake of brevity). We are actually living in an ocean of atoms without even realizing it. However, this state of flux is not a chaos but COSMOS! There is a system, a pattern, a rhythm and a symphony about it, although we are not aware of it. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Galaxies, the ebbs and tides of oceans, mankind and the animal world and all living creatures including the plant world, are all under the direction and control of one Centralized Agency. Dadaji termed this Centralized Natural Agency as VYAVASTHIT SHAKTI – Scientific Circumstantial Evidences (The inanimate collective Cosmic Power operating living beings of the entire Universe).

What we call NATURE is nothing but fructification of this Scientific Circumstantial Evidences or VYAVASTHIT SHAKTI only, in worldly occurrences. They are not accidents but incidents only. There is CAUSE and EFFECT relationship, as we shall see later on. It is Scientific subject to experimentation, observation and inference. Hence, Dadaji gave this nomenclature to make this complex phenomenon of NATURE comprehensible. Dadaji states that this discovery was the result of his endeavors spread over past several births and that it preceded his attaining ENLIGHTENMENT (Jñāna) in the year 1958.


Billions of atoms which are eternally in a state of flux are basically PHYSICAL MATTER and are neutral (Vishrasa – without any kind of charge). They have an innate natural tendency, capacity and sensitivity to pick up the minutest, subtlest vibrations, impulses and get charged when experimented!

Under the potent influence of self-ignorance, in the very presence of ATMA (Soul, the non-physical life force), which is eternal, immanent and immutable, one egoistically projects doer-ship based (mental) feelings of Love and Hate in various situations of life Karmic results, which are by themselves result of Mishrasa – previously charged atoms now resulting in giving happiness and/or sorrow. Nevertheless, while experiencing effects of previous Karma (destiny) due to egoistic projections fresh atoms are attracted, which inadvertently get charged, and are transmuted to become live charged particles Prayogsa (Creating Causal body for future physical body – mishra chetan). ATMA, however, remains absolutely unaffected in the whole process. It is immaculate.

This juxtaposition of MATTER and LIFE gives rise to EGO, just as an iron rod, lying on the sea-shore gets rusted. This is a natural phenomenon of coming together of non-live and live matter. Thus starts the evolution of human civilization from matter to life and life to consciousness, and ultimately culminates in self-consciousness, as we shall see later on. This is the macro aspect of Vyavasthit Shakti or Scientific Circumstantial Evidences.


EGO that has emerged from the juxtaposition of MATTER and LIFE, arrogates to itself a false sense of DOERSHIP with its inevitable concomitants of Love and Hate (Rag and Dwesh) along with their ancillaries like Anger, Pride, Attachment, Avarice, etc. (Krodh, Man, Maya, Lobh). DOERSHIP entails SUFFERERSHIP, as per the inexorable Law of Karma. This cycle is self-perpetuating: Cause and effect, effect and cause, ad infinitum, (till one attains self-realization). This is the societal life circle (Sansar Chakra).

As stated earlier these live atoms have an innate natural capacity and sensitivity to pick up the minutest vibrations and impulses as they pass by one another and get charged. These are fed in to what we may call a Super-computer in modern parlance. These are meticulously stored for each individual and then released at the appropriate confluence of time and circumstances, depending on matter (Dravya), place (Kshetra) time (kaal) and urge (bhava). Each individual gets back according to what he has fed into his Micro-computer by his ego-centric actions at the appropriate time, by bringing about the necessary combination of circumstances by the Vyavasthit Shakti. All this takes place scientifically in absolute precision and infallibility of a perfect natural computer. This is why Dadaji has named it SCIENTIFIC CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCES or VYAVASTHIT SHAKTI, to make this complex natural phenomenon, more comprehensible for an average person and common men.

Scientific Circumstantial Evidences or Vyavathit Shakti is the ONLY DOER in the Universe and None Else

Any single occurrence is always a consequence of confluence of several evidences or contributory factors, e.g. a simple cup of tea cannot be prepared with tea leaves alone. Milk, water, utensils, lighter, gas, etc. are all required to make a cup of tea. In fact, we need the maker with the knowledge of making tea and the guests for whom the tea is required to be made. It is the function of Vyavasthit Shakti, Scientific Circumstantial Evidences to bring about this confluence of circumstances at the appropriate moment. Since this is the sole monopoly function of Vyavasthit Shakti or Scientific Circumstantial Evidences, it could be termed “Sovereign” in its own right, to borrow a term from Political Science. As Dadaji puts it there is nothing above Vyavasthit Shakti. “Vyavasthit is above Vyavasthit”- Dadaji. Once caused, effect is Natural and in the hands of Vyavsathit ONLY, none else!

However, in order to safeguard against developing, passivity or negativity in one’s approach to problems arising in day to day social life, Dadaji cautions that we can attribute an occurrence to Vyavasthit Shakti only after it has taken place, and not before that e.g. while carrying a cup of tea, if it happens to slip from our hands, our duty is to do our best to prevent it from slipping, and if it slips from our grip in spite of it, then only we can attribute it to Vyavasthit. Dadaji also explains that Vyavasthit has to take care of the crockery industry and its employees, suppliers of raw materials, users as well. So, Vyavasthit would do both, demolish and supply also!!

We get a faint inkling of the concept of Vyavasthit in the 5TH chapter of Geeta, Which reads as under:

Geeta chapter 5(14):
“Neither agency nor actions does the Lord create for the world, nor union with the fruits of actions, but it is NATURE that acts.”

A similar glimpse of the concept of Vyavasthit can be also seen when Lord Krishna exhorts the broken and devastated Arjun to engage the Kauravas in battle, and not dither, because Lord Krishna says that, in his DIVINE VISION he sees that they, the Kuaravas, were all already dead and that he (Arjun) was only being an instrument (nimitt), and that he would kill them even if he did not want to.

Vyavasthit Shakti is an integral part of Dadaji’s FIVE COMMANDMENTS (5-Precepts, Panch Aagnyas), which are quintessence of the scriptural wisdom of the world. It stands 3RD among the 5 commandments. Thus it is not only in the centre of the 5 commandments, but is also central to all the 5 commandments. Having thoroughly understood and realized that Vyavasthit Shakti alone is the real DOER in the Universe, and none else, we will not blame (hold) anyone guilty of wrong-doing. He will be seen as innocent, just as an instrument (nimitt). This helps in practising Dadaji’s 4Th commandment of amicable settlement of all our relations. (Sambhave nikal).

Thence follow Dadaji’s dictums viz.
1)             Adjust Everywhere
2)             The world is your own projection
3)             Whatever happens is just and proper
4)             One who suffers is wholly and solely responsible for his suffering etc.

You are reaping what was sown in the previous births. You are getting back what was fed into the Super-computer, through the instrumentality of Vyavasthit Shakti! Understand how to live with your body and others with the help of Dada’s Holistic Inner Science, Akram Vignan!

(If I am doer, Vyavasthit is not the doer; one can understand doer-ship of Vyavasthit shakti only after his own doer-ship is dissolved. An Enlightened Akarta Purusha can only remove your doer-ship.)

Realization of the fundamental fact that DOERSHIP is the sole prerogative of Vyavasthit Shakti destroys the very tap-root of Ego, which has falsely arrogated DOERSHIP to itself. And with it, its inevitable concomitants of Love and Hate (Rag and Dwesh) and their corollaries Anger, Pride, Attachment, Avarice, etc. which are at the back of the cycle of Births and Deaths and the eternal societal wheel also subsides. These negativities get dehydrated and drop off slowly but surely. Elimination of these gross negativities, removes the mist that has so far shrouded the glow of Atma (Pure Soul, who one is) in one’s personality. One’s vision is changed and character acquires an aroma of perfect purity. His relationships acquire a natural silken texture. The individual rises from being his personalised small Relative ‘i’ to the Universal Real capital ‘I’ as per Dadaji’s first and second commandments. He feels and experiences the essential Oneness of all existence. He feels and experiences that the Self in me is the Self everywhere. He is ONE with the entire Universe. (Atmavat sarva Bhuteshu- Abhed Bhav)

Having thoroughly understood, assimilated and imbibed Dadaji’s abovementioned teachings and philosophy of Vyavasthit Shakti – Scientific Circumstantial Evidences – one safely and smoothly sails through the choppy seas of life with poise, equanimity and serenity, towards the ultimate goal of Liberation (moksha), which is the final destination of mankind.

Mr. Hashmukhbhai R. Bhatt is originally from Mumbai, he is now in Baroda. He did his Masters in Economics and Political Science from Bombay University in the year 1952. He is 95 years old. He worked his entire career in New India Insurance Company in Mumbai. He retired as Secretary of Welfare Department in the year 1982. He is a voracious reader and spent all his life in pursuit of spirituality trying to understand the hidden science of Life and Living.

He came across two great spiritual masters in his life. In his early life, he came across HDH Swami Chinmayananda. He was closely associated with Chinmay Mission activities for many years. He was introduced to Param Poojya Dada Bhagwan by Swami Bharatanandji in the year 1978. He is very much grateful to Swami Chinmayananda for giving him wonderful insights into spirituality through Vedanta. But finally all his questions got answered by Dada Bhagwan’s step less path of AKRAM VIGNAN. After Dada Bhagwan, he is closely following His successor HDH Kanudadaji from whom he got deeper understanding of Dada Bhagwan’s principles of AKRAM VIGNAN.
This article is on VYAVUSTHIT SHAKTI, as the Cosmic Power working scientifically as Universal Creator, Operator and Destroyer in Nature. His elaboration of this great secret of Nature as revealed by Holistic Scientist Mr. A. M. Patel  come out very well in his very simple and lucid English language. We hope this will help everyone who wants to know more about ‘Vyavasthit Shakti’.