From Birth to Death - A Poem

Jun 30, 2017

From Birth to Death,

 No Man is without Worry,

 Because nobody has guided him

That this Drama is temporary.

 ‘My’ Stage is creation of Nature,

‘I’ am only an Actor.

One who says :

                             ‘My Mind’,

                             ‘My Speech’,

                             ‘My Body’,

                             ‘My Camera’,

                             ‘My Radio’,

                             ‘My Home’,

Will Never say:

                             ‘I am Mind’,

                             ‘I am Speech’,

                             ‘I am Body’,

                             ‘I am Film’,

                             ‘I am Sound’,

                             ‘I am Theatre’,

This Fact speaks for itself

That ‘I’ and ‘My’ are separate.

Invisible ‘I’ has no name,

Visible ‘My’ is a worldly game.

Circumstantial Evidences surrounding ‘Me’

Are temporary adjustments,

In which ‘I’ is the only permanent.

Still nobody has ever questioned

“Who Am I?”

By Kaviraj Shree Navnitbhai Sanghavi, Mumbai